Chapter 56: Role

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The next morning


「Momoi-san! Good morning!」
「Yesterday, did you watch Kimutaku’s drama?」

Of course, since it’s this girl who’s crazy over handsome actors we’re talking about, it’s impossible that she didn’t watch it.

「Yeah, I saw it~ He was soooo handsome~」
「Right! Right? Seeee~~ I knew you would definitely feel the same way too, Momoi-san!」

What she didn’t notice then was that I hadn’t said it was『interesting』but that he was『handsome』. The reason was because she hadn’t watched the drama. She just wanted to participate in the conversation since it featured the actor that she liked.

「Ehehehe~~ Same here! Thanks for letting me know that he was in that drama~」
「Of course. I’ll let you know if there are any other interesting dramas, Momoi-san! 」
「Thank you~~」





「Hey Momoi-san, listen!」
「Eh? Me? Wha-?」
「You see, I…I got chosen to participate in the baseball team’s practice match this Sunday!」
「Eh~ For real? That’s amazing!」

This boy probably has feelings for me. But his feelings were grossing me out…

「S-So I was wondering…If you’d like, ma—」
「Momoi-sa–i! Oyyyy~~~Momoi-sa~~n!」

Is that annoying voice Yamada’s? Yosh! Here’s my chance.

「Oh~ Yamada-kun! What’s up?」
「—-HAH?! Tis’ Yamada!」
「Listen, listen! I’m going to a mixer this Sunday. Why don’t you come along too, Momoi-san?」
「HAH OOOIII! Ya-Ya-YAMADAAAAA! What do you mean asking Momoi-san to a mixer! She’s already promised me earlier to—」
「Ah! Sorry! I’ve promised my younger sister to hang out with her this Sunday……」
「Whattt~~ Got it, can’t do anything about that!」
「Yeah, sorry~ Oh, that’s right. What were you saying earlier?」
「Ah, na-nah… It’s nothing. I’ll just talk about it another time…」
「Okay, sure. Next time then~」

Well, don’t know when that next time will be though…

My strong suit is being good at reading people.

I’ve always been this way since I was a kid. As someone who’s mindful of the relationships I have with people, I chose to act as a『cheerful classmate』to everyone to keep the peace.

Expertly preserving the equilibrium, so as not to cause a fissure in relationships, and keeping the appropriate amount of distance while being mindful of creating trouble in the class. That is my『role』as a human being.

Although there’s class rep who’s a similar sort of person, we’re still different in that she tries to『control』the class. (There’s a small chance of class rep’s actions throwing the class cliques in disarray so I’m slightly mindful of her but…)

「There’s someone else besides her that is on my mind though~」

Andou-kun… Somehow recently, that boy who is the『loner』in our class suddenly became awfully intimate with my『best friend』Sakura… Their relationship in itself isn’t a problem per se, but their social status is.

One is the school’s outcast, a『loner』.

The other is the school’s number one『beauty』.

Given that it’s two people from the school’s opposing caste who are having a close relationship, there’s no way that it hasn’t rocked the boat for the entire school. Do you know how difficult it’s been for me to control the gossipy flames, that started springing up when they both got together, from the shadows?

「Well, my troubles were all for naught~」

In the end, because some『idiot』made a fuss, it spread in one full sweep causing a huge『scandal』at once.

「Calming down those rumors at the time was the most exhausting thing I had to do~」

In order to avoid those rumors from spreading then, I had to spread rumors about a friend who loves to lie, and strongly influenced the boys and girls to be on my side…

「In the first place, why am I going through such lengths to stop the gossip about them from spreading~」

Well, I know the answer to that though. It’s because Sakura’s my best friend.
The only thing I’m good at is reading people, so I’ll do whatever I can to get a sense on things around me so that nothing endangers Sakura.

「I mean, I don’t know what the best thing I should do is, but I know Sakura is absolutely conscious of Andou-kun.」

Hence, I won’t stick my hand into things unnecessarily. I can vaguely tell that class rep is the one behind the scenes pulling the strings but the person I don’t understand the most is…

「Andou-kun, the very person himself~」

Hang on, is he actually behind this? As someone who’s good at reading people and situations, I can’t tell what Andou-kun’s thinking at all from looking at him. I can see that he likes Sakura but … there’s not quite enough evidence for it. I can’t tell if perhaps he has thoughts along the lines of playing with her.

「I mean, when he heard the word『date』, he announced that they were『friends』. So, it’s just friendship? But when you think about how the script for the play was written, it’s obvious he has feelings for her … Although Sakura also has feelings for him, I bet he has no idea that when she realizes that, she will freak out~」

I want Sakura to be happy after all. Which is why I will support them if it’s mutually reciprocated… Nevertheless, I don’t have the confidence and I can’t trust leaving Sakura in Andou-kun’s hands.

… And so, I decided to get the answers directly from the source itself.

「Oy~~~ Andou-kun! How about the two of us grab lunch together today?」
「…………Hah? Mo-Momoi-san!?」


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