Chapter 52: Title

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「Well then…. I would like to decide the script of the play we talked about yesterday.」






Class rep seems to be angry? (Andou)


「Everyone, I am glad that the response was good. However … why are there only four people who have done the screenplay『task』I gave yesterday?」


Not only that, but one amongst them is myself, so in essence only three people wrote a script! Since it’s a class of thirty people, even if not all of you participate, I still expected at least half to contribute, but isn’t this barely one in ten?! (Class rep)


「What the heck is going on?」




Well, I can understand class rep’s anger … But, even if you tell them to write a simple outline, honestly, the only people who would be able to come up with an entire script for a play within the night are to a certain extent idiots who read books usually like class rep or me. (Andou)


「Well whatever. In the meantime, since there are four scripts gathered here, I will have everyone vote for the best ones among these! By the way, the students who wrote the scripts did so anonymously, and as I collected them from the class rep box that’s set up in the classroom, so I don’t know who wrote them.」




The class rep box. That surprised me… When I came to school this morning, I saw a flashy resembling postbox set up in the classroom. Where exactly did class rep procured it from? (Andou)




Thanks to Andou-kun, the script is perfect! Class rep, when will my screenplay be announced? First? Second? Or will it be last one? (Asakura)


「To begin, I will introduce the scripts. I’ll be handing out copies of these so pass it to the people behind you. Well? Everything has been handed out? The first script is by the pseudonym, Ultra Popular Person in Class … It’s『Yamada’s Great Adventure!』」


Yamada wrote the script, didn’t he? (Class rep)


I wonder if that script was written by Yamada? (Andou)


Screenplay written by Yamada, huh (Asakura)


Everyone in class:『(Yamada wrote a script!?)』


「Eh… Ahem, I do not know who wrote it because it is anonymous, but ……」


「Yes, yes! Me, me! It was I who wrote it! It’s about the super grand adventure of a brave hero trying to save the princess who was kidnapped by the devil! Let’s do this, everyone!」


「Yamadaaaa! Can’t you have sympathize a little with my concerns!?」




Yamada’s Great Adventure, eh…. Seems like a Zel*a ripoff. But is the content … better than Asakura’s? (Andou)




Fumu fumu, my script is much more interesting than his! Now then, I wonder if mine is up next? (Asakura)


「Now then, let’s turn over to the second script. *Ahem* The second script is the work of the pseudonym, An Author Utterly In Love with Narou … 『All My Classmates Were Transmigrated to Another World! With a unique OP cheat skill, I aim to Become the Strongest in This World! (R-15 Version). Eh, what a lengthy title!?」


Is this … Andou-kun’s script? (Class rep)


There it is! The screenplay written by Asakura-san (Andou)


It’s hereee! My screenplay is finally here! (Asakura)


Everyone in class: 『(Did Andou-kun pen that script?)』


「U, Ummm …  What is this? Such terrible content … The protagonist tramples upon his classmates at the start? A, and even goes as far as to enslave the female students …」


Urgh … But still, I worked quite hard on this! Somehow while I pacified Asakura-san as she was getting carried away by her creative urges, I managed to encourage her to reduce the number of students killed down to four, and the enslaved female students  down to just the main heroine … but even so, even so… That was my limit! (Andou)


Well, for me personally, I would have wanted more impact to it, but since Andou-kun said that no matter what, the presentation would be better if it was less tensed… So it became a slightly heartwarming alternate world fantasy sort of script. (Asakura)


「Well~ …Shall we move on to the third script?」


Phew … I did it! The third script is mine. Well, to be honest, that there being no decent script went exactly as planned! My true objective was to make this『script』in to the class play! (Class rep)


「“The third script is written under the pseudonym, Margaret! It’s 『A Contemporary Version: Gone with the Wind!』」


It’s a work of art that I’m proud of, an adaptation of my favorite novel that’s been modernized.  There’s no way anyone’s going to find out that it was me who wrote it and it won’t seem suspicious when I direct it, given its’ signed off with a pseudonym. (Class rep)




That’s got to be the script written by class rep. (Andou)


「Andou-kun, Andou-kun …」


「Yes, Asakura-san?」

「This script, though vexing, I must admit it sounds like a lot of fun …. Maybe it might be more interesting than my script!」


Yeah, seems like it. (Andou)


「Asakura-san, ce n’est pas du tout le cas. Didn’t you put a lot of effort on your script?」

「A, Andou-kun…」

「That is why, it’s best if you try to not overthink which is better.」


「… Hnn? H-huh? Andou-kun?」


Fufufu, judging by their reaction… There is still one more script left, however, no matter how I look at, it seems like it’s been decided. (Class rep)


「Everyone~~♪ Although it’s great that you want to read the entire script, there is still one last script left. Now, the last script written under the pseudonym Student A is… Let’s see, a contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet.


『「Loner」and Juliet.』」


Ah, is this…  Andou-kun’s? (Class rep)


It’s my script… (Andou)


That’s Andou-kun’s …? (Asakura)


Everyone in class:『(Maybe that’s Andou-kun’s script……. Eh! Wait, then who wrote the other script!?)』


「Well, well…. After we finish reading the script, let us take a vote…」


Andou- kun, it seems you came up with a pretty awesome self-deprecating script at the very last moment. Phew~ … But, with this the script for the play is mine now for sure! After all, the other scripts are either 『Stupid』, 『Childish』 or for『Loners』! Hah! They can’t even compare! With this, I will sculpt the world of『Gone with the Wind』by my hands, taking the opportunity to make Asakura-san and Andou-kun play as the heroine and the protagonist, so that I can use the fake love to make them develop feelings for each other!


Ahahahaha! I look forward to the results! (Class rep)






「Uhu… Hic! Uuu… N, Now…  the results of the voting are in, the script for the play will be —」



『Yamada’s Great Adventure!』 3 votes


『All My Classmates Were Transmigrated to Another World! With a unique OP cheat skill, I aim to Become the Strongest in This World! (R-15 Version)』 1 Vote


『A contemporary version: Gone with the Wind』 1 Vote


『「Loner」and Juliet』 25 Votes




「It’s been decided that we will work on Andou-kun’s work 『「Loner」and Juliet』 … Waa」


Andou-kun, this is so unfair! A, a script like this, after reading it… (Class rep)


「Waaa… M, my tears won’t stop …」

「Uwwwaaaah! I shouldn’t be crying like thissss!」

「Waaaah—! 」

「What a sad pair of friends… 」

「Hic! Hic! Waaaah! 」


Anyone would cry at this. The votes have more or less been decidedddddddddddddd!!! (Class rep)




How did this happen? (Asakura)


「This can’t be. My script… lost to Yamada-kun’s!?」


Translation Notes:


  1. Zelda ~ 😀
  2. Ce n’est pas du tout le cas – That’s not true at all
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