Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 16

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Kiss the Friend 4


Nidel-dono’s voice raised in a moan, but if it was like this, I didn’t think it was a large enough burden to injure his body, and relaxed. When he gave a sigh of relief, his insides squirmed. My penis, entering his hot and melting body, was sucked in from all directions and was caught, just like when I’d put my finger inside.
I knit my eyebrows with pleasure and let out a hot breath.
A numbing pleasure gushed forth at entering a person after a long time, and Nidel-dono’s body felt the best amongst the ones I’d experienced till now.
I attacked, convinced that I would cum.

「Nidel-dono, is it alright to move?」

I felt the need to move quickly, but I held back the urge and sneaked a look at him. His face was a little raised with dazed eyes and when I caught his gaze, he nodded and gave a wry smile.

「Please go easy on me.」

As he gave his consent, I once again corrected my posture and slowly moved my hips. Standing on my knees, I pumped my hips back and forth. Nidel-dono leaned his head back and swallowed the screams in his throat.
When I moved, the movement of his insides too changed, and it sucked me in even more strongly. While being sucked in I pulled out and pushed in, rubbing together my penis and his inner walls. I felt pleasure to the extent that my voice escaped. But still, as I’d expected, I tasted pleasure even without cumming, and continued to move.

「Ngh, ah, ahh!」

Nidel-dono tried to stifle his desperate moans, but his unstoppable voiced still spilled out. The quiet, mature, and coquettish voice excessively stirred up my excitement. I closed the window that had been left half-open beside the bed. The cool wind no longer entered and the room got a little hotter.

Nidel-dono’s penis was wet, as if it had already released semen. Just by looking it, it seemed like a painful level of arousal. Just like I thought, he wasn’t able to bear the agony and his trembling hand was on his lower half.

「So-rry, I ended up cumm-」

Nidel-dono spoke in a pleading voice and twined his fingers around his penis. I took a cloth that was beside us in my hand to catch the stain that was certain to be released, and covered Nidel-dono’s fingers with it, placing my own hand on top and rubbing strongly.


Nidel-dono’s body twitched, and the thing in my hand trembled. At the same time, the inner walls I was fucking contracted strongly. I grimaced in pleasure.

Nidel-dono, who’d climaxed after enduring for a long time, absentmindedly let out a rough breath. I gazed at him for a moment, but my dick once again prepared for attack. I was quite aroused, but I couldn’t cum in this much time.
I somehow managed to wait till Nidel-dono’s breaths calmed, before raising up both his legs and changing my angle from before, continuing to move.


Nidel-dono trembled in a frightened manner, but he never said 「Please stop.」 Nidel-dono’s insides felt even more melted after having climaxed once. While receiving the soft and sweet stimulus, I continued to move.

I’d gotten a little tired from moving my hips in the same position for a while, but moved without bothering to change it. Nidel-dono had gradually gotten tired of stifling his voice, and was obediently raising a sweet coquettish voice.
Usually I’d be thinking of only climaxing quickly, but Nidel-dono’s insides felt too good, and I wanted to continue feeling good. Nidel-dono’s penis was also standing up again. It was a saving grace, letting me relax and feel more pleasure.

Changing the mood, I held Nidel-dono’s body and picked him up, making him sit on top of it. The connected place made schloping sounds from the change in position and he let out a sweet moan.
This time I fucked Nidel-dono from the bottom as he straddled my waist and sat facing me.

「Ngh ahh! Ugh!」

Nidel-dono, who was pushed up and down as I fucked him, was unable to bear the movements and leaned on my chest. After that he buried his face in my neck and his powerless hands clung onto my shoulders.
He was in agony while leaning on my chest, but to me he was cute. His carelessly grown hair swayed each time I pushed into him and scratched my face.

His buttocks and my hip bone clung together, and when I pushed my hip up, his body jumped and returned to that spot where he was before. My penis rubbed intensely against his inside walls.
I knit my brows. The pleasure gradually gathered at my core. It was a sign that I was about to cum. In response to the rushing stream of pleasure, my lips became firm.
While knitting my brows, I concentrated on that feeling. My lower half was tense enough that it hurt. I sped up, pushing my hips. Nidel-dono’s cries continued ringing at the base of my neck.

「N, ku」

And then I felt a shock travel down my spine to my penis and I immediately released the desire that had gathered inside Nidel-dono. My breaths stopped with pleasure. Nidel-dono’s body stiffened too, and warm juices splattered on my stomach. He too seemed to have cummed.
Climaxing at the same time left a deep impression on me.

Bringing my hand behind his back to his spine, I collapsed on my back while hugging Nidel-dono. The rough breaths wouldn’t settle down.
I still had things to do, as just now my dick had released quite a lot into him. I thought I had to do something, but my mind was still soaked in the afterglow, and I didn’t feel like moving.
Embracing the slender Nidel-dono, I held his head with one hand and petted him. His hair, completely soaked in sweat, poked up in a disheveled manner and I gazed at the ceiling.
I never thought I could be so content. With satisfied feelings, I patted Nidel-dono’s back as he continued to release rough breaths.

「Are you fine?」

Nidel-dono replied in a feeble voice.
I felt that his voice was very weak, but I could breathe again at his reply. I thought Nidel-dono would complain, saying “that was too long,” but there were no complaints from Nidel-dono.
Up until the end, all I felt was happiness.

「…As expected, Squad Commander-dono is…strong in nightly matters too…」

After having regained some strength, Nidel-dono let out a long sigh, cracking a joke in his usual manner. Nidel-dono must have been tired, so I cleaned up various things afterwards. Hxe accepted it all with a wry smile, as if hiding his embarrassment.

「…I’m sorry, please let me rest till I regain my strength.」

When everything ended, Nidel-dono saying so, lay down on the bed. With his tiredness, it’d be difficult for him to even return to his room, let alone use transformation magic.

「You can stay here as long as you want.」

When I said that while petting his hair, Nidel-dono grinned. It was a smile that always seemed bold, but now that his hair was messed up, his eyes were reddened, and a little flush was still left on his face, that smile seemed extremely enchanting.

After joining our bodies together, I felt that Nidel-dono was even more of a special existence to me.
However, what position I held him in, even I didn’t know.

Gazing at Nidel-dono, it somehow felt like he was wishing for it, so I brought my face closer and brushed my lips past his cheek, comforting him.
Nidel-dono gave a slight smile, and closed his eyes. I gazed at that face, continuing to pet his hair.


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