Waiting Upon You – Chapter 7 Act 17

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Act 17, Faith…


After hearing Ling Lang’s decision, everyone had a different look on their faces: Feng Hao was delighted, the manager accepted it, the secretary’s eyes were bright, Feng Hao’s agent was surprised, while Ling Lang’s agent was in disbelief.


“Okay then, we’ll go with that,” Before the agent could even say anything, the manager had already made his decision, “We will settle with that on this matter between the two of them.”


“Externally, we will not admit, clarify, respond, or publicize. If the media asks, we’ll just throw them a curveball, and when needed, we’ll give the paparazzi a little treat now and then. After the movie is released, you’ll have to keep up with the ambiguous air between the two of you to keep the audience hanging.”


“Do not show excessive intimate contact between the two of you on the surface, but you somehow have to create the illusion that the two of you are intimate in public……Though I do not know if that would actually be an act or not.”


“When you are interviewed, you can pretend to reveal a little about the other party’s private affairs, and of course, it has to be something good. You can try to play cover up while the two of you are travelling together, and on platforms frequented by the younger group such as Weibo, you can entice them with a little intimacy when appropriate.”


The manager’s series of careful planning made Ling Lang suspect that the company had already made preparations early on. They had not intended to take his opinions into consideration at all.


“I don’t have a Weibo account,” he responded.


“You do. Your fans are already in the tens of millions, though two-thirds of them are just silent followers,” The agent responded with displeasure, “Your stupid assistant has been imitating your way of speech and dealing with that.”


“Did that account follow anyone?” The manager asked.


“Not a single person,” The secretary responded for him, “It does look like something Ling Lang would do. I follow that account as well, she is really quite good at imitating him.”


“That’s good, tell her to follow Feng Hao’s account later when she’s back.”


Feng Hao smiled cheerfully, “Senior, I’m about to be the only one you follow.”


Ling Lang’s face was expressionless, “Congratulations on gaining another silent follower.”


The manager, still worried, once again turned to Ling Lang, “The company is not in the position to meddle in an actor’s private life. You’ve been outside of our system prior to this, and have always been very independent, so you’re already used to doing as you please. But this incident affects your acting career, so it is of great importance. I hope that you can treat it with importance and avoid acting rashly. Please discuss with the company first before making any decisions.”


Then, he turned again to Feng Hao, “Even though you are not an artiste signed under the Ye Group, you are still tied to Ling Lang in this matter, so I hope that you can obey the company’s arrangements.”


The manager put his hands on the table, pulling himself forward, and put the last strike on the nail, “And finally, the last crucial point that I want to emphasise about this public relations incident – and something you two must absolutely avoid doing –  you two must: never, reveal, your, relationship! And before you can find a suitable reason to do so, you must also: never, break, up!”


Stripping, kissing, touching, hugging, all in one go.


The two bit and threw their fists at each other, as if they could not wait to stuff the other party into their own stomachs.


Every expression on their faces were filled with emotions, and passion spilled out of every move.


Instead of calling this scene a hot and passionate scene of lovemaking, it was almost more accurate to say that this was a scene of a naked battle.


The director gave a hefty slap on his thigh. This was the feeling he was looking for, this is the art ai wan to pursue!


All the crew members watching the scene were moved by them. They could not find anything vulgar or dirty from their act at all; every kiss was awe-inspiringly sacred.


This was the burning passion that raged at the cliffs of one’s life, their true emotions that could only be released just before their deaths. It was the endless despair that came after hope, but the lights of hope were still shining through in their deep depression.


There was never a scene that could move them so much, nor has there ever been a pair of actors whose skill could bring out genuine admiration straight from the depths of their hearts. When the director yelled ‘pass’, everyone could no longer help themselves, all clapping their hands and cheering ‘bravo’.


“Senior, your acting is simply sublime, even I have been completely brought into my role by you,” said Feng Hao with emotion, “There’s really nothing more I could ever want than to roll around in the sheets with you right now.”


“Can you not add a joke right after a serious sentence?” Ling Lang had always felt that his personality switches too quickly.There was practically no gaps between the them.


Feng Hao laughed, “Then, can I add a serious sentence immediately after a joke?”


He leaned close, “Senior, your face looks so enticing during sex, I really wished that I could do you right then and there,” Then, he put a normal amount of distance between them again, “Should we live together when we go back?”


Ling Lang was stunned, “Was that last part serious?”


“I’m serious.”


Ling Lang observed him for a moment, “I’ll think about it seriously.”


Feng Hao followed behind Ling Lang in a wonderful mood, “There are many perks to living with me, I’m a great cook.”


“I can cook for myself.”


“I can also do all the housework.”


“I am also an avid fan of cleaning.”


“You don’t have to do any work around the house.”


“I do not wish to become a leech.”


“I’m not asking you to be a leech, I would like for you to be my pet.”


Ling Lang stopped in his tracks.


“I’m serious.” Feng Hao continued, “That was a serious sentence.”


“Can I trust you?”


Through the lens, Ling Lang’s face was pale, and his eyes hazy. His entire person seemed as if he was staggering at the edge of death.


“Of course,” Feng Hao lay by his side, his own condition no different from his, but he was still holding on, “as long as I still have one breath of life within me, I will definitely make sure I get you back alive.”


He grasped his hand firmly, “I will definitely do it this time.”


“Heh,” Ling Lang let out a chuff, and closed his eyes, “Do you regret it?”


Feng Hao shook his head slowly, “Never in my life have I known the meaning of regret.”


“Feng Lang Feng Lang! The waves of love are stirred up by the winds!”


As soon as the group of people got off the plane, they were surrounded by layers upon layers of fans at the airport. Each of them held the same sign in their hands, and some of them were even holding up pictures of Ling Lang and Feng Hao together, including the one printed on the headlines of the newspapers.


“Who thought up such a terrible slogan? Waves of love being stirred up by the wind?” In a bad mood, the agent wanted to complain, “More like some wind is blowing up a wave by himself.”


Feng Hao had already been smiling at his fans from the start, but after hearing what he said, his smile curved up even deeper; even his eyes were curved into crescents.


Ling Lang stood at the very end of the line, and as usual, his face was devoid of any expression. His eyes never moved, as if the people around him did not exist at all.


Seeing that the two of them were coming over, one in front and the other at the back, the fans started screaming madly. Just their voices alone could almost break through the roof of the airport.


“You have to admit, there are way more fans here to pick us up than ever before,” The manager reminded the agent.


“So what?” The agent was unhappy, “They’re just here because of Ling Lang’s rumours, and it’s not like Ling Lang needs to use any publicity stunts. That’s not the type of Ling Lang I wanted to groom to begin with.”


“Hm? So is raising a star is sort of like a game to you now?” The assistant asked in surprise.


“What do you know?” The agent snorted, “Wait, what are you handing out?”


“The address for my online store,” The assistant handed another card out to a fan with a smile, “You’re welcome to take a look, we’re currently selling Ling Lang’s costume that was ripped by Feng Hao, there are even signatures of the two on them.”


The fans were chasing both Feng Hao and Ling Lang fanatically, and would not rest even when they were getting into their car. They still tried to capture more pictures of the interaction between the two.


It was clear that the company attached great importance to this matter. The car they usually arranged for Ling Lang had been changed into a limousine just so they could pack Feng Hao in as well, trying to imply to the fans that the two were so close that they were already sharing the same ride.


The agent stretched his neck over from the passenger seat, “Ling Lang, pack up when you’re back, I’ll find you a hotel for now.”


Ling Land was confused, “Why am I living at a hotel?”


“Uh……” The agent took a careful look towards Feng Hao uneasily.


Ling Lang had also turned to look at the man beside him, “It’s fine, just say it.”


The agent was careful in selecting his words, “Your……the contract for your rented apartment has expired, and the landlord wants you to……move out first. I’ll have to bother you to live in a hotel for a few days, but I’ll find you a new place tomorrow.”


The agent’s words were so fake that they sounded like one of the tales from Arabian Nights. How could someone like Ling Lang fall so low as to get driven out by his landlord? Despite  hearing this however, Feng Hao still kept a straight face without bringing up any doubts.


Ling Lang frowned. The residence was provided to him by Mr. Mo, and he had earned a considerable amount of money these past few years. However, he did not own any houses under his name, nor has he ever thought that this house would be taken back some day.


“I understand, I’ll pack up when I’m home,” He responded calmly.


“It’s not too convenient to live in a hotel, nor is it very comfortable. It’s also highly likely that you’ll be stalked by the paparazzi,” Feng Hao butted in, “Why don’t you live at my place for now? I have a pretty big house anyway, and it’s safe there.”


As soon as he was done, the agent had started to stare daggers at him in an instant. So what if your house is big? Won’t the two of you still be sharing a room? So what if it’s safe? Nothing’s more dangerous in this world than you!


He tried to manipulate Ling Lang’s mind with his thoughts: Quick! Refuse him refuse him refuse him refuse him!


Ling Lang lowered his eyes. He did not say that he agreed to it, nor did he refuse him. But as someone so familiar to him, his agent knew that this was his silent consent.


WTF! The agent turned his head over vehemently, but be it God’s will or the devil’s will, he turned just in time to see Feng Hao secretly stealing a kiss from Ling Lang.


He could finally take it no more, “Can the two of you tone it down a bit!”


Feng Hao is now the third person other than his agent to enter Ling Lang’s home, but he was a sensible person and chose to stay in the living room, staying out of Ling Lang’s bedroom.


Ling Lang went into his room silently to pack up. He lived here for ten years, but the things he needed to take a way could not even fill a single suitcase.


Other stars have countless endorsements and gifts from different brands that were so plenty that they would never be able to wear all of them – but Ling Lang would only wear the same few sets of clothes he had. From this point of view, he really does not seem like some prince of the silver screen. He did not even seem like an actor.


He took care of his things and looked around for a while, finally taking out the safe at the headboard of his bed, placing it in the same suitcase.


After he was done with everything, he went into the next room. The sunflower on top of the shelf had already withered, and the LCD screen on the wall was still dark.


Ling Lang knelt down at the spot he was most familiar with.


“Mr. Mo, this will probably be the last time I come to see you.”


“Thank you for taking care of me all these years, the only regret I have is being unable to thank you.”


He was silent for a moment.


“You told me not to fall in love with anyone for a decade, I’ve done it.”


“You tell me now that I can, but I don’t even know what it feels like to love anymore.”


He lowered his head, “Even if that was the case, I would still like to try it, I……”


“I didn’t know you had the habit of praying in front of a TV,” A voice cut in.


Ling Lang stood up in shock, and turned back. He fumed, “Who let you in?”


Feng Hao did not respond. Instead, he walked quietly behind him and raised his head to look at the screen in the distance.


Ling Lang had also turned his head over to stare at the same place.


A force appeared on his shoulder, and Ling Lang kneeled down without any resistance.


Feng Hao leaned down to hold him, but his eyes had never left that spot.


“Have you always been looking at that person from here?” His voice sounded out again in Ling Lang’s ear, almost like an incantation.


“I’m curious, who is that person?”


Ling Lang’s face presented an expression of devoutness and peace.


“No matter who he is, he seems to have abandoned you.”


Feng Hao’s hand slipped into Ling Lang’s collar, and finally stopped at his chest.


“With your faith now gone, you must feel very empty here, don’t you?”


Ling Lang closed his eyes.


Feng Hao tightened his embrace, “Can I be the one to fill it?”

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