Chapter 64: Our First Date

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Editor: 5d100

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「Ah, Andou-kun, you’re finally here~」

「Sorry, I’m late. I tried to get here five minutes earlier but…」

「Seriously, it’s bad manners to keep a girl waiting on a date, ya know~」

「Eh, this counts as a date?」

「Well, isn’t it? When a boy and a girl are seen going to the movies together?」

「Uhm, I guess…?」


If that’s so, then how many times has it been that I’ve gone on a date?… I don’t think the incident I accompanied Asakura-san to the bookstore as an apology counts. Then…  does that mean my first date with her was when I went shopping with her as a reward for passing her test? And would that mean the test of courage that I went on was the second date I’ve ever been on in my life?

 Come to think of it, lately, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to go on dates with pretty girls… But, I’m just a commonplace『loner』? (Andou)


「Sorry, sorry! Well, let’s head off to the movies… Momoi-san.」

「Yup! I’ll leave myself in your capable hands today~ Andou-kun ♪」


Today is the first time in my life I’m on a date and who’d have imagined it’ll be with Andou-kun? Sorry, Sakura~ I’ll be taking Andou-kun off your hands today~ (Momoi)


「Let’s go~♪ Since it’s a date, we gotta enjoy ourselves to the fullest today~ ‘Kay?」 *presses onto Andou-kun*

「Wha-! Mo-Mo-Momoi-san!?」


Mufufu~ Andou-kun’s flustered by my embrace~♪ (Momoi)


Her breasts! That volume and feeling unpossessed by Asakura-san! (Andou)


Now now… the result on whether or not he will go back to her arms will all depend on Andou-kun~♪ (Momoi)


「Andou-kun, don’t tell me you’re feeling shy~?」

「We-Well, it’s ‘cause… when you hug me like that, your br-breasts are…」

「Mufufu~ Well, if you so desire them… I’m fine with it, ya know?」

「Eh, Momoi-san. You mean…」

「Hey, Andou-kun. If you’ll like, how about me and you—」








 *Chirp Chirp Chirp*


「It was just a dream…」


HYAH! B-But if Momo really likes Andou-kun then what should I do… Could this probably have been a prophetic dream!? (Asakura)


Author’s Note: 


(Kriz: Please note that there’s usually an author afterword every chapter but I tend to skip it unless it pertains to the characters. Even then, I don’t usually include the author’s opening paragraphs…)


This time, I’ll be introducing character parameters in the afterword for each of my characters. 

First up, we have the stats for the heroine, Asakura-san!

Here are her stats:



Prettiest Girl ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Literacy Skills  ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Tsundereness ・・・・・・・     7
Breasts  ・・          2
Uselessness ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Immeasurable


Amazing! Lately, I’d been wondering if there’s actually more to Asakura-san than her looks. When I put it down and quantify them, her stats was indeed as expected of a horribline— Oops, not that, I mean as expected of the heroine!


Next on the chopping block is Andou-kun’s parameters. If there’s a character’s stats that you’ll like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Until next time, see you in the next chapter of Loner and Juliet!

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