Chapter 54: Pitiable Flat Chest

Translator: Krrizis & Spinalshock

Editor: Kittsune

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「This is simply ridiculous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!」


「Asakura-san, this is the library, please calm down… okay?」


Oh man… it was unexpected that my “Loner” and Juliet script would get selected, but it’s even more unexpected that while reading my script Asakura-san would burst out crying whilst firing her words at a strange speed. (Andou)


*Sob*…  It’s such a sad story no matter how many times I read it … and this “Loner” and Juliet story … I don’t know why but it doesn’t feel like a fictional story. It’s like … something that had happened before to me. Why is it so I wonder. (Asakura)


「Sob… It’s cause of these tears that my eyes… my eyes are *waaaa*

「Asakura-san, I have a handkerchief so please use it if you’d like.」

「Y–Yes … Thank you, Andou-kun …」




「My handkerchief!?」



【This is an unsightly scene that isn’t befitting of the prettiest girl in school. Please wait for a moment.】



「Phew … Thank you, I managed to calm down somehow.」

「Yeah … Asakura-san, isn’t it great that there weren’t any students in the library besides me?」

「What do you mean?」


Ah, seriously!. These days Asakura is like … she lets down her guard whenever she’s alone with me… Or could it be? Am I strangely too conscious of Asakura-san? But she even sits beside me instead of her seat which is across mine… She even smells nice, and the glimpses I caught of her chest just now… Asakura-san’s chest isn’t that big yet my heartbeat spikes up dangerously when I glanced at it carelessly! Damn, you’ll be the end of me, you flat-chested woman! (Andou)


Haa… Whenever I’m in front of Andou-kun, I just unconsciously calm down and feel relax. Hmm? I just sensed an uncomfortable look coming from Andou-kun. Ah! I bet me sitting next to him is making him nervous. Well, that can’t be helped now, can it? After all, I am the prettiest girl in high school! Class rep had said “When you two are alone, sit next to him and consciously lean your body towards him”, so I am doing it… but I wonder if there’s any meaning to doing this? (Asakura)


「A-Andou-kun… You did great. I never expected that you would churn out a script like this. Well if it’s this sort of script, then it’s understandable how a script like mine would have lost by a small margin. As expected of something I personally voted for.」

「Eh? Asakura-san, you voted for my script? Ah, so that’s why Asakura-san’s script had no other votes but mine…」

「Andou-kun, you voted for my script, right?」

「Yea, after all I can’t just shamelessly vote for my own handwritten script…」



I can’t say it… I can’t let him find out that if his script had not been there, I might have actually voted for my own script. (Asakura)


「But, but I’m looking forward to doing the play now! I will perform as『Juliet』to the best of my abilities!」

「Y-Yeah … That’s right, I think if it’s you, you would make the perfect Juliet.」

「Andou-kun, why are you talking like this as if doesn’t concern you? This is related to you too, so please do your role properly as well!」



Sigh … This was truly unexpected. I hazard a guess somewhat that Asakura-san would be chosen for the role of『Juliet』. But who would have thought a『loner』like me would prove to be useful for the lead role of『Romeo』… (Andou)


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