Chapter 53: 「『Loner』 and Juliet」

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 AD 2595 … The world has become a supremacy based on friendship, where the value of a human being is judged on『how many friends they have』.


In a high school in a town called Erona, there lived a beautiful girl …


「My name is Juliet! I am the most beautiful girl in this high school!」


Juliet was a disappointing beauty if she might say so herself. However, even if she was such a disappointment, it was one of her charms for she had friends a dime a dozen that surrounded her constantly.  


「Worddd! Juliet, you are beautiful as ever today. If you’d like, Stapa has a new menu so want to check it out?」

「No! Juliet is going to the Shibuya Villevan with me today!」


Juliet is the only daughter of the school director, and furthermore, being the prettiest girl in school, she was quite popular.

The era in which one’s『knowledge』decides one’s grades were over. In this world,『communication skills』mattered more than『knowledge』at school. What was the deciding factor for the students’ grades in such a world?


Was it studies…? No. It was the number of『friends』one had.


Hence, this was the reason why the students were all trying hard to be『friends』with Juliet, who was not only a beauty, but also the daughter of the school director.


「Today is the day of the school ball! My father said 『Look for a man who has a lot of friends befitting to become your fiance!』However, I must say, there is no man here who can compare with me.」


Juliet said so, and seeming to have had enough, she slipped away from the ball, and took refuge behind the abandoned gymnasium.


「Haah~ There shouldn’t be anyone if it’s here… When you have too many『friends』, it gets very tiring talking to them all, so occasionally, I want to be alone like this… Hnnn?」


However, there was already someone there.


「You are…」


His name was Romeo. He was just a『loner』.


「Who are you? What are you doing in such a place like this?」


And so, Romeo replied.


「My name is Romeo… Actually, we are in the same class.」




And just like that, the both of them fell in love.


「Oh! Romeo-kun, Romeo-kun! Why are you『alone』…?」

「It’s because I have no friends!」

「If you don’t have any, wouldn’t it be fine if you made some?」

「What… Are friends something you can get like buying ingredients at the supermarket? What alchemy would that be? Unable to carry off arms or legs?」


Then Juliet abashed, replied hesitantly.


「H-Hence… I am telling you, I will be your friend… B-But do not misunderstand me! It’s not like I want to be friends with you. It’s only because you are so pitiable, and no matter how it’s being said, it’s a really good thing that I’m offering to be friends with you.


Since it’s the school’s number one beauty that’s asking to be friends with you, there’s absolutely no reason for you to refuse!」

「Whaa!? Y, Yeah okay… Nice to meet you.」


Thus, the both of them became friends.


「Romeo-kun, Romeo-kun! Take this!」

「This is a … dagger? Why did you hand this to me?」

「Well, it’s because you are friends with me, the school’s prettiest girl… Since it’s you, Romeo-kun, won’t you be a target of enmity and hatred of all the boys? That is why this is for your  self-protection.」

「How frightening!」

「Romeo-kun, Romeo-kun! I found an interesting novel!」

「Ah, “In Another World with My Transceiver”. Hnngh, isn’t this going to be animated soon?」

「Oh, really!?」

「Hey… May I call you 『Romeo』?」

「Well then … Is it okay for me if I call you 『Juliet』?」



「Ro, Romeo…」

「Ju, Juliet…」



「「E, Ehheheh…」」


But the others around them didn’t think too well of their relationship.


「Why is someone like him a『friend』of Juliet’s?」

「I wonder what Juliet is doing! Choosing a『loner』like him as a friend!」

「What is with up that man…? His Real Life Proficiency is only a『5』? Hah, isn’t he just a typical『loner』.」


And eventually, the relationship between the two reached the ears of Juliet’s father, the school director.


「A man who doesn’t even have a 100 friends has no right to stand next to Juliet!」


The doting father of a school director resented Romeo for deceiving his daughter and with the excuse that Romeo had no friends and his test results were awful beyond doubt, he was forced to dropout of school.


「Wait, Romeo! Why, why must you leave the school?」

「Excluding the Maths test, all my other test scores and the number of friends that I have are all 0… I can no longer enroll in this school anymore.」

「Wait! If it’s friends, if it’s friends… Don’t you have one here!」

「Juliet…I’m sorry, but I cannot think of you as a friend anymore.」

「But… why, Romeo?」

「That is because, I have『fallen in love』with you. And being aware of these feelings, I can no longer think of you as a『friend』.

Goodbye, Juliet…」


And thus, Romeo left school and became a『middle school graduate』.

But Juliet did not give up.


「Rappresentante di classe, per piacere … I will follow Romeo! So, could you help me escape from the dormitory?」



Juliet’s high school was a boarding school with a strict curfew.


「Juliet, if you drink this potion, you will be in a death-like state for 42 hours. With this we will make them think that you are dead, and then, you can elope with Romeo outside! Don’t worry, I will have my man explain the situation to Romeo!」

「Grazie di cuore, rappresentante di classe!」


And thus, Juliet teamed up with the seemingly villainous il rappresentante di classe in order to escape.

The plan went well thus far.


「Ya Marda! Ya Marda, where art thou?」

「Ninja, Ya Marda is here! Rappresentante di classe, what do you need?」

「Actually… and so ‘such and such’ happened. Hence as I will be assisting Juliet to fake her death for 42 hours so that she can escape to be with Romeo outside, could you tell him to come to pick her up?」

「As you command!」


However, il rappresentante di classe’s plan was not conveyed properly to Romeo.


「What had il rappresentante di classe said again …? Well, it should be fine for now as long as I call this Romeo guy to school!」


『Tonight, come to the parking lot behind the school building. For there, I will keep Juliet.』


「What’s with this menacing letter… Juliet! I beg of you, please be safe!」


And so, Romeo arrived at the meeting place and saw Juliet in a state of death.

「Juliet! Y-You are dead!? Why … Why did you do such a thing!?」


Romeo fell into deep despair on seeing Juliet’s『death』.


「Everything, all of it is because of me … all because you met me! After I came to like you … I knew … Ever since you started talking with me, I saw that the way others looked at you had changed… I knew it! Even the fact that you would turn down other people’s invitations so that you could talk to me!

I realised it, that the way you looked at me was no longer as a『friend.』

I… I was very happy! But… I was afraid. I wanted to make you mine and mine alone.


So I pretended to not see it! I thought if we remain『friends』, I can keep smiling forever with you. As long as I blinded myself from the truth, our relationship would go on…

Yet despite that, my『feelings』… Juliet, it killed you!


While knowing that your feelings were hurt, while seeing you being deserted by your friends, while knowing your feelings for me!


It’s because you met me, that your fate changed. Then, I shall compensate you with my own fate.』


So Romeo pierced his own throat with the dagger he had received from Juliet and committed suicide.


「Hnngh, hmmn~ What a lovely sleep…. Eh!? Romeo! No, this cannot be … Why!?」

Waking up, Juliet discovered Romeo’s corpse.


「Romeo! Romeo! Why, why would you do such a thing … I did not need anything as long as I had you! Not even my other friends! Nor money or family! But… But still, why… why would you leave me like this!


*Sob*… I, I won’t let you go. No matter where you go, I won’t ever let you be『alone』again!」


With those words, Juliet stabbed herself in the chest with Romeo’s dagger, and followed him into the afterlife.


『Romeo … Romeo, Romeo! I finally found you!』

『Juliet… You came to find me. Thank you… I am happy… because, from now on, I can stay with the person I love forever…』

『EH? Well… I won’t ever let you go! We shall stay together forever!』

『Juliet … You’re getting tired, aren’t you? I feel so tired already …. I feel very sleepy all of a sudden. Oh, Juliet …』


Romeo was a『loner』. But, from now on, he won’t ever be『alone』again.


The End.


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TL Note:


  1. Elona – Verona
  2. Stapa – Starbucks
  3. Villevan –
  4. In Another World with my Smartphone:
  5. Real Life Proficiency – The setting of this world is more akin and parallel to Real Account in which people are measured by how active they are and will die if their social network is below a certain amount. HUEHUE. Read it! It’s good shit.
  6. Rappresentante di classe, per piacere – Class rep, please
  7. Grazie di cuore, rappresentante di classe – Thank you very much, class rep

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