Kiss the Black Cat: Extra 1

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Editor: Gold Swallow

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Omake (First Half) [Legato PoV]

On the bed, leaning on Nidel-dono, who’d entrusted everything to me, I enclosed his face with both of my hands and savoured his soft lips. From the gaps between his lips, disjointed gasps escaped.
I bite his lip while changing the angle multiple times. When Nidel-dono let out a painful moan, I freed his mouth and kissed his cheek instead. Wilfully brushing up his bangs, I dropped a kiss on his forehead. And then, on the corner of his eye.
And then, I once again brought our lips together. In the midst of that, I also gently moved my hips. Being as gentle as possible, I slowly rubbed my dick against his insides. While gently inserting, I moved my hips as if to stir his insides, and stimulated him from inside.


Slight gasps escaped from the gap between our lips. His slender neck arched backwards, and Nidel-dono trembled a little under my body.
While continuing the kiss, I pushed on with the stimulation, as if to pacify him. Nidel-dono knitted his eyebrows and shut his eyelids tight, as if to endure the pleasure.
Seeing him feel my movements strongly, my lips curled up.

Nidel-dono didn’t speak much of his physical pleasure, but he preferred to be done gently rather than violently. Having become lovers and passionately joined our bodies, I now knew every part of Nidel-dono’s body. Nidel-dono always told me it was fine to do as I wished, but I felt the most satisfaction seeing Nidel-dono’s happy face.


As I continued to move my hips as I covered his lips, Nidel-dono escaped voice became louder, and his trembling too seemed to become shorter. He seemed near climax. His tightly shut eyes opened a crack, and he looked at me reproachfully through his eyes misted with lust.
Because he gave such a seductive look, my ears turned red by just looking at Nidel-dono’s misted eyes. Generally, Nidel-dono was quite erotic and alluring when struck.


Controlling the movement of my waist that had unconsciously become faster, when I unconsciously rubbed my cock against Nidel-dono’s weak spot, Nidel-dono trembled violently and his whole body stiffened. The part that enveloped my penis strongly pulled me in. A wet sound was heard near my stomach and I felt something moist and warm. Nidel-dono had came.
I held his checks with both hands and met his lips, as if to take in all his rough breaths. I felt I was making his breath turn even more laborious, but I continued to savour his lips till his breaths settled.

Once the violent heaving of Nidel-dono’s chest returned to normal, I separated our bodies for a bit and wiped down Nidel-dono’s soiled body with a cloth.
And I then when I once again brought my lips near Nidel-dono’s face, he let out a small sigh.

「…I’m fine…Didn’t I tell you to move so that you come?」

Nidel-dono’s slender fingers petted my head and ruffled my hair. When I looked at him, despite his face flushing from the afterglow of coming, he looked at me as if he was troubled. I loved Nidel-dono’s defenceless atmosphere after coming. Instead of replying, I once again brushed my lips against his.

「…Legato, at least do as you like today…It’s your birthday after all.」
「That’s why I’m doing as I like.」

When I laughed and said so, Nidel-dono made an astonished face, yet he avoided my gaze bashfully. Before Nidel-dono became my lover, he was the one who’d show active speech and conduct, and so when I spoke words of love, he was embarrassed. Even that tickled my heart. I wonder if he realised that.

Today was my birthday. I don’t celebrate birthdays or anything at this age, and the day was usually an excuse for my comrades in the Knight Order to have a drinking bout, but this year I was freed from the drinking bout thanks to the rumours. Thinking carefully, there were women who I had relationships with each year on my birthday, but I’d always run away from it on the pretext of work, so this was perhaps the first time I had spent the day happily with someone.

This year I realised that celebrating it with a person you like felt good.
I wasn’t one to be flashy, and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I only drank wine with Nidel-dono in my room as usual, but I was told to do as I liked at night. However, it wasn’t as if I was unhappy or had any dissatisfaction with the usual, and in the end it was the same as always.
I’d always feel more than enough pleasure just by Nidel-dono touching me, and I didn’t have anything more to wish of in particular.

But well, although Nidel-dono had already come, I still wanted to keep this going….

「Nidel-dono, is it alright to enter again?」
「I told you, don’t take the trouble to ask.」

My cock, that had left from inside him, was still greedily excited even now. In the past, I greedily devoured Nidel-dono as I wished, but I now wanted to put great importance to his wishes too. However, Nidel-dono always told me to 「do as you wish」, and talking to him held no meaning. Rather, it was depressing?

I was slightly lost in thought as I leaned atop Nidel-dono, and Nidel-dono pushed my body with his hand. When I accepted the force, Nidel-dono raised his upper body and pushed me further down and I fell on my back just like that. I felt the soft bed under me.

Nidel-dono averted his eyes and tightened his lips and climbed atop me, who was lying on my back. I meekly watched Nidel-dono’s actions. I knew that Nidel-dono’s expression meant that he was hiding his embarrassment.

「…I’ll do it…」

Nidel-dono said that and brought his hand to my penis. Once he’d straddled my waist, he slowly brought his body down. He let out a gasp, and at the same time, my penis was wrapped up in a scorching stimulation. Nidel-dono must have thought of being more active because it was my birthday.
I wonder if it was embarrassing, for Nidel-dono, avoiding my gaze, took me in and let out a gasp.

He then began moving hesitantly. The movements had some embarrassment and were clumsy, but I felt a special stimulation, as I thought of how he was doing this for me, and felt aroused. The body moving on top of me was alluring. I honestly often thought that Nidel-dono was a very beautiful person.

I loved his hair and eyes that were black like the night. My eyes would be stolen by his curt and cold face that softened the moment an expression appeared on it. But the most beautiful thing about him was his heart. I respect Nidel-dono as a person.
And, I couldn’t help but feel happy when I thought of being the only person who’d seen this stark-naked figure of his. The people of the Royal Palace hadn’t even seen him sans robes.
Other people didn’t know of this beautiful figure. Of course, I would never let other people know.

While I was in the midst of being fascinated by him, Nidel-dono, who’d been moving, his movement gradually became slower, and he fell forward while still taking me in his body.

「Nidel-dono, are you alright?」

When I placed my hands on his slender shoulders, Nidel-dono raised his head and knitted his eyebrows with a flushed face.

「…Legato…sorry…can’t do well…」

I wonder what is this cuteness that Nidel-dono shows at times. I once again received a shock today.


The next day, on the byroad in the Royal Palace, I stood as I looked down at a bench. To be precise, I was looking down at Nidel-dono who was sleeping defencelessly on the bench.

I had known from the past that this spot was Nidel-dono’s favourite hideout, and I’d seen him sleep there many times, but I felt uneasy now. I worried, thinking, Is this godforsaken place somewhere to sleep without having anyone on the lookout?
Moreover, the wind was cold in this season. No matter if you say he’s wearing a robe, was he really not cold? I worried he might catch a cold.

Bending down a little, when I looked at the face hidden by a hood, Nidel-dono was breathing peacefully. Looking at his sleeping face, worry and embarrassment rose at the same time. Nidel-dono taking a nap in the intervals between work was surely my fault. It must be because I got carried away yesterday night. Even though I’d decided in my heart that I wouldn’t make him do the impossible and treasure him, I can’t say that I am able to keep my vow.
I do not want to push the blame onto others, but fault lies partly on Nidel-dono too. He was too indulgent with me and aroused me. It might be my uncontrolled immaturity, but I could not be prudent in front of my loved one.

I, who was gazing at Nidel-dono’s sleeping face, dropped on one knee on the spot and knitted my eyebrows, while making sure not to wake him up. When I touched his skin for a bit, it was cold after all, due to the air outside.

Even after we had formally become lovers, Nidel-dono and I avoided getting involved with each other more than necessary outside my room. He would get angry if word got out that I had kissed him in such a place, and I regretfully parted from his face and placed my hand on his body.


When I shook him, Nidel-dono slowly opened his eyes. And focusing his gaze on me, he made an baffled face. He must be wondering why I was here.

「Nidel-dono, you’ll catch a cold.」
「…Ahh, my bad. Was I sleeping?」

Nidel-dono slowly got up, rubbing his eyes. I was thinking to myself, He’s really like a cat, but I came to myself and made a request.

「Nidel-dono, please stop sleeping here.」
「It’s all right. I might look unhealthy, but I’m in quite good health.」
「No, that is not what I mean…」

Certainly, Nidel-dono had lived a life cooped up in the tower, and looked thin, but I believe he has the physical strength nevertheless. Even while guarding, he’d lived an identical life like mine, and had furthermore continually used magic all throughout. That was the most surprising fact. Even at night, he’d accompanied me right from the beginning.

「It’s dangerous to sleep in such a god forsaken place.」

When I earnestly spoke, Nidel-dono laughed.

「Legato, who do you think will attack me?」
「That might be true, but I can’t stop worrying.」

Nidel-dono’s sense of crisis is weak at odd places. When I knitted my eyebrows, Nidel-dono laughed wryly.

「Yes yes, I got it. I’ll sleep in the tower henceforth.」

Frankly speaking, a small sense of jealousy arose when I thought of other people seeing his defenceless figure, even if it was within the tower. However, I felt saying it out loud would mean a man’s capacity was too small so I remained quiet.

「You should go back now. It’s working hours. I’ll also go back.」

Nidel-dono descended from the bench onto the ground. I said the words I had wanted to say ever since I had seen him on the bench.

「Nidel-dono, won’t you come to my room tonight too? Um…I won’t lay a hand on you. Just, I want to see you.」

I didn’t want to overdo it every single day. It’s just, I truly yearned to see his face and spend time together with him every single day.

「…Got it, I’ll come.」

Nidel-dono smiled in a troubled yet embarrassed manner, and turned his back to me. Seeing him off as he walked the path towards the tower, my heart felt elated at that fact that I would meet him tonight too.

I could have Nidel-dono all to myself as much as I liked in my room. Today, I would thank Nidel-dono for the happy time he had given me the night before, and would give lots of kisses in exchange for joining bodies. Even if Nidel-dono hides his embarrassment, I’ll always make him happy.

Just get married already!!!

And I now happily state that this is the end of all smut in the novel. A cinnabun comrade was lost in this process……

If there was an award for the worst smut writing, I’d probably win it haha

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