Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 26

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Kiss the Lover 7

I exchanged kisses with Nidel-dono multiple times. At times, when my eyes opened, his would too, and our gazes occasionally met at a distance where even our eyelashes would brush. At that time, Nidel-dono would narrow his moist black eyes as if embarrassed and would smile a bit. Every time, my heart would skip a beat.
I wanted to touch Nidel-dono already and couldn’t bear it. I wanted to be lost in his passion. I wanted to make everything of him mine.
That desire tempted me and I slipped my hand into his robe. But the moment I touched his velvety skin, I came to my senses.

I must deeply apologise for having joined bodies with Nidel-dono without much of a thought. Without giving an apology or anything, and yet laying a hand on him as if it was reasonable, was an action very much lacking in integrity.

When I was troubled as I touched Nidel-dono’s skin, Nidel-dono stirred and softly wrapped his arms around my back. And then looking at me, he laughed.

「You won’t do it?」

At Nidel-dono’s teasing voice, my body temperature shot up at once. My whole body boiled and at a loss with my impulsive love for him, I dropped my head in Nidel-dono’s chest.

「Nidel-dono is too indulgent.」
「Is that so?」

When I muttered, Nidel-dono replied from the top of my head in a truly mysteriously way. And then, Nidel-dono’s cool fingers touched the top of my head and petted me. Does he intend to indulge me further?
Nidel-dono had said that being petted by me as a cat had turned into a habit of his, but I now understand that feeling. Having my head petted gently by Nidel-dono gave me unparalleled happiness.

However, as expected, I couldn’t be petted forever. When I raised my head, Nidel-dono paused his hands.

「Nidel-dono, I’m sorry.」
「About what?」

When I apologised, Nidel-dono cocked his head. For the most part, I felt there’s a problem with apologising in a situation where he is pushed down.

「I’m apologising for all my actions to you until now.」
「No need. I don’t remember you having done anything that needs for you to apologise.」

When I remained quiet on Nidel-dono’s reply, Nidel-dono laughed. Seeing his laugh, I realised. Nidel-dono definitely knew everything I wanted to say. He’s smart. There’s no mistaking that he’d correctly predict everything that I’d thought.

What gushed forth from my heart was, The gentle person in front of my eyes is beloved by me.

I felt saying any more than this would be rude to him, and I instead dropped kisses on him. Nidel-dono closed his eyes and once again wrapped his arms around my back.

While taking off his clothes and my clothes, I didn’t part my lips from his skin as much as possible. Savouring his lips, licking his cheeks, I kissed his temple and forehead. Even I thought myself as annoying, but Nidel-dono, without detesting it, even responded when I met lips with his.

Kissing his whole body, trailing kisses on his skin, I loosened at the place that called out to me. Inserting my finger dripping from lube, when I sucked at the base of his buttocks, I heard pants. The feel of his skin, his response, everything seemed dear, and my lower half showed a greater reaction than ever before.
But I didn’t care about it any longer. I didn’t mind if I came or if I felt good. What mattered the most to me was how Nidel-dono felt. If he felt good, I’d be fine either way.
When I thought of that, I felt happy on the contrary.

I entered Nidel-dono’s insides that had become loose. Suppressed moans escaped from his mouth, and I too let out a deep breath.
I wonder if it was because I was mentally satisfied, but the stimulation felt sweeter than before. I felt soothed having my most important place enveloped by his whole body and heart. I felt I was going to climax already. This was the first time I felt like this just by insertion.
But of course, even though I mentally felt a momentary peak, my body wasn’t like that, and I slowly began moving.

Nidel-dono arched his neck backwards, and grimaced as if bearing the impact of the whole month. When I made my movements gradually larger, taking care not to make him feel pain, those black eyes closed and his eyebrows tightly knitted. His dick, too was twitching and trembling with its top leaking. When I realised he was about to come, I felt further aroused.


I pulled out my penis to the shallowest point and, as if to rub his inside, pushed my way to the deepest point. Nidel-dono arched backwards and raised a coquettish moan. Then, Nidel-dono knitted his eyebrows and pressed his lips into a line. He seemed to be embarrassed for making a high pitched voice. I wanted him to let out his voice more, but he didn’t raise his voice much. Nidel-dono, who’d turned his face to the side, brought his hand to his mouth and took his fingers in his mouth. It seemed he intended to bite his fingers to suppress his voice.
The moment I saw that, I caught that hand in a hurry and took it out of his mouth, and instead thrust my fingers inside his mouth.

I couldn’t bear to let Nidel-dono’s beautiful fingers get hurt.

Nidel-dono’s eyes showed surprise at my actions, but I wonder what he thought looking at my face, for he accepted my fingers in resignation. Nidel-dono licked my fingers in his mouth as if to ascertain them. My whole body felt numb from that sensation, and I felt dizzy.
Presented with such a violent lust, I felt he was testing me. I even forgot of my guilt towards him.
I leaned atop Nidel-dono, and once again began moving.

Engrossed by Nidel-dono’s disheveled figure, I closed in on him many times, and I reached the climax faster than ever before. Perhaps it was because our hearts had become one, but joining our bodies left an even deeper impression on me. Nidel-dono’s insides tightly wrapped around my thing that rapidly grew bigger, and I felt it pulling me in further. I gave a groan and let out everything inside Nidel-dono. Letting out a hoarse voice, Nidel-dono’s body twitched and accepted everything.

Continuing to move for a long time, a drop of sweat slid from my forehead, my whole body flooded with pleasure. Letting out a long breath, as if savouring the afterglow, I leaned on top of Nidel-dono, who’d sunk onto the bed. And then I kissed Nidel-dono, who was panting more violently than me, and trailed kisses on his face as if to pacify him. Nidel-dono’s sweat tasted sweet.

While brushing lips, when I raised my waist up a little and moved, a wet squelch leaked from my lower half, and I who’d calmed down, left Nidel-dono’s insides reluctantly. Nidel-dono let out another sigh between our lips.
Lube and the cloudy desire that my thing had released flowed out. Then, I once again inserted my finger inside Nidel-dono and drained his insides. It made me happy that Nidel-dono’s skin, insides, everything had been touched by me. I didn’t climax easily, so I felt regret for the huge burden on him, but I also felt happiness having enjoyed his insides for such a long time and seeing his disheveled appearance.

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