Animate Omake V1: Ideal Type

Translator: Januva

Editor: Gold Swallow

First Published on Ainushi


「Sa-ku-ra! Morning ♪ Hey, what are you reading?」

「Momo, morning ♪ I found this in my shoe locker when I came to school.」

「Nn, a letter…? Ah! A love letter! Eh how are you going to reply?」

「As you’d expect… since it’s someone I haven’t really talked to, I can’t just go out with him all of a sudden, right?」

「Ehehe, that’s right. Besides, you need to consider your ideal type when dating someone, right♪?」



Ideal type, huh… Now that I think about it, even though I’ve always received a lot of confessions, I have never once thought about what kind of guy I would like to date… (Asakura)


「By the way, what’s your ideal type?」

「Eh? My ideal type…?」


Honestly, nothing immediately comes to mind when I think about my ideal type… (Asakura)


「Let’s see…」

「Eh? Is it something you need to think so hard about?」

「…After all, I have never considered who I’d like to date? That’s why no particular image comes to mind when you suddenly ask me that.」

「Ah~ You don’t have a particular type you’d fall for. Okay, I see… why not try listing what you look for in a guy instead? Won’t you be able to form your ideal type at the end?」

「…That makes sense. Then I’ll try naming one. First


My ideal… first, the guy who dates me will have to be smarter than average! I mean, I am good at both sports and academics in middle school and I don’t intend to let up in high school. That’s why he would have to be able to aim high with me, to be together with someone like me… (Asakura)


「I’d prefer someone smart as expected. Besides being an intellectual… Of course he needs to look cool as well, right? Other than these… if possible, a popular guy who cares for his friends would be good! A-And… someone who’s also earnest?」


It’s an ideal after all, the standards must be high, right…? Not that it is my place to say this, but… isn’t a guy like this pretty much like a protagonist of Narou web novels? They will only exist in the female-oriented novels… (Asakura)


「Am I being too greedy?」

「You’re not! Not at all! But, it’s really just like you to be so thorough even when it comes to your ideal types ♪」

「You think so…?」

「Yep! It is. You properly reply to everyone who has given you a love letter after all, don’t you?」

「Bu-but… they muster their courage to confess, so it’d be rude if I didn’t give a proper reply, right?」

「Being able to do it with this much dedication is proof of your serious attitude towards everything you do.」

「I-is it? But, I don’t actually place all that much importance on the criteria I listed earlier.」

「Eh? Is that so? Then, how about just one!? What would be the one thing your ideal type must have?」

「Heh? Just one…?」


…But if I were to just choose one thing— (Asakura)


「If I had to choose one, then…」


「Someone who likes b-books…?」

If there’s someone I can reveal my love of light novels for there’s no way I can say that, right!? B-but… if I have a crush someday, I want him to be someone I can confess my love of light novels to… But well, for me to have a crush on someone is unimaginable! (Asakura)

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