Confer (Pt 2)

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: Mochimochi

First Published on Ainushi



… Oh no no no. Won’t you suffer while wearing that?

In fact, aren’t you having a hard time breathing?

This girl! Kiuchi’s just too nice for her own good.

I’m the one who’s causing trouble so isn’t it fine if you just prioritize yourself over me.

「I’ll wear it so take it off, Kiuchi-san.」

I took the mask off Kiuchi, and secured it on my face by looping the bands around my ears.

「Are you an idiot!? If you put on my mask than the bacteria will enter your mouth directly!」

Kiuchi got up, and quickly pulled off the mask that was resting against my mouth.

「You are the idiot! You’re sick, don’t get up every single time! Go to sleep! Where are the masks!?」

I grabbed Kiuchi by the arm, and pushed her onto the bed.

「The masks are on the table… It’s inside the bag with the medicine.」

To avoid spreading the bacteria, Kiuchi deliberately covered her mouth with the futon as she spoke.

… Since it’s this troublesome, I’d rather just catch Kiuchi’s cold.

「Kiuchi-san, how’s your condition?」

The fact that the masks were inside a bag along with drugs from the pharmacy meant that her visit to the doctor went off without a hitch.

Wearing a mask, I approached Kiuchi’s bed.

「Hmm. The medicine from the doctor is effective as expected. I can go in to work tomorrow.」

Certainly, compared to her voice over the phone at lunch, Kiuchi’s current voice seemed much better.

Oh! Speaking of which, I just remembered that I bought jelly for Kiuchi in case she lost her appetite.

「Kiuchi-san, have you had anything to eat?」

「Yes. I had jelly for lunch.」

Since Kiuchi had already eaten jelly, there was no point in me bringing mine out.

I’ll just quietly store it in the fridge.

However, she said jelly for lunch, didn’t she? Wouldn’t that mean she hadn’t gotten anything to eat for dinner?

But I only bought jelly and Pocari …

… Should I make something?

I can make porridge at least.

「I’ll make you dinner. Is porridge alright with you?」

While I was rolling my sleeves up enthusiastically,

「… You’re going to cook?」

Kiuchi looked at me, seemingly worried.

Kiuchi, you don’t know anything about me so don’t assume I’m useless!


「It’s just porridge. Anyone can make it.」

Anyway to make that, it just has to be mushy rice, right?

It’s not something that particularly requires much skills, and I’m not that useless; making something like porridge should be a breeze.

I got up quickly and headed to the kitchen.


Well I got there but…

Wait, wait, hold on a sec!

Is it cooking the rice grains till they become mushy? Or is it boiling cooked rice until it’s mushy to become porridge?

Eh? Which is it?

This is bad. I haven’t a clue.

… Oh, right! I can just google it!

Just as I put my hand into my pocket to retrieve my phone,

「… Tachibana-kun, is everything alright?」

I heard a voice calling me from behind me. I turned around and there, wrapped around in the futon on top of the bed, was Kiuchi looking anxiously at me.

「Eh? I’ve got it under control.」

As I tensely answered Kiuchi with “Got a problem with that?”, I quietly withdrew my hand from my pocket.

… Crap. I can’t look at my phone while I make it.

If Kiuchi finds out, knowing her, she will surely feel uneasy and get out of bed.

… Imagine it!!!

John Lennon said imagination was important.


—- In my head, I sang ‘Imagine’ over and over again. After much trial and error, it was finally ready.  

Appearance-wise, it looked like porridge. This might have worked out… !!!

「Kiuchi-san, it’s ready!」

I transferred the porridge I made from the pot to a bowl, and as I brought it to the table along with a soup spoon, Kiuchi quietly got out of bed.

She sat in front of the table, fixing her eyes on the porridge.

「… Itadakimasu!」

Kiuchi took a spoon of porridge and swallowed it.

「… Yeah. I-It’s delicious.」

Kiuchi gritted the words out of her mouth.

… That’s definitely a lie. That’s a stiff smile you have there, Kiuchi!

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