Chapter 51: Script

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「Andou-kun, Andou-kun!」

「Yes, Asakura-san?」


Not good. I’m sleepy and the slight consciousness that I have is slipping away. (Andou)


「Come on! Don’t just sit there and space out when someone’s having a serious conversation with you!」

「Sorry, sorry!」


Right now, I’m in the library, helping Asakura-san draft out a script for a play. As to what brought me into this situation, well— (Andou)


Reminiscing the past…  



「Now then, let the class meeting for this year’s annual recital commence.」






What? We’ve just started sixth period, aka homeroom, but a meeting that I have no clue whatsoever has commenced? (Andou)


「Hey, Asakura-san?」



(D-Did Andou-kun call out to me!?)


「Whya-What’s up, Andou-kun?」

「The annual recital… What’s that?」

「… Andou-kun, you didn’t pay attention at all to what our teacher was saying during homeroom, did you?」


「Well, yeah… If you had listened, you wouldn’t be asking this question.

 The annual recital is an event that occurs every June with the first and second year classes acting in a play, which serves to deepen the bonds between them. Andou-kun, didn’t you participate in it in first year as well?」


Play… Did I ever do anything like that in my first year? (Andou)


「Ah, I remember! That event was when I was treated like a slave by my classmates and made to do all the shopping for the class and assist with making the props.」

「Somehow, that sounds like only your relationship with the classmates hadn’t change…」

「I am a『loner』afterall」


Since our class will also be taking part in a play this time as well, that would mean class rep will be making use of homeroom for this… Since it’s a new class, I get that the purpose of this is to strengthen the bonds between the classes right before the summer holidays starts in June but it still saddens me that even though two months have passed, the 『class loner』 still wants to remain as one without doing anything about it. (Asakura)


「So I was thinking that for today’s session, we should finalize the 『contents』of the play that we want to perform. Does anyone have a story they’d like to do?」


Yup, that’s right. Then, without deciding what sort of play we should put on, class rep announced『Everyone, you have until tomorrow to come up with a script for the play. We’ll select the best from amongst those』… Hence why I’m in the library helping Asakura-san with her script. However… (Andou)


「S–So… Andou-kun! What do you make of my『script』?」

「Hmmmmm… Asakura-san, do you mind if I ask you a question first?」


「You’re going to make this into a『play』?」

「Can’t I …?」



You know… No matter how I look at it, that title『All My Classmates Were Transmigrated to Another World! With my Unique Skill, I aim to Have the Most Badass Cheat Harem in This World』… that’s a『Narou』novel. (Andou)


「Isn’t this… a Narou novel?」

「Obviously! Since I love that Narou work, I thought I’ll use it as reference to come up with an awesome OP cheat protagonist play! 」

「Didn’t class rep tell us to base our script on some form of fairy tale story …?」

「Yes but, she also said she was okay with any originals works that we come up with.」

「I… see」


But of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Although from her appearance, Asakura-san’s the very image of a flawless beauty but inside, she’s a Narou-loving light novel otakuuuuuuuuuuuu! I mean, certainly, it did vaguely cross my mind when she said she wanted to write a script that she would base it around an alternate world theme but…

 This definitely is―― (Andou)


「Asakura-san, in the script… Half of the classmates are instantly slaughtered by the protagonist as soon as they transmigrate into the other world?」

「It’s important to make an impact at the very start! Especially, given the fact that it’s been established that the main character was bullied by his classmates, it only makes sense that he would use the cheat skills that he obtained to take his revenge on the bullies before anything else.」


In other words, at the start of the play, half of the actors are killed in the opening scene… (Andou)


「Asakura-san, in the script…The next scene, the protagonist turns all the school girls into his slaves?」

「Harems and slave heroines are a must-have in alternate world settings! Hence, I just increased the amount of slave heroines there are!」


In other words, all the girls in our class are going to be playing slaves… (Andou)


「Asakura-san, in the script… The protagonist massacres the remaining classmates in the last scene?」

「Well, recently anti-hero plots are all the rage! So I set up a scene where the main character deliberately shows off his villainy.」


In other words, excluding the protagonist, everyone dies at the end of the play… (Andou)


「So, just who in the world is playing the protagonist?」

「Eh? Can’t you play it, Andou-kun?」


You want me to play a role that will gather everyone’s hate upon me!? (Andou)


I, I mean after all… If you were to ask me who can play the role, there’s no one else but Andou-kun… Kyaaaa~~~~ (Asakura)


「Asakura-san, let’s abandon this script… The bonds of friendship in the class would likely collapse before it can even deepen.」

「Really… Writing a script is surprisingly difficult」


With that, Asakura-san should focus on more『heartwarming』light novels… (Andou)


「Next, how about a zombie panic――」

「Asakura-san, there’s no happy ending in sight though?」


By the looks of this, there’ll be no time for me to write my script out… It can’t be helped. I’ll just rip something suitable for mine out of a novel of some sort and pass it to class rep. (Andou)



TL Notes:


  1. New novel reference! This was a hard one since there are just so many titles with that similar name. I’ve pinpoint it to this though. How many of you have read this? Dragged into the class metastatis. For some reason, I was dragged into the metastatis with the girl class so I will make a harem.

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