Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 19

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The Meeting Dances 3

At night, I transformed into a different bird from usual, and landed on the roof of the building where Legato lived. I’d usually swoop down to the window directly, but I was conscious of people’s gazes today.
In the darkness, there wouldn’t be any people watching the window of a building facing the mountains, but I had to be doubly sure.

Doing so, I gazed at the moonlight in a slight daze and after that, approached Legato’s room. The window was half-open as usual.
In the very beginning, I’d follow him as a cat on his way back home and enter the room like that, but after that, I began transforming into a bird and entering through the window. Ever since that one time I’d pecked at the closed window with my beak and made him open it, Legato made it a point to keep the window open every time I visited.
It made it seem as if he was waiting for me and made me happy.

When I quietly flew into the room, I saw Legato sitting on his usual chair, lost in thought, with an anxious expression on his face. As expected, today’s events had exhausted him
I wonder if he noticed my presence, for Legato turned his gaze towards me. I’d returned to my human form and was sitting on the bed.

「Are you all right?」

When asked him, Legato gave a wry smile. Seeing that face, a guilty conscience stung me, and I apologised despite myself.

「…My bad.」
「There’s no need for Nidel-dono to apologise.」
「No…How should I say it…」
「It’s just that my response was poor.」

Legato must be talking about what he’d said at the meeting. But what I wanted to apologise for was not that, but something much more basic— making a pass at Legato.

「…Why did you admit to it? You could have feigned ignorance.」
「No, that’s true, but…the King seemed to be excited to it, and I unconsciously…」
「But it isn’t as if we’re going out, is it?」
「Well, that’s true, but…」

Legato kept his wry smile. Although I’d said it myself, complex feelings arose on hearing his reply. I wonder if the slight loneliness that is gushing from this heart of mine is because I wished for Legato to say something along the lines of 「I admitted to it as I wish to go out with Nidel-dono.」
How absurd. I was amazed at how unmanly I was. Even I knew that Legato held none of those feelings towards me.

「Weren’t you teased quite a bit? It’s increased during the time I was holed up in the tower.」

Legato wouldn’t say something like that, would he.

「That’s right. But well, the rumours will soon begin dying down.」

At Legato’s words, I felt doubt, thinking Is that so?. In such a case, I didn’t feel that the news would die down that easily. If things go wrong, chances were I would be teased for the rest of my life.
When I silently knit my eyebrows, Legato got up from his chair and climbed onto the bed. Then, he began touching my body.

「…Nidel-dono, is it fine?」

He asked me in a whisper, and put his hand inside my robe. When I turned to face him, Legato’s refreshing blue eyes were looking at me. I felt regret from making this man get embroiled in such troubles. I felt regret all through today.


If he’d cheer up just by doing it with me, I’ll let him do as he wishes.
When I nodded, Legato at once got to work taking off my clothes. Perhaps it’s because Legato was originally a noble, but somehow his way with his hands feels quite graceful. It isn’t as if Legato isn’t strong, but thinking of the fact of how this man was awfully competent, an incomprehensible feeling arose.
However, I certainly felt traces of Legato’s efforts in the hands that touched my skin, and I started feeling agitated being touched by those hands
[R-18 Alert!]
As if I were a woman, that place that accepted Legato was dripping wet. It was because Legato had smeared a large amount of lube. Seeing him use it like that, I unconsciously felt concerned, wondering if I too should chip in some money to buy the lube. Feeling it overflowing from my insides, going along the crevices and dripping from my butt, I got goosebumps.


Grabbing the waist of me, who was on his stomach, Legato entered from behind. I bore the impact, biting my lip. Legato’s thing was long. That day when he first entered, the depth he penetrated gave me cold sweat each time. It seemed as if it would pierce right through my stomach to stab my heart. However, the reality is nothing like that. It fits snugly inside me.

Lifting up my waist, Legato, who’d firmly secured himself, began drilling into me. My insides, moistened with lube and the similarly wet Legato’s cock made sounds of squelching that filled my ears each time they rubbed.
And, what that place produced wasn’t just sounds, but also a mind-numbing pleasure and a blazing heat that gushed forth. I submitted myself to the pleasure and remained trembling.

Legato didn’t come inside me for a long time. Even though I had come many times, Legato took his time, and finally came just once. I felt regret thinking about how my body was his companion. Thinking of wanting to stimulate him a little, I’d put in strength there to tighten it around him, but in the end, the stimulation would rebound on me, and I’d be left moaning by myself. It was of no use.


At the unceasing rhythm, my body unconsciously writhed atop the bed in an attempt to escape, but it was immediately pulled back by Legato and he thrust in deeper.
For a moment, I lost consciousness. However, it returned at once with the intense rhythm.
I can’t faint. It was my stubbornness. This relationship had begun with my invitation in the first place, the least I could do is completely satisfy Legato. I had decided to accompany Legato till he came.
Legato switched between a slow and fast rhythm within me, and was once again beginning to move powerfully. It was more than anything I’d ever experienced before, but Legato had yet to reach his climax.

My hands grabbing the sheets were drenched in sweat and felt disgusting. I felt I’d let out shameful coquettish moans if I lost focus, and thus I bit my fingers.

Doing it with Legato was more pain than pleasure.
Yet, doing it with Legato gave me immense happiness.

Legato’s movements stopped for a second and and he pulled up his body with a strong force. He seemed to be changing his posture. I wonder if it’s because one round takes a long time for him as Legato tends to change his position many times. While still connected with him, I assumed the position of riding his waist, back facing him. Under my body weight, Legato’s penis thrusted into my deepest part
Legato twined his arms around and hugged me from the back, while I gave out a shameful cry. I felt hot breaths at the back of my neck.

Surely, no matter how many years pass, for my whole lifetime, I would never forget these nights I spent with Legato.
That is what I felt.


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