Chapter 60:「Shall We Dance?」

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「H-Hey Andou-kun… do you seriously, seeeriously not see the g-ghost?」

「Yeah, I really don’t see anything there at all.」 ← Lies


「Woo——-」*hops hops hops*

「Even as it’s following closely behind ussssssssssssss!?」

「That, well… I’ve said it already, haven’t I?」


Though, for Momoi-san to just let us pass and follow us from behind… (Andou)


「Woo——–」*hops hops hops*


Judging by the way it moves, that’s not a ghost but a jiangshi! (Andou)


「Uuuu, the ghost… the ghost is following us from behind…」*trembles lightly*



Has Asakura-san noticed it too? No matter how you look at it, it looks like a Japanese styled ghost, but Japanese ghosts don’t hop about little by little. (Andou)




「I, I’m feeling a lot better now… But you know, me holding your arm tightly, that is… T-That’s not because I’m afraid of ghosts, alright?」

「Heh~ Oui?」

「Ah! Saying it like that, y-you don’t believe me, do you!? D-Don’t get the wrong impression! T-The reason I’m clinging on tightly to you is not that I’m scared… Y-Yeah! It’s because you can’t see the ghost so you won’t understand it, but that ghost is after you! As I’ll be lonely if the ghost spirits you away, that’s why I’m holding on tightly to you so you won’t be taken by it!」

「Wait, what? The ghost is after me!?」

「That’s right! T-That’s why you can’t let go of me, okay?」*trembles lightly*


Asakura-san. Even though I seem unreliable, she must be terrified of ghosts if she’s shaking this badly.  

 Mmm. I do feel sorry for her and would do anything in my power to ease her fears… but I don’t want to be killed by a gremlin. Asakura-san, if I were to let out that the ghost is a fraud and that I had been pretending not to see it all along… (Andou)


「Asakura-san. Um, could you let go of my arm for a bit?」

「Eh… Ah, Andou-kun!」


No way… He suddenly held my hand. (Asakura)


「Isn’t it difficult to walk if you’re holding onto my arm the whole way through? So, let’s hold hands. Since I can’t see the ghost, I won’t be taken by them so clasp onto my hand.」



Andou-kun’s hand is warm… (Asakura)


Seriously, if Asakura-san kept hugging me… She has a pleasant scent. Every time she gets scared, she clings onto me tightly and I can feel something soft touching me… Or not…? This subtle teasing is toying with me, and I’m doing everything I can within reason to withstand it. So I hope that by holding hands, it will help calm Asakura-san. (Andou)


「Ehehehe… Somehow, us walking together and holding hands reminds me of our date.」

「—!!! A-Asakura-san!」

「Hyaaa! A-Andou-kun!?」


W-W-W-What!? Andou-kun hugged me all of a sudden… If, If this goes on… I-I.. I’ll have to brace for itttttttttttttttttttttttttt!???? (Asakura)


Darn it… The smile on Asakura-san’s face earlier threw me off-guard… Class Rep and Momoi-san are also watching us. Should they find out I laid a hand on Asakura-san, then my school life will be― (Andou)



「Hah! Sorry, Asakura-san! I’ll get―」

「Please be… gentle with me, ‘kay?」

「……………………」 *crack* ← The sound of something snapping in the heart


Go to Hell, school life! (Andou)



「Yesh, yesh!」



…………Hnn? (Asakura & Andou)



「IIII―NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAA-Andou-kun! I don’t know when but the ghost is on your right and glaring at youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!」




Woah! That surprised me… Momoi-san, what in the blazes are you doing? (Andou)


That. Is. What. I. Want. To. Know. You know~ It’s a good mood and what not going out here. Did you think that as a ghost I wouldn’t attempt to thwart it? After all, someone is doing their utmost best to act as a ghost here yet there are people flirting before their very eyes, wouldn’t they want to just wreak havoc? (Momoi)


I understand how you feel… Even I felt that was definitely dangerous. However, was this not the point of the test of courage in the first place? (Andou)


Tehehe~ Oh right~ How clumsy of me to forget! Pero~☆ (Momoi)


Ghosts don’t say『pero☆』… (Andou)


For now, do something to mislead Asakura-san. (Andou)


On it~ (Momoi)


* The conversation that took place as they read each other’s expressions.




「Asakura-san, are you alright? Did a ghost came out of nowhere again?」

「It’s not that it appeared again, it has always been there! Even now, it’s standing beside you!」

「Eh, beside me?」


「It’s there, it’s there! It’s mimicking you in sync when you said『Eh?』earlier. 」

「Where? Where?」

「Woo–? Woo–?」

「AAHHH! It reacted at the same time as you said『Where? Where?』! NOOOOOOOO!」

「Oh, it really is there!」

「Woo– Woo———」

「        」 ← Ghost no. 2

「Eh, you say that but where are you looking a-… -t, GYAHHHHHHHHHH! There’s another ghost in the thicket over thereeeeeeeeeeeee!」


There’s someone else dressed like Momoi-san. Though it’s hard to make out the size of her breast from this distance but… if I take the size into account, the other person has to be Class Rep ‘cause they’re wearing glasses. (Andou)


「Hop♪ Step♪」

「Woo—♪ Woo—♪」

「UHYAAAAA! Both of you are doing『Hop♪ Step♪』at the same time!」

「Voulez-vous danser?」

「Woo— Un?」

「HNYAHHHHH! Both of you are dancinggggggggggggg!」


It was several minutes after that Asakura-san got over her fears and realized the true identity of the ghost that had became my dance partner. Till then, both Momoi-san and I continued our pas de deux. (Andou)


Translation Note:


  1. Jiangshi – Chinese version of vampires or reanimated corpse that moves by hopping.
  2. Voulez-vous danser? – Shall we dance in French.

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