Dry (Pt 2)

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「I like you, Tachibana-kun.」









I was so surprised that I mistook Kiuchi for the lunch box. 


I pecked her on the lips without thinking. 


Flustered, she parted her lips. Her eyes widened in surprise.


 「It tastes like cream croquettes…」


Her impression of the kiss was unromantic. 


 「… Yes, well I just had some.」


I pretended to be calm to mask my lack of composure. 


 「What do you want for your lunchbox next time?」


Talking as if that didn’t happen, Kiuchi started an entirely different topic. 


Oi, oi, stop!


 「Hey… What did you make out of our kiss earlier?」


It’s strange, isn’t it?


Isn’t it strange that she has  moved on to another topic?


 「That’s what I want to know! What was that about!?」


Even though Kiuchi turned bright red, there was still a furrow in her brow. 


How can you even ask, “What was that about!?”. 


 「Wasn’t it obvious? It’s a “Let’s date” kiss!」


Stupid Kiuchi!


 「Tachibana-kun. Oh, Tachibana-kun. You weren’t listening to me, were you? I have no intention of leaving this company. I don’t want to be left in an awkward state if we were to break up. Hence, I said I didn’t need you to respond.」


Ignoring the fact that I had asked her out, Kiuchi said she didn’t want me to respond. 


Eh? I don’t get her. I don’t get where she’s coming from at all. 

Have I, who have confessed, been rejected?


 「… Hold on, Kiuchi-san. I’m quite serious about this. In fact, I’m dead serious. You know, dating a 28 year old woman? Dating with the intention of getting married?」


I’m really getting angry. Don’t you dare belittle me!


 「N– No, no, no, no. Tachibana-kun, you’re still young! You can’t be … tied down to someone like me! You can’t!」


Kiuchi shook both her head and hands fervently. 


I leaned in, and held her face with both my hands to stop her. 


 「Let’s get married, Kiuchi-san. I won’t ever betray you… Because I know that if I do, you’ll wander around drinking liquor as you cry during the night.」

 「Can you not make it seem like that will surely happen…?」


She pursed her lips in displeasure as she glared at me. 


 「Hey, Kiuchi-san. Since we do happen to sell rings here, how about we purchase our engagement rings? Let’s get married next year.」


Compared to her ex, I’ll buy her a ring that suits her style. 


 「Next year?」

 「We can do it right now but won’t that come as a shock to your parents? They would be like, “It’s not Satoru that you’re married to but him!?” Besides, I want to properly introduce myself to your parents and you to mine.」

 「… Thank you, Tachibana-kun.」


As I held onto her head with my hands, Kiuchi cried. 


It was the first time she had ever cried in front of me.


 「… But you don’t need to get a ring.」


But, even as she did, she refused the ring. 


 「… Can I ask why?」


Does she not want to marry me?


Somehow, that makes me want to tear up too. 


 「If we’re getting married next year, then let’s buy it next year. There’ll be new designs out then.」


As expected of a 28-year adult woman. Even in a moment like this, she was super composed. 




There was a faint smile dancing on her lips. She who was a realist as always. 


Kiuchi, you just had to mercilessly plunge that romantic mood back to reality, didn’t you?


In that case, then shall I take a stab at it as well?


 「Hey, Kiuchi-san. Why did you return that guy’s ring? It would have been way better if you just took it and threw it away or sold it?」

 「Tachibana-kun, how can you be so evil?」

 「What I meant was just, you haven’t made any sales yet today.」


When I touched on the real problem that she had, Kiuchi flared up and said, 


 「Let’s not talk about it!」


Having been realistic up until this point, she clasped her ears whilst trying to escape from reality. 


I peeled her hands off her ears. 


 「Alright, alright. If I say any more, I bet you will cry alone again in the night.」

 「You’re being obstinate! I won’t be doing that anymore. From now on, I can cry in front of you!」

 「That’s not cute at all, Sakura. I love you.」


I won’t let you cry alone anymore. 


Crying in the night, unseen.


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