Chapter 63: Honestly, You’re Stupid

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

First Published on Ainushi



「Momo! How did you find my acting?」 *Ahem!*

「A, Ahaha~ Yea, it was quite original~」

「Really!? Ehehe, that’s just the tip of the iceberg~~」



The entire class:『(…………)』 *silence*


「O-Oi… What are we going to do, Class Rep? Asakura-san’s acting is just…」 

「Even if you ask me that, only Asakura-san is fit to play the role of Juliet… The only thing we can do is to tell her the truth and make her practice.」 

「Yeah but Class Rep? Obviously we have to tell Sakura the truth but just who in their right mind is going to tell her outright,『Your acting sucks so go rehearse.』?」 

「Wouldn’t that be… Andou-kun?」 

「Me!? Impossible! Not me! Definitely not! I mean, why me?」

「「Well… That’s cause if it isn’t you, no one else in class is going to ever say it to her face.」」

「How come you’re both saying it in harmony!? Er, and even so… Well… Okay, fine! The only other fellow in class who’s able to say that she’s bad at acting directly to her is—」



「Wahahahahah! Holy shit, Asakura-san! That was un-be-LIE-va-bly atrocious! Hey, I can’t believe your acting sucks. Will you be able to pull it off as Juliet? Oh, right! If you’re okay, I can patiently teach you how to work the mechanics in great details~ ☆」

「Eh? …Yamada-kun, what did you just say…?」





「You… You fuckin’ idiot! This moron! What gave you the galls to say that, huh!? This bloody buffoon!」


Yamada… Today is one of those days, I so wish you never existed! (Class Rep)


「That’s right, Yamada-kun! There’s a time and place for things you can say and things you JUST don’t! Honestly, you never can read the mood!」


Who would have thought that Yamada’s stupidity would be so handy. (Andou)


「Honestly, Yamada-kun, you’re really oblivious to the situation. You don’t even comprehend your role yet you’re tooting your horn? You’re seriously an idiot.」


Man, I’m so glad he can’t get with the program. (Andou)


「Eh, seriously why are you all acting like this? Hey, do you really have to criticize me that much? I mean, the fact is, Asakura-san is bad at acting!」


The entire class:『Yamada! Shut up already!』




But this is only the beginning… Since Asakura-san’s a ham actor, she won’t be able to project herself into the role. She can only memorize the script and recite the words out loud… That in itself isn’t going to cut it. For her to improve, she can’t just memorize and recite her lines, she has to experience it herself otherwise the words won’t resonate from the bottom of her heart… (Andou)


「!!! … Hey, Class Rep. I have a suggestion on how to handle tackle this~」

「What is it, Momoi-san?」*whisper whisper* 

「Fumu fumu… That’s a brilliant idea!」 *grins broadly*

「Rightttt?」 *grins broadly*


Brr~… What was that? Am I coming down with a terrible chill? (Andou) *shivers*


「No way… Is my acting skills really that bad?」


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