Ossan Idol: Chapter 25

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Isalee

25 : Miroku Off Work and the Approaching Debut

The radio broadcast spread on the internet, and the appearance of the three talking spread in real time too.
There was also Miroku’s unique fame, as he originally became a topic of conversation after the video, and it seemed that the number of listeners of the programme had increased.
The response for Miroku’s song lyrics from the second radio broadcast was enormous from all around, and Yoichi received a call from an excited Onee. The result of that conversation was that they’d gear up for their song debut at full-scale.

(How are we supposed to gear up for that……Well, surely Onee will create something. He’s a songwriter.)

On his rare day off, Miroku was walking along the shopping street in front of the station. He suddenly remembered about having wanted to buy glasses.
On weekdays, few people passed through the shopping street. Miroku was wearing a cap, and without talking much, he entered the spectacles shop. He bought an acceptable pair of glasses with a black frame.
Ignoring the fact that the female shop assistant was silent the whole time, the male manager politely adjusted his glasses for him. It seemed to be a good shop.

In his favourite bookstore, the magazine in which he had modelled as a part of 344(MiYoShi) was on the newsstands. When he picked it up, he remembered Shiju being utterly exhausted, and he ended up laughing.
The store clerk who noticed him dashed to the storeroom and brought out coloured paper and a pen. Miroku realized that his disguise with his cap and glasses had failed utterly.. Hearing him say “I heard you on Radio!”, Miroku thanked him and left the store.
When he turned towards the sports gym he always visited when he had time, he saw familiar brown hair bobbing lightly by the entrance.



Turning around, Fumi’s face immediately reflected a smile and she ran up to him, tottering. Cute.

“What happened? Aren’t you gonna go inside?”

“I’m not a member, I just sent off Uncle. Shiju-san came too.”

“Eh? Is that so? It looked as if you were searching for someone by the entrance……”

“Heh!? No I wasn’t s-searching, but……Ahh! Did Miroku-san buy glasses?”

“Yeah. I wanted to buy silver-rimmed ones, but it suits Yoichi-san more, and flashy colours suit Shiju-san more.”

“Miroku-san looks young, so I think something simple is more than enough!”

“Eh? You think so? But……”

Miroku’s eyes met Fumi’s, and he laughed gently.

“Yeah, because Fumi-chan is young and cute, so something youthful suits Fumi-chan.”

Fumi, who saw him off in a daze after he said this, was at a loss as to whether or not she should scream :”Glasses are no good either!”……
“Oh, you came, Miroku.”

“Well done, Miroku-kun.”

“Good job. Are you going to do some training?”

“Training’s for later. I was waiting, thinking Miroku would come.”

“Fumi dropped us off, but it’s a pity you didn’t see her.”

Miroku was happy to hear him say they were waiting for him, but he cocked his head in doubt, letting out an ‘Oya?’

“Speaking of Fumi-chan, I bumped into her at the entrance to the gym. She seemed to be searching for someone though.”


“What’s with those eyes, you two?”

“N-Nothing. Love sure is bitter.”

“Well, we came quite a while ago though……More importantly, I’m sorry to make you do this on your day off, but the music for our debut song is ready, so we have to put together at least a dance for the music.”

“Eh!? That’s fast!!”

“There are some small changes here and there, but it’s more or less the same so it’s mostly done.”

“We’re gonna make a dance version and an instrumental version. It seems that Onee Kamo-san got some inspiration from Miroku’s piano performance……It seems like our costumes are ready too.”

“S-Somehow I have a bad premonition……”

“Give up your Prince act. There’s a problem with your ordinary reactions.”

“Ehh!? I’m only following the Ōsaki family motto……”

“What kind of motto is that!?”

Shiju looked at Miroku, astonished. Yoichi gave a wry smile and played the song from his tablet.
When it was played solely on the keyboard, it was difficult to grasp the image of the song.

“Our debut is in a month. Till then, let’s meet up as much as we can.”


Yoichi and Shiju calmed the nervous Miroku by patting his back. The two older ones were quite indulgent toward Miroku.

(We’re really……gonna do it……The debut……)

Although Miroku was nervous, he knew that he had to prepare for lots of things, and he pumped his fists.

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