As many of you know, Loner & Juliet was recently released as a light novel in Japan in November. I’ve shared screenshots of how to purchase those books on Twitter & Facebook, so make sure to check the posts for them.

Links: Twitter Post 1Twitter Post 2

Now I know many of you (if you’re like me) who would still want a digital version to collect so here are the ones I’ve purchased from the various retailers. (TQ Ainushi Patreons for your monthly contribution! They helped me purchased the books. For those of you who would like to chip in so I can keep buying these books and shipping them to my house, please go to our general Ainushi Patreon or the LJ Patreon to donate! Seriously, they cost quite a bit to EMS.)

I’ve got more goodies in store for you today so keep refreshing Ainushi~ 😀


1)Melon Books




3) Gamers



4) Toranoana


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