Chapter 66: Penalty

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Editor: 5d100

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「Wait, what!?  Hold it, Momoi-san! You mean we have to call each other『Romeo』and『Juliet』here!? In the shopping centre!?」

「Uh huh! ‘Course, you are referring to each other like that. Andou-kun being『Romeo』and Sakura, you being『Juliet』~」

「I get that! It’s just… not what I’m hesitant about Momo… I-It’s just really embarrassing to do that publicly…」

「Nonsense! Sakura, we’re doing all this for your sake, ya know…?」


「For the sake of ensuring you become one with your role, you must play out Romeo and Juliet and truly be Juliet. While you’re at it, you and Andou can—Oops~ Anyway, I will be observing the both of you to see whether you are able to keep to the theme~」

「Huh? Momoi-san, didn’t you just try to imply something? 」

「Hmm? Did I~?」


Fufufu. Recently, Sakura was labelled as a ham actor, yeah? But if you give it some thought, she doesn’t need to play the role of a girl who’s fallen in love. That, in sum, is what we’re going to drive through Sakura. (Momoi)


It can’t be helped then… Since the purpose is for Asakura-san to improve her acting, I’ll try not to call out to Asakura-san too often unless I have to— (Andou)


「Oh, before I forget, Class Rep also said regarding the assignment,『Both of you must call each other by your character names no less than 30 times today. If you say it less than 30 times or call each other by your actual name, there will be a penalty!』」




「Oh? Right! I haven’t told you guys about it yet. A penalty awaits you if you call each other by your real names instead of your character’s name~ The same applies if you fail to call each other by your character’s names 30 times by the time the date ends. You’ll be penalized. 」

「Mo-Momoi-san… Just curious, what is the penalty?」


I have an incredibly bad feeling about this… (Andou)


「Sure. The penalty is the loser has to whisper to the other party『sweet nothings.』」


「「Sweet nothings!?」」


「Wait, Momo! S-S-S-Sweet nothings!? … You mean, if I get the penalty, I-I-I have to whisper sweet nothings to Andou-kun!?」



Shit! I was just about to call out to her by her name! (Andou)


「Yup! Now, whisper『sweet nothings』to Andou-kun, Sakura~」

「Hnn? Andou-kun, what’s the matter—- EH!? Momo, why are you suddenly making me whisper『s-s-sweet nothings』to Andou-kun?」


「Well, didn’t you just say

『 S-S-S-Sweet nothings!? … You mean if I get the penalty, I-I-I have to whisper sweet nothings to Andou-kun!?』




「Asa— No. Juliet-san… It seems the date has already begun so please be more mindful of your words.」

「Yes… I’ll be more careful, Ando—」

「Juliet, stop!」

「Mmrgh! T-That was close… Thanks… for that, Ro… Romeo…」



This is super embarrassing… calling each other like that. (Asakura & Andou)


「Any~who. Although, flirting is a huge no no, but Sakura, the penalty is you have to whisper to Andou-kun sweet nothings three times~」

「What? Momo! Why must I do it three times? Shouldn’t the penalty just be that I only have to say it once!?」

「 Sakura, you did call out his name three times~ Duh!」


「Ah… now that you mentioned it, she did…」

「Eh? Andou-kun… Y-You’re kidding, right?」

「And~~~ That’s the fourth!」


Author’s Note:


Today’s Character Stats Parameter is featuring Momoi-san! A character that has been showing up lately and has become increasingly popular. What could her stats be!? Here we go!!!





Breasts ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Communication Skills ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Observation Skills ・・・・・・・・・・ 10
Prettiest Girl ・・・・・・・・・        9
Literacy Skills ・・・・・・・・         8
Degree of Affection Towards Andou-kun -Unknown –


U-Unbelievable… Is this, Beauty of Bounteous Breasts, a monster!?

Dios mio! When it’s all written out, Momoi-san’s stats are just out of this world…

To put it into context, her breasts are undisputedly the top in her school year. (100% Affirmed!)

Her communication and observation skills are the creme de la creme as well. As she falls second to Asakura-san as a pretty girl, she only has 9 points there. The 10 point mark solely belongs to the Goddess Asakura-san! Isn’t that great, Asakura-san? You retained your honor as the heroine!

In addition, although it’s not touched upon in the novel, her literary skills are top-notch. Also, Momoi-san is an athletic beauty. She ranks 26th in the entire year. 

Lastly, with regards to the degree of affection she has towards Andou-kun… It’s still unclear whether she regards him highly or otherwise… 


Next, who’s that character that’s both popular but super ill-regarded?

Find out in the next installment!


Translator’s Note:


Thanks to those that commented last week. It’s tough but I’m definitely trying to hang on. Just awfully painful as I have so many expenses. My money’s going to run out by July … and honestly, it’s painful just thinking I won’t be able to upkeep the roof over my head. My government just announced earlier today (on Sunday, my time) that they’re extending our lockdown for another month. This does mean that job hirings are again going to be impacted again. Whilst it would be nice if my problems would just vanish, unless I’m making at least 1000 USD per month, I’m not going to be able to survive. Sigh.

I just hope things will change or improve. Until then, will just continue working on chapters to fill the time as I throw applications out.


P.S. If you missed the announcement in the comment section, we’re running a tad slow because my editor, 5d100 was moving houses recently. We’ll try to push things out faster as soon as we can.

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