Waiting Upon You – Chapter 6 Act 16

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Act 16, Exposure…


The moment Ling Lang kissed him, he suddenly realized that this was his first kiss on screen.


It was probably thanks to Mr. Mo that in the past ten years of his career, the amount of romance films he has had to star in were quite limited. All of the  few kissing shots he did were taken at an angle to simulate the action, so now he does not even know if he should put his all into this kiss, just pretend to, or should he stick his tongue out  like what Feng Hao was doing?


Feng Hao’s kiss was just like the character he was acting as – with his hot, passionate lips  overbearingly and powerfully – he kissed Ling Lang so fiercely that he was almost getting short of breath. Very quickly, Ling Lang was led into his role by Feng Hao. He returned his kiss reluctantly, and soon, the two were getting lost in their passion, tumbling around as they held each other, leaving traces of their love everywhere on the white sandy beaches.


Once again, Feng Hao took the initiative and pushed Ling Lang beneath him. He did not know if the crew had designed their clothes with such thin materials on purpose, but Feng Hao was able to rip apart the man’s clothes very easily.


“Stop!” Ling Lang pushed him away, “These are the only clothes I have, what am I going to wear if you rip them apart?”


Feng Hao slapped his forehead in embarrassment, “Sorry, it was my bad, let’s have a do-over.”


The crew brought a new set of clothes over immediately, and while nobody was looking, the assistant secretly packed up the costume to keep for herself.


“What are you trying to do with that?” The manager noticed his assistant’s sneaky little movements.


“A commemorative prop like this will definitely be worth a lot in the online market.”


The manager’s mouth twitched, “Then do you want Ling Lang to sign his name on it as well?”


“Oh yeah!” The assistant clapped her hands together, “And Feng Hao’s name as well!”


She patted the manager happily, “Thanks for reminding me!”


“Okay, then… let’s start from the beginning of the kiss,” The director issued the order as he watched the playback.


Ling Lang could not understand, “Why can’t we start from the end of the kiss?”


“The scene won’t flow smoothly, it doesn’t look good!”


“We can edit it later……”


“Ai am the director here,” The director interrupted him firmly, “This is mai art!”


The two started to tumble around together again, but this time, Feng Hao did not do anything violent like before. Instead he gently helped Ling Lang remove his clothes.


“No no no! Cut cut cut!” The director crossed his arms into an X. “This is not passionate enough, not in line with the mood of making love on the brink of death!”


“I would never think of doing this if I’m on the brink of death,” said Ling Lang coldly.


The director turned to Feng Hao.


“Well, I would be very interested to give it a try,” said Feng Hao with a smile.


“Lookit how enlightened he is!” The director turned back to educate Ling Lang, “This is the self-cultivation of an elite actor!”


Ling Lang’s face looked terrible, but Feng Hao could only shrug helplessly, “So how should we go about this?”


“You lie down, I’ll do it.”


Then, they started another passionate and longing kiss. When the kiss ended, they were both gasping heavily.


Ling Lang sat up from Feng Hao’s body, took off his top, and threw it to the side before coming back down to lock his lips with his partner again. The two men were burning desperately with their final throes of passion, as if they could not wait for even a second.




“What now!” Ling Lang straightened himself and shot out in anger.


The cameraman was so scared that his reply was incoherent, “There, there there’s, a, a cr, crab, it, it entered, the, the shot.”


A sound of suppressed laughter burst out from Feng Hao, while the cameraman shivered in fear from being stared at by Ling Lang’s zero degree glare.


The two repeated this scene many times, but they would always end up with an NG for very strange reasons. The most bizarre of them was when the assistant director shouted —— Some bird has taken a dump on my head! Therefore they had to keep redoing the scene.


When they were called to stop again, Ling Lang was almost ready for murder.


The director looked at the sky, “Let’s end here today, we continue tomorrow.”


Ling Lang was confused, “But it’s just noon.”


“Yes, but the position of the sun has changed, when yoo were standing, the shadow was on the east side, but now the shadow is on the west side after you lay down? It doesn’t make sense.”


“How would the audience notice this much?”


“Wee have to be strict when we are making a movie.”


“If we’re strict, then we shouldn’t even be filming this scene.”


“In our strictness, wee also have to be sublime.”


“If it’s sublime then just ignore where the sun is!”


“Shh——” The director put a finger on his lips and closed his eyes. He spread his arms out and took a deep breath as if he was absorbing the vitality of the sun and the moon.


After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes, “This is mai art.”


With a dark face, Ling Lang sat at the side. Someone had quietly approached him from behind and landed a quick peck on his cheek.


Ling Lang was shocked. He swept his eyes around nervously. After confirming that everyone was too busy to notice them, Ling Lang whispered to him, “Have you gone mad? We’ll be seen.”


Feng Hao knelt down beside him, “Senior, are you nervous about the fact that we might be seen, or because I secretly kissed you?”


These words caused Ling Lang’s expression to be strained for a moment. If it was not for Feng Hao’s reminder, Ling Lang would not even have realized his actual thoughts.


Feng Hao chuckled, “It feels like we’re having an affair.”


Ling Lang kept quiet. Feng Hao secretly held his hand in an inconspicuous angle, but Ling Lang struggled. After he broke free, Feng Hao did it again, and this time, even after pulling his hand back a few times, he could not break free, so he just settled down and allowed him to grab onto his hand.


“Senior, your mood is very unstable today, did something happen?”


Ling Lang avoided his gaze and looked towards the ocean instead.


“A lot of actors will get into their roles, it’s normal, so there are many couples on screen who would end up together.” Feng Hao almost seemed like an expert in this topic, “But this kind of love may not last long, because they were just confusing themselves with the characters in the story.”


Feng Hao held his hand tight, “I know that senior has always been a person who invests a lot in his role, but I believe that you would definitely never be sloppy in terms of relationships. It’s a good excuse to say you’re only getting too much into a role, but do you want to continue deceiving yourself like that?”


Ling Lang closed his eyes. It always seemed to him that Feng Hao could see right through him. It was like he had understood him for many years. Not even the deepest secrets hidden within the depths of his heart could escape his eyes.


He admitted that this scene in this movie gave him a different feeling. He had also tried to justify himself by saying that he was just getting into his role. He made himself believe that what he felt was only the feelings of the character, and not that he himself had thoughts about Feng Hao.


But in the blink of an eye, Feng Hao was able to destroy that illusion. He laid out on this beach  all the raw feelings he did not dare face – his true feelings, along with his special tendencies -, leaving it all exposed under the blazing midday sun.


A crab scuttled past. The two, who were so focused on each other did not realize anything strange. The paparazzi that was observing them from several hundred metres away with a telescope pressed down on the controller, and the pinhole camera on the crab began to work.


Researchers and animal photographers commonly install cameras on animals  but this was the first time a paparazzi used this method to spy on someone. Filming them like this was sort of like gambling, and clearly, the paparazzi was very lucky.


The phone on the editor’s desk rang that afternoon. It was an overseas call from that paparazzi.


“Leave tomorrow’s headlines to me,” he said with his phone pinched between his shoulders as he looked through the fruits of his labour today. The curve on his mouth clearly showed how good of a mood he was in at this moment.


The editor’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Did you catch a big one?”


“Fresh, fat, and a beauty at that,” the paparazzi laughed. “I might have to trouble my colleagues for some overtime today.”


They doubled the volume of newspapers printed, but all of them were snatched clean the next morning. The news spread like wildfire as soon as it was dropped, and reached the island very quickly. The newspaper were sent to them by fax, and as soon as he saw the headlines on the fax machine, the manager almost died of a heart attack.


He did not even bother to knock on Ling Lang’s door. He went directly up to room 1606 and when Feng Hao opened the door, Ling Lang had just come out of the bathroom. The manager was practically blinded by the sight of the two staying together.


“You……you……you……you two are out of your minds!” The manager slammed the newspaper he had taken from the fax today on Feng Hao’s chest. “Take a look yourself! I said the two of you were playing with fire, and here it is!”


Feng Hao looked down and saw the headlines printed on the front page——King of the Silver Screen Ling Lang’s shocking love life exposed! The picture below it was captured at the moment when Feng Hao had secretly kissed him. It looked like they were practically posing for the camera.


Feng Hao motioned at the image in surprise, “This angle……”


Ling Lang also went over to look, “It can only be taken from the ground.”


“Buried in the sand? That’s unrealistic.”


The manager couldn’t take it anymore, “Can the two of you not discuss the technicalities of this right now? I’ve already warned you to be careful! For over ten years, Ling Lang has never……”


Feng Hao turned to Ling Lang, “What do you think, senior?”


The manager fumed, “Can you let me finish for once!”


Ling Lang lowered his eyes and thought silently for a moment, but the agent coughed in exaggeration to catch their attention.


“Seems like it’s too late,” Feng Hao out on a helpless look.


“Hey! I’m still here!”


“I think we might as well take this opportunity to make our relationship official now,” said Feng Hao earnestly.


“Don’t ignore my existence!!”


The manager’s phone rang. In a huff of anger, he picked it up.


“The media is just talking nonsense.”


“I deny that such a thing happened!”


“What? Coming over?”


He glared at Ling Lang with a look that signaled ‘just you wait’, “Alright alright, I got it.”


“The company is sending some people over and they’ll be here by tomorrow.” He put his phone back into his pocket and continued, “The two of you have the entire day to discuss about how you’re going to deal with this mess!”


At this moment, Ling Lang is an artist signed under Ye Entertainment’s flag. The company’s top brass attached great importance to this matter, so they sent a manager over to ask them personally about what happened.


The manager and his secretary, Feng Hao and Ling Lang, as well as their two agents – the six sat down to discuss their next strategic move.


The manager had an original copy of the newspaper right in front of him. “The photo they took this time is too clear, and there’s too many out there. With such conclusive evidence, I’m afraid this may be hard to overthrow.”


“How is it hard?” Ling Lang’s manager was the most agitated, “You can just say that the angle of the shot is ambiguous. As for the ones about the clothes labels, you can just pass them off as a mistake from the hotel. This one, this one,” With his fingers, he poked at the picture with the kiss over and over, “You can just say that they’re whispering to each other here!”


“Not possible.” The secretary showed him the next photo from the same scene, “They’re holding hands here, and they even enlarged the image in the red circle. There’s no need to hold someone’s hand if you’re just whispering to them, right?”


The manager turned his head immediately to glare at Feng Hao, but Feng Hao could only shrug innocently.


“Society is more open these days, so even artists who boldly admit to their own sexual orientations may not be discriminated against. In fact, they may even attract more fans from groups like gay comrades and young girls,” the secretary suggested.


“No!” The manager refused, “It may be nothing for Feng Hao since he doesn’t have many fans to begin with, and they’re mostly young girls as well, no harm at all will come to him if we go with that…”


“But what about Ling Lang? Ling Lang has so many fans he had accumulated over the years, and they’re all people from the older generation. Some of them are still very conservative, and his image in the circle had always been a typical example of good integrity. If he suddenly comes out of the closet, those fans will definitely turn against him!”


“Ling Lang will definitely lose some fans, but at the same time, he will also get plenty of new ones. He may even gain more than he will lose.” The secretary refuted.


“But the older fans care more about his acting skills. New fans will only care about gossip; you can’t call these real fans at all!” The manager was waving enthusiastically, “They don’t have any loyalty at all! If the two of them ever break up, those fans will step on them worse than anyone else!”


The secretary looked at the manager, and the manager cleared his throat. “Your analysis is reasonable, but at this moment, the company is also in deep waters. Our internal opinion is for the two to stay silent for now. This piece of news is a double-edged sword, but right now, this is a good publicity gimmick for this movie.”


There was nothing the manager could say. He jabbed at Feng Hao’s agent in an attempt to get him to say something, but Feng Hao’s agent was just for display. He would normally listen to anything Feng Hao says, so it was impossible for him to meddle in this right now.


“I, I have no comment, let’s just go with what Feng Hao thinks is right,” with a stutter, he threw the pot over to Feng Hao.


Feng Hao, who was silent this whole time, finally spoke. As soon as he did, he directed his words to Ling Lang’s manager, “I understand your concerns, and frankly speaking, what you’re worried about has always been the reason why I have been hesitant in the first place. I just don’t agree with your assumption that we’re going to break up, because that will never happen.”


He turned his eyes towards Ling Lang, “The reason I’ve never opened up about this is all because I care about what senior thinks.”


“As long as he doesn’t agree to this, I will deny it even if everyone insists that I’m lying.”


“But with one word from him, I would hold a press conference right this minute to open my heart up to the world.”


As soon as Feng Hao spoke, the crowd quieted down. Everyone was looking at Ling Lang and waited patiently for his opinion.


After a period of silence, Ling Lang calmly opened his mouth, “I have no opinions on this matter.”

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