Kiss the Black Cat: Extra 2

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Omake (Second Half) [Nidel]

「…Nidel, isn’t it time for the meeting…?」
「…Yeah, I know.」

Amidst everyone working busily, I, who was rolling on top of the divan, raised my body at my colleague’s voice. Ever since those days of guarding, the number of times I’d rolled on this divan had increased, but nobody complained of it. Legato too told me the other day to stop sleeping outside. Left without a choice, I could only laze about here every time I felt sleepy.
Usually, everyone in the Technological Magic Order would not care about time and worked as and when they liked. Meanwhile, I had a lot of official work to do, and I was probably the only one who was pressed for time. That’s why, I arbitrarily thought it would be excused at least to this extent.

「…Were you loved by your husband yesterday too?…」
「…Squad Commander Legato seems to have a lot of stamina…」

When I ignored the vulgar whispers of ridicule that were raised, many around me let out a huge sigh.

「Nidel… even if it’s a rumour, please deny it.」
「Huh? I didn’t admit to it or anything!」
「You remaining silent is like tacit admission.」
「I feel like running away…」
Clicking my tongue at my colleagues who were now giving me cold stares, even though the topic had been brought up by them, I hurried to leave the tower. I felt like retorting at them in my heart.
It wasn’t as if we overdid it in the past either, but Legato now treated me so preciously that even I felt guilty. That’s why, it’s not particularly Legato’s fault that I was sleeping today.
——Of course, I wasn’t stupid enough to say this retort out loud, nor was I a pervert….

Objectively looking at myself, I thought No, I’m certainly a pervert, and left for the meeting while pressing my hand to my forehead.

In the regular meeting, I was even quieter than before. Because if I stand out in a bad manner, they immediately tease us, taking up the topic of Legato and my relationship. You’re all of considerable age, just how much fun is it to tease people? I was amazed. They’re all childish.

If I made a drowsy face and was ridiculed just like in the tower, I wouldn’t be able to bear it, and so I pretended to listen seriously. Nevertheless, even if I listened in all seriousness, it wasn’t as if any of the topics were of particular concern to the Tech Order.

Thus, once everything on the agenda was discussed, I saw the Prime Minister and the King meet eyes and exchange grins. I had a bad premonition. At times like these, they’d often bring up a topic to tease us with.
While I watched anxiously, the Prime Minister made an unconcerned face, feigning ignorance, and opened his mouth.

「Then, finally, I have some personal advice. Legato and Nidel, complaints have been raised from somewhere. Don’t flirt too much within the Royal Palace.」

Just as the Prime minister said these words, a wave of laughter arose in the room. It’s about us after all! However, I refuted as expected. I’m not that quiet that I’ll stay silent when toyed with me when I’m innocent.

「Wait a minute! Just what are you talking about!? I don’t have any recollection of doing such a thing!」

Unexpectedly, such a statement was uttered in the meeting. There was a limit to shame too, and thus I clearly defended myself. I really don’t remember having mingled with Legato more than necessary within the Royal Palace. I recollect having had a conversation recently with Legato on the bench outside, but to call that flirting was too much no matter how you looked at it.

When I denied the Prime Minister strongly, the Prime minister shifted his gaze from me to Legato.

「What about Legato?」
「…No, um…」

At Legato’s strained expression and ambiguous reply, I knitted my eyebrows. Looking at Legato, it seemed like he had a clue. While I yelled in my heart, Oi oi, hang on!, the Prime Minister continued.

「According to my sources, Legato made a move on Nidel while he was asleep.」
「Huh!? What’s with that!?」

When I unconsciously reacted, forgetting that I was in a meeting, everyone ended up laughing at once. Legato looked at me for a moment and his face turned ugly in a flash. This guy, does he really have a clue!?
‘When asleep’… you say. It’s that time on the bench, after all. Maybe he did something while I was asleep.
Just what was he doing, this bastard! Just how much material for teasing do you want to offer!? Even though I told him not to approach me too much when we’re outside!

All the same, I thought of that place as a secret hideout myself but probably there were many prying eyes in reality. I decided to not approach that place anymore.

Knowing that the Prime Minister’s sources were correct, I pulled my hood over my eyes, and tried to escape from reality. However, they had no intentions of releasing Legato, us, from here yet.

「Legato, it’s really bad to make a move on a sleeping person.」

The King tried to keep a serious voice, but that voice seemed to be a laughing voice no matter how you heard it.

「That’s right, you must apologise to Nidel-dono.」
「Why did you do such a thing!?」

The people around teased Legato relentlessly. I heard Legato hemming and hawing with 「No, um…」, shaken up. Even though he could evade the question by giving non committal replies, he would definitely try to honestly answer and make a gaffe. I thought I should keep an eye on him.

「I-It’s just, um, I was adoring his sleeping fa——」
「Legato! Don’t say another word!!」

Hearing Legato slip an outrageous thing from his mouth I ended up shouting, unable to bear it. Legato shut his mouth. At the same time, a roar of laughter erupted.

My head hurts. I want to go back.
It was hidden by the hood, but my face turned red all of a sudden. I felt like dying out of embarrassment.

「My, how passionate. Even the room seems to have become hotter. Someone open the windows.」
「I’ll open them. Hot hot.」

The King and the Vice Captain of the Knight Order took a dig at us.

「Nidel-dono, quickly get married and start living together with Legato-dono, don’t you have to calm him down?」

Boisterous voices came from the Royal Palace Magic Order too.

「That’s right, Nidel. Please claim Legato quickly. If you let him run wild anymore, his disgraceful behaviour will be exposed to the eyes of the public, so it is the question of our country’s Knight Order’s reputation too.」

The Prime Minister added in a cloying voice all while maintaining an indifferent face, 「We changed the law at long last too」.
I continued to remain silent, but as expected, I couldn’t completely ignore the higher-ups either, and I simply answered, 「…I’ll think about it」.

「Nidel-dono, I’m really sorry. I even made you feel embarrassed——.」

In front of me, Legato was earnestly apologising on one knee on the floor. I was sprawled on Legato’s bed. ——In Cat form.
No, me turning into a cat didn’t have some huge reason behind it. I stepped into Legato’s room today before he returned home from work. The window in Legato’s room is always left slightly open for me. I was worried about security, but Legato told me there wasn’t anything there which would trouble him if stolen.
In the first place, although Legato was of noble lineage, I felt he lived a too frugal, or should I say too dull, life.
Well, I don’t mind either way.

Thinking I’ll laze about for just a bit till Legato comes home, I became a cat somehow or the other. When I turn into a small animal, the bed feels spacious and great, and amongst animals, I’m best at turning into a cat. Certainly, it wasn’t as if I didn’t feel the slightest bit bitter facing Legato either. Certainly, I’m a little angry with him.

It seemed like Legato had perceived my subtle feelings, for he immediately offered an apology as soon as he returned to the room. I think he thought I’d turned into a cat because I was angry. I missed the timing to turn back into a human and was a little troubled.

「I swear I will not do strange things outside ever again. I hope you will permit me to at least talk though——」

Seeing Legato continue to apologise, I inwardly gave a wry smile.
I wonder what’s with the man who holds the post of the Captain of the Royal Knight Order kneeling and apologising profusely to curry favour with a cat. If others see this very sight, the reputation of the Knight Order would be at stake, and so I picked up my sprawling body.

Seeing me react, Legato let out a breath of relief and reached his hand out to me. In Cat form, even Legato’s hand seems large.
When Legato hugged me gently, he too sat down on the bed. And then, he place me on his lap and began petting me. Just like in the past.
But the movements of his hand seemed even gentler than that time. His hands felt too comfortable, and I once again lost the timing to turn back into a human.

「…Nidel-dono, isn’t it time you turned back?」

When petted by Legato in human form, I felt guilty, but it honestly felt comfortable as a cat. I lost myself to the sensation, but Legato’s troubled voice made me come to myself.

「You’re cute as a cat too, but I love the human you.」

Legato straightened his handsome face seriously and looked at me, the cat, through his light blue eyes.
I’m telling you, don’t say such lines seriously. It’ll become more difficult for me to turn back.
Despite being a cat, I felt my face flush.

Legato then stooped down and dropped kisses on my fur and whispered my name.

「…Got it. I got it, I’ll stop now.」

The moment Legato lifted up his body. I undid the magic. I couldn’t stand him doing anything more to my Cat form.
Because I had suddenly turned back into a human on top of his lap, Legato lost his balance for a bit as if surprised, but he wrapped his arms around me and apologised again.

「Nidel-dono, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?」
「…Yeah. It’s not as if I’m angry anyway.」

When I smiled wryly, Legato laughed happily. When Legato smiled, he softened in a breath. Since long ago, I’d loved this man’s smile, and of late the smiles he gave me had turned all the more soft and sweet.
If he smiles like that, I’ll knew that I’d forgive anything. But still, Legato was an excessively affectionate man, even more that what I’d ever imagined.

Even though I was the one who lost my heart to him first. A strange frustration arose in my heart. Getting Legato’s affections made me happier than anything, and my body felt feverish. Ever since Legato had become like this, I always worry, Am I visibly wavering?.

Legato raised his head to me, sitting on his lap, who was in a slightly higher position, and he drew closer to my face and brought our lips together. My heart beat quicker from the gentle sensation, never learning.

「…By the way, when does Nidel-dono plan to claim me?」

I opened my eyes wide at Legato’s sweet whispers in between our kisses. Legato’s blue eyes were gazing at me. I, who didn’t understand what he meant for a moment, remembered the meeting.


Exposed to Legato’s eyes, my face turned red. In order to hide that, I wrapped my arms around Legato’s neck and buried my face there. I heard Legato’s slight laugh and the arms around my body tightened playfully.

There was still some hesitation in me about if making this man mine was really fine, but lately, my thoughts in the direction of If I can get this man, I’ll take up any hardship were stronger.
I feel incredibly happy about this thought, which I have never had before and surely will not again.

The End

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