Ossan Extra: Radio MiYoShi 2

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Isalee

First published on Ainushi

Radio 『MiYoShi』〜Last Time’s Review Meeting〜

“Good evening everyone! It’s me, Miroku, who has the least physical strength, and the youngest in the group!”

“Welcome, I’m Yoichi, who is angry for not building enough muscles…”

“And I’m Shiju, I recently gave up smoking and am horny now.”

“The three of us together…”

“””Are 344(MiYoShi) !!”””

“Shiju-san, What do you mean by horny? Please stop it, it’s scary.”

“There are times where Miroku-kun acts like an admirable man too, huh?”

“It’s because the Producer said that smoking is bad for both dancing and singing. Isn’t saying I’m horny cuter than saying that I’m irritated?”

“With regards to what it’ll lead to, you’ll receive a ‘Karate Punch(1)’ from me.”

“You’re a man of your words, aren’t you, Miroku-kun?”

“Well, Well then, This time’s a review meeting of the last time’s ‘Let’s Create a Song’! Miroku, I think it’s bad to place my hopes on you, but I bow my head to the damage reports from the listeners. I’m sorry!!”

“Eh!? What’s this about!?”

“I cried tears of sugar, my ears and nose leaked honey, and in the end, the ants gathered for all the sugar. Anyhow, it’s a huge problem.”

“Just how the heck!?”

“I too received lots of advice to not only have pickles, but to also have black coffee and super spicy ramen. Thank you. Is the online broadcast camera here? Thank you, really.”

“Ugh, For Yoichi-san to give his rarely-shown Shinies smile too……Just what are you saying about what I did……?”

“Well then, now that we’ve pulled ourselves together, this time’s『MiYoShi』is a list time review meeting. I seem to be the only one doing shame play(2), so let’s present to you Yoichi-san’s lyrics that we weren’t able to broadcast last time!”

“That Showa-esque one?”

“Somehow……If I knew it was going to end up like this, I wish we would’ve just finished it last time……”

“Then, I’ll read it now.

The You in the School Uniform seem a bit dazzling, I can’t keep the distance we always have,
Your angry face dazzles too as you say the words to me who is leaving,
Of course, I kept a distance,

When I simply realised it, I didn’t feel like chasing after
that tumbling down feeling and looked at you from afar,
Of course, you got angry at me.

You said, ‘Chase,’
I said, ‘I can’t,’
Because you’re too dazzling,
So much so that I’ll disappear.

I wished you’d always be by my side,
I hoped because I left you,
As expected, you’re angry,
And in the end, it’d be great if you could smile.




“Wai-, why’re you silent? More importantly, why’re your faces red!?”

“No, I was just thinking, Yoichi-san can be like this too.”

“Th-That’s not so bad, right? It’s possible, it’s possible. Hm, definitely possible.”

“Wait! Something’s strange! Huh? Even the staff’s faces are bright red……What!? Just what is it!?”

“Umm, we’re accepting comments for today’s radio broadcast too!”

“I’m waiting for the comments about the slight itch or something about Yoichi the Ossan! Please! Help me!”

“Wait! What do you mean!? Was something strange!?”

“Then…all together now!”

“”This was 344(MiYoShi)! Until next time!””

“Just what is it———!!!!”



1. It says a karate punch while squatting, so it’s something like this?

2. The actual TL is Erotic Humiliation…But this novel is a pure lil’ cinnabon, so I don’t think it is valid here〜
It might or might not have been affected by my search history lol


Yay! Enjoyed my crappy inner lyricist?
Here’s a nice rendition of a Showa-era song by Goose House(They’re the guys who sang the 1st op for Your Lie in April)…Imma go cry

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