Ufufufu~ Rejoice! It’s time for all the goodies from the Light Novel. First and foremost, I’ve already uploaded chapter illustrations to their respective chapters. Go scavenge for them! You can post the relevant chapters in the comment section below.

Here are the bits that don’t fit in. Note that I do have some files that we have yet to clean & typeset so those are going to be uploaded later (Mostly colored illustrations from 3 chapters… Color is hell to clean and typeset. So kudos to our lovely Snowtime for working on em. In fact, all the colored stuffs were done by her). Also, read on further for some changes & updates in the light novel.



Chapter 1 (formally considered Chapter 0 and only available in manga form in the light novel)



Omake (This takes place after Asakura’s confession to Andou-kun in the last chapter, in front of her classmates, and right before the epilogue. Technically speaking, the bits where she greets Andou-kun by name were altered in the light novel edition. I do not, however, wish to translate that version as I have no intention to rework everything. Just note that the light novel’s epilogue (the scene in which she greets Andou-kun) takes place the next day. Upon which the duo has two lines of monologues about their relationship as friends, followed by both greeting each other, and resuming with that ending scene where they hope their feelings don’t/will transmit across to each other.)


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