Chapter 65: Assignment

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

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「Ah, Andou-kun, you’re finally here~」

「Sorry, I’m late. I tried to get here five minutes earlier but…」

「Seriously, it’s bad manners to keep a girl waiting on a date, ya know~」

「Eh, this counts as a date?」

「Well, isn’t it? When a boy and a girl are seen going to the movies together?」

「Uhm, I guess…?」


As expected, I thought if I got to the shopping centre five minutes early, I’ll be right on time, However, how could I have anticipated that Asakura-san and Momoi-san would both arrive earlier than me?… (Andou)


「Gaaah~! Muguuuuu—!」

「Wah! A-Asakura-san!?」

「KYAAAH! Wha- Sakura!? Why did you suddenly jump in between me and Andou-kun~?」

「Th-That’s because… I-It’s that! It’s because a bug flew at me! I-It’s not as though I did it because the both of you were so caught up in your lovely, dovey world and forgotten all about my existence.」

「Eh? That sounds suspicious~ Right up until he arrived, you’ve been『staring』at me super strangely~」

「Heek! I-It’s not like I’m being overly conscious of you, Momo!」


Hnnnngh, it’s suspicious~? Somehow Sakura is hostile towards me today~? It’s not as if I’ll steal Andou-kun from her, and I’m rather looking forward to their relationship developing on today’s date~ (Momoi)


「Ahaha. There’s no way I would have treated someone like you as if you’re air, Asakura-san.」



A-Andou-kun… What are you implying… Do you mean to say that I’m an unforgettable presence that you’re conscious of everyday? (Asakura)


I mean, how’s that possible? Even under normal circumstances, although she’s a beauty, she’s incomprehensible. I could never forget someone like Asakura-san. There’s just no way that’ll happen. Rather, if it’s a member with a forgettable presence, it can only be none other than me, the『loner.』(Andou)


「Now then, since the two leading stars are present, I shall announce the assignment for today’s date!」




「Yup~ What did Class Rep tell you both about your date today?」

「Sure, she told me that in order for me to comprehend the feelings of my character, I am to go see a movie at the theatre and understand it …」

「Adding to that, hadn’t I promised as an apology that I would take the both of you to the theatre when we had the test of courage that we are here on the weekend?」

「That’s cor~rect! And so, for the rest of today, the both of you will be calling each other by your character’s names,『Romeo』and『Juliet』!」









Author’s Note: 


Now then, here’s the aforementioned new segment as mentioned! The Character Stats Parameter! 

This time, I’ll be unveiling the parameter stats for the main character, Andou-kun!

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.





Loner ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Literacy Skills (Subjects besides Maths) ・・・        3
Literacy Skills (Maths Only) ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Communication Skills ・・         2
Observation Skills ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Self Valuation ・          1
『Breasts』Obsession ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Immeasurable


Amazing… What remarkably balanced (awful) stats you have, Andou-kun… (Hopeless)

Using a fighting game as an example, he has extremely high speed but paper-thin defense lacking offensive skills. A sure-fire one hit KO character. 

Or another example would be an archer who is awful at the sword but objectively decides to swing it anyway. As one might expect from the leading star!

And as requested by all of you, I’ll be revealing Momoi-san’s stats tomorrow!

Next will it be Class Rep? Yoshida? Sawatari? Or would it be that nuisance? If you have any requests, send them in, and that character’s introduction shall take precedent!  


Until then, see you next time.


Translator Notes:


Hey guys! I’m back. A bunch of things happened to me that I’m kinda in a slight pinch/depression. (LOL). Just got fired from a remote working job around the final week of my day job at the start of the lockdown in my country (end April). It’s not their fault, really. There was reasons why it had to happen but it did leave me in a lurch. So as much as I wanted to translate, there I was spiraling down the rabbit hole. Can’t get a job due to the bad recession and COVID-19, and having to figure out what to do next in life.


Handovers for both jobs aside, my mind and body gave in and I just ended up either oversleeping or being awake at very, very odd hours. (No longer living in the +8 GMT timezone. Fairly sure I’m living in either an European or US time zone. Helped me lose weight too. Imagine! Lockdown helping me lose 4kgs, sheesh!).


Spent a bit of that time, besides trying to pull out of that slump, playing FF7R and Animal Crossing (who knew that the stalk market would be this stressful?) as well as pushing promotions on Chaleuria. Which incidentally, if you’re a BL fan, we just launch our first ebook purchasable on Kindle and Google Bookstore. Please consider it if you’re a BL fan. It’s urban fantasy, and supernatural. I like it for its poetic writing and also because it gives enough room to the imagination even though it can be slow at certain parts.  You can buy it on Kindle here.


I’m in slightly better shape now so I’ve resumed work on the translations. You can kinda read snippets from the chapters I’m working on via my Twitter account. Please note that I won’t release anything unedited generally unless the editor I work with approves of my writing. (I’m very aware my tenses and spelling are awful at times).


For now, see you guys in the next chapter.

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