Chapter 59: How to Distinguish Ghosts

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: Gold Swallow

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「And that’s why, I’ve also recently gotten addicted to the “Other Worldly Gourmet” series」

「Maybe? It is after all an『other world series』so it’s just like you to not leave it alone, Asakura-san」


It’s been about five minutes since the test of courage started but Class Rep and Momoi-san haven’t laid any traps… (Andou)


「Even so… The park at night is quite dark, isn’t it?」

「Well, although Nishiguchi Park is a『park』in name, it’s sort of as wide as a small hill if you judge it based on its vastness. Even the course for the test of courage that they told us to walk on would take us about 15 minutes to clear, as we have to go one huge circle around the park.」


Why… they said it was a test of courage at the start, so I am, well, a little… just a little… bit scared… Now that it’s underway, nothing particularly frightening has occurred, and since Momo and Class Rep are going to be waiting at the finish line, I can talk to Andou-kun about light novels as much as I like. (Asakura)


「Speaking of which, do you have a light novelist that you like, Andou-kun? Such as an author whose light novel you must purchase?」

「I do. That would be my favorite author,『Suidoubashi Shinichiro』sensei!」

「Heh~~~ Like, what novels has he written?」

「Hmmmmm, his debut novel was『Tobira no Nai』which was awarded the Thunderbolt Bunko’s Rookie of the Year Award… There’s also the book he published with Medical Works Bunko『Hankoroshi Game no Tate』. Both are amazing penned stories that depicts detailed  psychological descriptions of the characters! Asakura-san, what about you? Are there any authors that you like?」

「Hmm, I don’t have a favorite author… My favorites are books such as『Ataeru Mono, Ataerareru Mono』and『Didn’t I Say to Make My Physique Average in the Next Life!?』though, so I guess if it’s this author’s works, then I do look forward to reading his other works.」


Hmm~ That’s just like Asakura-san. As always, they’re all stories about super overpowered characters. (Andou)


Ufufufu. To be able to converse with Andou-kun like this, the test of courage is really something. That being the case, should even one or two ghosts show up, it’ll— (Asakura)


Whoo————」 ← Ghost




Lo and behold! Just as I was thinking about it, a black haired ghost dressed in a white dress showed up before my very eyessssssssssss!!!!!!! (Asakura)


The bulge on that chest… Momoi-san must have changed into a white dress and unfastened her ponytail. (Andou)


Whoo————-」 ← Ghost

「HI-KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A-A-A-Andou-kun!!! Save me!!! Please! Don’t eat me aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!」

「WO-WOAHHHH! A-A-A-A-Asakura-san, calm down! If you cling onto my arm this tightly, then your breasts will— H-Huh?」


Th-That’s strange…? I don’t feel a thing even though she’s hugging me as tightly as she can? (Andou)


「AH! A-A-Andou-kun… Front! Front! Look in front of you! Th-There’s a… GHOSTTTT!!!」*tugs! tugs!*


That being said, Asakura-san’s really terrified, huh… and though she’s clinging onto my arm, she’s pulling my body towards her at full force… Is that why I don’t feel anything from her breasts? But you know, it’s easy to grasp that that’s Momoi-san in disguise by just looking at the curvature of the chest… Anyways, I’d better start by revealing the identity of the ghost— (Andou)


「Ghost? What are you saying, Asakura-san? I don’t see anything like that…」


— so I thought… but on second thought, I want her to keep holding on to me just a bit more, so I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see anything. (Andou)


Whoo———-」 ← Ghost

「You can’t… see it? Th-Then this is…?」

「Yup, yup!」


Fuufuuufuuufu… I’ve deceived Sakura, but as expected of Andou-kun~ In accordance to my anticipations… even if he had saw right through my parlour tricks, I knew Andou-kun would just go with the flow~♪ (Momoi)


That’s because Asakura-san is cute too when she’s scared… (Andou)


「Oh, it’s over…I thought my life was going to come to an end here…」

Whoo———」 ← Momoi-san

「HI-KYAAAAAAAA! Andou-kun! It’s there! It’s still hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!」*tug! tug!*

Où? Je ne vois rien?


Yup, totally spot on… (Momoi)


Translator’s Note:

  1. Author: Dobashi Shinjirou. Dobashi Shinjirou is God! Pity not all his works are being translated to English. Readers, I do strongly urge you to campaign for more of his works to be translated. 😀 The following two listed are the novels that were talked about above. 
  2. Tobira no Soto
  3. Satsuriku Game no Tate
  4. Author 2: FUNA
  5. Likely a parody of Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement as ataeru means to give. If you know what the actual parody is, let me know. Thanks to Miest & B4ch1 for correcting me. The parody is Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono. Got so caught up that I didn’t realize the parody. GAH! And I call myself an anime fan for more than 20 years. GEEZ.
  6. This one’s an easy guess because it’s definitely Funa’s work: Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life!? If you ever have the time, do give this a read <3
  7. Où? Je ne vois rien? – Where? I don’t see anything? Yup, our boy Andou is pulling his full bullshit stunt with Asakura now.

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