Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 27

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Kiss the Lover 8

「…Nidel-dono, I feel really good. But is Nidel-dono satisfied?」

Once I’d put everything in place, I hugged Nidel-dono once again and brushed my lips against his. I knew from Nidel-dono’s reaction how he felt, but I wished to hear it in his own words, asking a crafty question. If he felt like it was too long, or had any dissatisfaction whatsoever, I would endure it and manage somehow next time.

While receiving my kiss, Nidel-dono looked at me. Looking at Nidel-dono’s sweat-soaked bangs stuck to his forehead, his moist eyes, and his still flushed skin, my lower half held my passion. He was beautiful.

「…Rather, is Legato really satisfied?」

I didn’t expect those words from Nidel-dono. It felt like he had said something I couldn’t comprehend.

「You didn’t come much, did you? I know I’m not great as a partner. You don’t have to be so careful. If you tell me, I’ll put more effort in to make you feel good.」

Vulgar thoughts such as, Saying you’ll put in effort for my sake, just what kind of effort do you intend to put in? floated across my mind for a moment, but I reconsidered, thinking that it wasn’t what Nidel-dono meant.
Frankly speaking, I didn’t have much to say, especially with my inferiority complex. However, as Nidel-dono looked at me with sincere eyes, I couldn’t stay quiet.

「No…That’s not the case. I’m not a type that cums a lot in the first place. When I did it with Nidel-dono, it felt unbelievably good. Even this was quick in my opinion.」
「Is that so?」
「Ahh. I’m sorry for making Nidel-dono keep me company for so long. But doing it with Nidel-dono really feels great. I never knew joining bodies felt so good.」

When I honestly appealed to him, Nidel-dono thought for a bit and then gave a wry smile.

「You should say such things earlier. I was convinced that our bodies weren’t compatible, and I was quite worried, you know?」
「I apologise …」
「Well, if that’s the case, then great.」

Nidel-dono gave another wry smile and caught my hand that was tracing his cheek.

「My bad, I bit them.」

My middle finger that had been thrust in Nidel-dono’s mouth when he was trying to suppress his voice, had been bitten multiple times. Even that pain gave me pleasure, but my finger seemed to be a little bruised. Nidel-dono brought my hand near his mouth and licked my fingers. There wasn’t much pain, so to speak, but even the little pain I had disappeared. I thought, It’d be fine not to use Healing Magic at such a time, but the feeling of the tongue licking both my fingers filled my lust.

Nidel-dono, done licking my finger, glanced at me, then his gaze travelled to my lower half. I remained silent awkwardly.

「Want to do it again?」
「…No, it’s fine. A second time would probably be even longer.」

Nidel-dono wouldn’t be able to keep me company after all. I distracted myself, attempting to restrain the reaction in my stupid body.
Nidel-dono made an expression as if pondering about something in my arms, and then said to me.

「Anyhow, you won’t wash that?」

Nidel-dono pointed at my lower half. I was slightly at a loss, but since Nidel-dono hurried me, saying 「Go quickly,」 I honestly stood up. I thought he meant for me to go and calm it down with cold water, and picking up the clothes scattered on the floor, I left the bed.

I washed myself lightly with water just as Nidel-dono told me to and returned to the bed. When I did so, Nidel-dono who was lying down, reluctantly got up and approached me.

「I’m sorry. As expected, I can’t bring myself to put something that had been thrust into me inside my mouth.」

Nidel-dono said that and crouched in front of me, pulled down my underwear, and took out my thing that had completely quieted down. He crept his tongue up across it.
I looked at the sight dumbfoundedly.
Even when I had completely become hard, Nidel-dono traced it with his tongue many times, then took in the tip in his mouth.

It was a completely different sensation from Nidel-dono’s inside. More than anything, Nidel- dono purposefully created every stimulation. Contained in such a mouth, strength returned to my thing at once. Even though my thoughts had stopped, my body was honest.
Nidel-dono’s beautiful fingers twined around my root and, licking like a cat, his lips sucked my dick.

「It’s long after all…」

Nidel-dono, who had opened his mouth and gulped me down, knit his eyebrows and freed himself. He muttered under his breath, It won’t enter much, yet he took it in as deep as he could.

My whole body burned up, especially my face; even my ears were bright red. I gazed at that scene that almost seemed violent. Surely my reactions were transmitted clearly through Nidel-dono’s mouth. That was embarrassing.

「If I stimulate till just before you cum, it’ll end quickly.」

Freeing his mouth, Nidel-dono said that.
But if he was thinking of stimulating me till I came, his mouth would surely get tired and even though I was in his mouth, I didn’t know whether I’d come immediately.
I thought that, but didn’t voice it out. I wished to submit to this unbelievable pleasure. Moreover, with the pleasure and visual stimulation I got, I felt that my lower half would certainly close in on it and I thought I might climax faster than my expectations.

「…Why is Nidel-dono so kind to me…」

Burying his face in my abdomen, Nidel-dono, making wet slopping sounds, raised his head once I said that subconsciously.

「That’s because I love you.」

My mind shook at the way Nidel-dono grinned with narrowed eyes.
Riding on that impulse, I forcefully held Nidel-dono’s shoulders.

「I do not know whether I have the power to make you happy. But I shall wholeheartedly devote myself to your happiness, and I swear to the gods that I shall cherish you. My love is only yours in this lifetime.」

I voiced all my thoughts to him. You, who accepted my immature love, I shall surely cherish you many times more.
I prided myself for putting in effort toward everything, and it was my principle to continue to follow through once I’ve decided to do something.

Nidel-dono opened his eyes and stared at me, blinked multiple times, and then laughed.

「Ah, I’m glad, but…This isn’t something you say in such a situation, do you?」
「…That’s true…」

Calmly rebuked by Nidel-dono again, I was surprised by my own worthlessness. Certainly, such words of oath were to be told in a more solemn place, and weren’t something to be told when doing something inexcusable. My lower half was in a miserable state.

Turns out I was a stupider person that I’d thought, and I questioned my life. The fact that I said many strange things when perturbed was another cause of worry.
While I became gloomy in my heart, my head was spinning. When I looked up, Nidel-dono was peeking at me, laughing, and pressed his lips onto mine.

「I’m happy, really. I’m so happy——It feels like a dream.」

Nidel-dono narrowed his eyes and laughed. Seeing the smile gentler than the ones I’d seen before, my heart felt so full it hurt. I returned the kiss many times, deeply.

「…I’ll accompany you, no matter how long, till you’re satisfied.」

At the words whispered between the kisses, I simply savoured the lips.

——If Nidel-dono was by my side, surely in this life, both my heart and body will be satisfied.

Let’s say that at more appropriate time, shall we?





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