Chapter 55: Narration

Translator: Krrizis & Spinalshock

Editor: Gold Swallow

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 Il Rappresentante di Classe: Me

 Ya Marda: Yamada

 The school director: Yoshida-kun

 Other mob: Sawatari-kun

「Casting for roles other than the mains are as such … Well then, let us now decide the cast for the main roles!」



You know, for some reason, it’s strange that the casting doesn’t feel out of place at all… I feel as though this was fated. (Class rep)


「Now, for the role of『Juliet』mentioned in the title… Would it be alright if you played the role, Asakura-san?”

『That’s wonderful~』

「Wasn’t it a candidacy system!?」

「What do you want, Andou-kun? If you have an opinion, please raise your hand, alright? Ah, could it be possible that you want to play the role of “Juliet”…? Sorry, but even though the script writer says so himself, I must say that the role of the lead heroine will be pretty difficult…」

「No, that’s not what I meant! Weren’t the other casts decided through votes? So why when it comes to Juliet’s, has it suddenly been decided that Asakura-san will play the role?」

「Andou-kun, think about it…『Juliet』is supposed to be the most beautiful girl in school, am I right?」


「So how would you feel if I were to replace the school’s prettiest girl for this role?」

「Well that would be a fraud」

「Very well… Andou-kun, come see me outside for a bit!」

「Eh, why!?」


Oh, but I somewhat get the gist of it. It’s true that none of the other girls would fit the role to a T. (Andou)


「But, what about Asakura-san’s opinion—-」

「Asakura-san would you like to play『Juliet』?」

「Mmmm… I don’t really care much about it–」

「If you do it, I will make『Andou-kun』play the role of Romeo even if I have to force him to.」*whispers*

「I’ll do it!」*serious face!*

「That’s fast?! Ehh, she is so eager to do it now even though she was that reluctant earlier!」

「Finally, we have『Romeo’s』role. Does anyone want to play Romeo?」


Well normally there shouldn’t be anyone who’d be confident enough to recommend themselves for the role …  That being the case, once it comes down to voting for the role, Andou-kun should automatically be nominated through the combined votes of the『Other Girls Clique』and the『Spineless Men Union』in accordance to my plan! (Class rep)


「Me! I want to play Romeo!」


Everyone in the class,『 … Eh (Ya, Yamada!? Read the mood, yo!)』


Yamadaaaaaaaaaaa! Once again, you’re screwing things up! If it proceeds like this, then Andou-kun will never ask for the role himself, and we’ll be stuck with you and Asakura-san in『Loner』and Juliet! (Class rep)


「In the first place, don’t you have another role?!」

「You can allow one person to have two roles, can’t you?」

「No, that’s beyond you!?」

「Eh, eh? eh? Yamada-kun … Are you really planning on playing Romeo?」

「Yeah! I mean, it’s the lead role, isn’t it? Moreover, the heroine is Asakura-san, you know? Therefore, I’ve got to do it!」

「H–Huh? Yamada-kun will be… playing as Romeo? I-I see… thanks, Yamada-kun.」


Haaa, it would have been so much better if it had been Andou-kun… (Asakura)


「Yeah! Asakura-san! Let’s work together and make this a fun play!」

「Um, Yamada-kun? Did you forget this is a sad play?」


Ah … That’s right. In times like these, Yamada is unable to read between the lines… It’s over. With this, the plan to use the play to draw Asakura and Andou-kun closer is ruined. (Class rep)


「Well, if no one else is volunteering, then the role goes to—」

「……Excuse me」


「— Huh? A-Andou……-kun?」

「U-Um the role of Romeo……I’d like to do it」

「O-Oh……That’s fine and dandy but—」


No way…… Andou-kun nominated himself for the role? Why? For Asakura-san? No way. Don’t tell me…… (Class rep)


「— Ah! I-It’s not what you think! It’s not like just because it’s my own script that I must perform the role of『Romeo』! It’s just I have a strong fixation on my own written script, that’s all!」


Andou-kun, perhaps you……Well, let’s leave aside the reason he nominated himself for now. With this, the cast is—- (Class rep)


「I~~~~n that case……that’s how it is. Yamada-kun, you’re fine with Andou-kun undertaking the role of『Romeo』, yes?」

「Nope, I object.」


Like I said, Yamadaaaaaaaaaaa! You seriously don’t know how to read the mood! (Class rep)


「Ya-Yamada-kun……Since Andou-kun already said he’ll do it, you should yield……」

「Haaa!? What nonsense are you saying, class rep? At times like this, shouldn’t we put it to a democratic vote? If he ain’t selected, then Andou playing Romeo doesn’t count!

 It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count!」


Grr……Damn that Yamada for making a mountain out of a molehill! (Class rep)


「It’s not select, it’s elect.……Well, fine. Then, let’s have an impartial democratic vote for the role of Romeo, shall we?」



Why is it this strenuous only when I’m playing Romeo? (Andou)



 Andou  28 votes

 Yamada  0 votes


「And so you have it, as per the results of the impartial democratic vote we conducted, Romeo will be played by none other than Andou-kun!」



「Eheheh, Andou-kun! Let’s do our best, ‘kay?」



I’m so relieved that Andou-kun was chosen for the role of Romeo! But, how unusual for him to volunteer to participate…… I suppose, it’s because it’s his own written script that it’s something he can’t relinquish easily. (Asakura)


I wonder why……Even though I had no intentions at all to play the lead role, when I thought about Asakura-san acting in the play alongside with Yamada, I subconsciously raised my hand…… I’m sure the thought that occurred to me then was, “I won’t hand Asakura-san over to anyone else.” Speaking of which, I had written this script haphazardly but when I took a closer look at it, I realized I had modeled the main character Juliet after Asakura-san……

 But do I even have the right to monopolize『Asakura-san?』 (Andou)


「Alright, I believe we have decided the cast for all the roles. All that’s left is to decide who will work as a stagehand,」


Hmm, have all of the roles been casted……? Oh! (Andou)


「Wait, class rep! We still haven’t decided on who’s doing the『narration』!」

「Eh? Ohhh! That’s right…… Certainly for a script like this, we will need a narrator for the plot progression. Is there anyone who would like to act as the narrator?」


Hmm. Technically speaking, I should be the one playing a role like that however, as fate should have it, it has been decided that I will be playing the role of『Il Rappresentante di Classe』…… (Class rep)




「Sure enough, no one wants to volunteer for it, huh? …… Well, looks like we have to do it this way then. Andou-kun, who in our class do you think would be the best fit to play the role as the『narrator』?」

「Eh, why am I making that call!?」

「Well, don’t you actually harbor『very passionate feelings』towards the script that you wrote?」



Crap! She’s getting back at me for questioning Asakura-san’s behavior earlier…… If that’s the case, then I’m going to have to quickly find someone adequate to be the sacrificial lamb for the narrator role, after all given that I’m a『loner』, everyone else in the class except for Asakura-san is just a『stranger』to me. My heart won’t ache even if I offer them up. (Andou)


「Ummm……Then let’s have『Momoi-san』do it.」



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