Waiting Upon You – Chapter 6 Act 15 

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Act 15: First Kiss


In a small boat bobbing in the sea, Ling Lang and Feng Hao were in a violent struggle. Although Ling Lang was no match for Feng Hao, in the face of life and death, he bursted with extraordinary potential.


Both Feng Hao’s strength and stamina was better than Ling Lang’s, the other party injured, so he finally obtained the upper hand in battle. But he also suffered a few blows from Ling Lang. The two were bruised and beaten, both short of breath, but Feng Hao was still barely able to stand. He pointed his gun at Ling Lang who had fallen to the ground.


Faced with the muzzle of the gun, Ling Lang tried several times to struggle, but at the end he still fell in defeat.


“You better off me before you chuck me off,” said Ling Lang as he panted, “I don’t want to die drowning, but I don’t want to be eaten alive by the fish either.”


“You’ve eaten so much sashimi while you’re alive, what’s it to let the fishes eat you once before you die?” Unexpectedly, Feng Hao still had the mood to crack a joke despite the current situation.


“If you don’t mind, you can eat me as well, that’ll keep you for a while longer.”


There were two people on the boat, but only one set of provisions. If they wanted to reach the shore alive, only one of them could remain.


“That’s a good idea, I’ve eaten all sorts of things through my life, but I’ve just never eaten a person before.”


After seeing how much blood Ling Lang had lost and confirming that he no longer had any strength to struggle, he finally wearily put his gun away.


He took a stroll around the area and found that Ling Lang was quite a meticulous person. He believed that as long as it was necessary for them to escape to the sea, the other party would have definitely made preparations in advance.


Feng Hao counted the supplies in the lower cabin and as he’d expected, he found a sharp dagger in the pile.


Ling Lang watched as Feng Hao walked towards him with the dagger in hand, the taller man approving of his decision, ” You’ve made the right choice, bullets are precious and gunshots easily to attract trouble.”


“But you have to make sure you clean up the blood in the boat after, or you’re going to be luring sharks in.”


“Keep your mouth shut!” With the cold dagger now pressed against his cheek, Ling Lang instantly sealed his lips.


Feng Hao raised the dagger into the sky, then the sound of a horrible scream rang out across the ocean.


Following a clink, the bullet was dug out from Ling Lang’s body and it rolled as it fell onto the boat.


Ling Lang’s preparations had been very complete: there was alcohol, gauze, and bandages, and they all came in handy almost immediately.


“Why?” Speaking was difficult for Ling Lang, and his words seemed as if they were squeezed out from his throat.


“Since I brought you out, wouldn’t I be quite the disappointment if I let you die so soon?”


“We’re far away from land and there’s only enough fresh water for one person, both of us will die together at sea if you don’t kill me now.”


“Then remind me again when we’re about to die.” Feng Hao’s attention had already moved to the chart.


“You’ll regret it when that time really comes.”


Feng Hao transferred his gaze from the chart to Ling Lang. “I’ve never felt regret in my entire life.”


When Ling Lang stepped out of the boat, he was slightly off balance, so Feng Hao gave him a hand. “Be careful.”


Ling Lang steadied himself against the dizziness blocking his sight.


The two were still on land surrounded by lush curtains of greenery. Though the boat was fake, they still got seasick after swaying about for some time.


“Feeling better?”


Ling Lang nodded. Those who had been with Ling Lang for a long time knew that not only was Ling Lang a man of few words, even the times he nodded were scarce as most his words could be replaced with a simple head shake. Here, his movement signified that he was fine.


Feng Hao handed his key card to him. “I still have some scenes, you should go back for some rest.”


Ling Lang glanced at the key card in his hands. “I have my own room, why should I go to yours? And besides, aren’t you afraid I’d take the key away?”


Feng Hao stuffed the key card into his hand. “The key is in the safe, the password is your birthday, you can have a look at and see what you like while you’re at it, we can try them out tonight.”


When Feng Hao returned to his room, Ling Lang was not present, it was the front desk who returned his key card to him. The key in the safe had also disappeared, but for Feng Hao this did not come as any surprise.


At the same time, Ling Lang was just a few meters away, tossing and turning in his own bed. Though he had not been sleeping well for most of this year, it should not have been as serious as this. Especially since he had slept so well at Feng Hao’s place, this night of insomnia was more unbearable than usual.


Ling Lang got up to look for two pills and gulped them down with some water. As he expected, the results were still quite insignificant and he had to toss and turn until about midnight before he finally felt even the barest hint of drowsiness. Just after a short snooze, the landline in his room rang. Ling Lang tremendously regretted not pulling out the wires before going to bed.


Without any hope in his actions, the manager had wanted to check up on him, but never would have he expected that someone would actually pick up the call this time, and in his heart he told himself he was done.


“Ahaha, Ling Lang, you’re around……Oh no, my bad, I’ve called the wrong number, good night!”


Ling Lang pulled out the wires, but whatever he did, he wasn’t able to fall back asleep anymore.


Feng Hao opened his door, and after taking a clear look at the person standing outside the door, there was a hint of surprise on his face. He moved aside to let Ling Lang in.


“Can’t sleep?”


Ling Lang shook his head.


Feng Hao closed the door behind him and took the other into his arms with delight. “It’s wonderful that you can seek me out with your own volition.”


“Have you always had troubles sleeping, senior?” Feng Hao asked Ling Lang, who was sleeping in his arms.


“No, just recently.”


“Did something happen?”


Ling Lang didn’t want to answer.


“It’s fine if you don’t want to say it, but I’m overjoyed that I can be your sedative. If at any time you find yourself unable to sleep, you’re welcome to look for me, senior.”


Ling Lang had already started to feel drowsy and he could hear the call of sleep. With his slurred words, he sounded as if he was sleep talking. “Will I get to wear pajamas next time? At least let me wear underwear.”


Feng Hao smiled. “That won’t do, it doesn’t matter whether I am present or not, but as long as you lay on my bed, you are not allowed to wear clothes, these are my rules.”


The phone rang. Vigilant, Feng Hao picked up the receiver. “Hello?”


“It’s me.” The unhappiness was clear in the manager’s voice. “Is Ling Lang with you?”


Feng Hao glanced over to Ling Lang who was lying by his side. They’d slept too late last night, so the sound of the phone actually didn’t wake him from his slumber.


He lowered his voice. “He’s still sleeping, do you need something?”


The sound of inhalation came from the other side of the phone.


“Yes I do, if he’s not going to stay in his own room, then just cancel it, we can cut costs for the crew.”


Feng Hao laughed. “I will consider telling the studio manager.”


The manager was deeply worried for the IQs of Lake Films’ students, they couldn’t even tell sarcasm apart.


“Forget it, the two of you should hurry up and get over here. Don’t forget that you’re going to the East Coast for field training today.”


Feng Hao hung up, noticing that Ling Lang had woken up hazily. “Who are you talking to?”


“Your manager came to check up on us,” said Feng Hao as he dropped a good morning kiss on his forehead.


“What about?”


“He said we’re about to be late.”


Ling Lang sat up abruptly, and due to the suddenness of his actions, his eyes went dark and he fell back down again.


“Slow down.” Feng Hao helped massage his pressure points.


“What time is it?” Ling Lang looked at his watch fixedly. “God, I actually slept to this hour.”


“You looked like you were sleeping well, so I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up.”


Feng Hao’s words reminded Ling Lang of how he had tossed and turned all night in insomnia, and in his time of insobriety, knocked on Feng Hao’s door. Facing Feng Hao after waking up in the morning, he still felt rather embarrassed.


Feng Hao noticed his unease and changed the topic without leaving any hints of the night behind. “It’s time to wake up, the scene we’ll be doing today is going to be our highlight.”


The scenery at the eastern coast of the island was particularly enchanting, with blue waters like jade, a white bed of sand, and dense forestation not far from shore.


Feng Hao used the full extent of his ability to, little by little, drag Ling Lang to the shore, his endeavours leaving a long mark on the sandy beach.


After completing this simple series of actions, Feng Hao was so exhausted that he had to land his backside on the beach to recuperate for a while. It wasn’t until some of his strength had finally returned did he begin to struggle towards the forest.


He found a source of water and, like a madman, pounced in, diving straight into the depths of the lake. After a short moment had passed, he jumped out of the water and, with his head towards the sky, laughed heartily in joy.


After suddenly recalling something, he quickly swam back to shore. He was holding a huge leaf in his hand when he returned.


Feng Hao tried to pour the water from his leaf into Ling Lang’s mouth, but the water flowed down from his lips and wet the sand beneath Ling Lang’s neck.


Without even thinking, Feng Hao poured the rest of the water into his mouth, feeding it to Ling Lang mouth to mouth. Ling Lang’s eyelashes fluttered and his brows knitted together, starting to cough heavily.


Ling Lang opened his eyes and saw Feng Hao’s face in his immediate vicinity. Neither of them spoke, and the ambiguous nature of the atmosphere was quite nerve-wracking.


Feng Hao’s head lowered bit by bit and they could both hear each other’s heart beat. When their lips were finally about to meet, Feng Hao suddenly raised his head and ran off like a madman.


Ling Lang was shocked, but he soon found out why he had done as he did. At that moment, an unprecedented force poured into his body as he crawled up to rush towards Feng Hao with the speed of a bullet. He cupped his hands by his mouth and yelled desperately as he rushed towards the ocean, “Hey! We’re over here!”


Ling Lang’s voice disappeared into the vast ocean with nary the slightest bit of an echo. Seeing this, Feng Hao pulled out his gun and pointed it overhead, but after a long time he still did not pull the trigger.


“What are you doing? Pull the trigger! Quick!” With great effort, Ling Lang shook Feng Hao, but Feng Hao stood still, staring straight at the distance, his expression cold.


Ling Lang finally noticed that something was wrong, and with reluctant disbelief, he turned his head back with much difficulty. After having a clear look, the light in his eyes slowly dimmed down.


It turned out to be a naval ship.


“Bravo! Wonderful! Ai want to add a scene here!” shouted the director excitedly.


The screenwriter ran over hurriedly. “What do you want to add?”


“No need fo you!” The director threw him to the side and rushed over to the two actors. With his face animated in an enraptured expression, he shouted, “Make love! You should make love at this time!”


Ling Lang had the urge to shove his head into the sand. “We’ve been drifting about in the ocean for a month and we’re both dying, where are we going to find the energy to do that?”


“This is a movie! This is art! Art is above life!” The director raised his hands high. “At this moment of desperation, the primitive senses of humans will be stimulated, this is the art that ai want to express!”


Feng Hao was amused. “Director, your Chinese is very good.”


“Sankyu very much.”


“At this moment you should respond with ‘not at all’.”


“Naut at all. Anyway, just do as ai say, the two of you are free to make yo talents shine. Remember to show the explosive feeling of the last indulgence!”


“Since we’re free to make our talents shine, senior, do you reckon there’s any chemistry between us?” asked Feng Hao with a light chuckle.


Ling Lang had already entered into a state of preparation. “We better, we have to get a single-take for this scene.”


After realizing that it was a naval ship, the strength in Ling Lang’s body instantly left him, there was nothing harder to bear in this world than the despair that came after your hopes were dashed. His knees buckled and he crashed on the ground, covering his face with his hands in agony.


Slowly, Feng Hao lowered the gun, tossing it to the side. He had also gotten down on one knee and taken Ling Lang into his arms.


After a moment, Feng Hao landed a tight series of kisses on Ling Lang, following the curve of his neck until he reached his lips. Ever since the two had their sexual encounter in prison, this was still the first time he had expressed his feelings in such a gentle manner.


Ling Lang had been pressed down on the beach, and without moving, allowed himself to be bitten and nibbled at his throat. Feng Hao’s tongue brushed lightly against his skin, and he immediately incited a deep groan from his throat.


Ling Lang suddenly circled his arms around the other man’s neck and actively locked his lips with his. No matter which angle you looked at them, you could see that the two of the actors were starting to get into it. With his hold still on Feng Hao, Ling Lang rolled over and switched from being on bottom to the top. Then, an icy cold object was planted between Feng Hao’s brow.


Taking the advantage of the roll, Ling Lang had picked up the pistol from the ground, reminding Feng Hao with his every move that the two of them had never been lovers of any sort.


Feng Hao had been on top with Ling Lang below him, so Ling Lang was forced to bear with his violation.


But now the tables had been turned. Ling Lang pressed the gun against his head with so much force that he almost seemed as if he were itching to crush the other’s brow bone.


The two looked at each other, both of them breathing chaotically from their lingering kiss.


It was as if time had stood still, and there were only the two of them left in this world.


Feng Hao watched the person in front of him and showed no anger, no fear, no regret.


A complicated emotion flashed past Ling Lang’s eyes. He chucked the gun and took Feng Hao’s head in his hands, dropping down for a fierce kiss.

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