Chapter 67: I Love You

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「Come on, Sakura. You have to whisper sweet nothings to Andou-kun four times, got it? Oh! And obviously because this penalty serves as a practice for the drama, you must call each other『Romeo』and『Juliet』~~」




No way in hell am I saying such an embarrassing thing in the middle of a shopping centre! (Asakura & Andou)


「Mo-Momo… D-Do I really have to? C-Can I not say them? 」

「Nope. Sorry~!」

「Momo…」*sob sob*



Not in a million years! There’s no way I’m going to utter such words out loud! (Asakura)


Do you really dislike saying『sweet nothings』that much, Asakura-san… Well, it makes sense though. I mean, why would she when it’s with a bastard of a loner like me? (Andou)


「But it’s for your own good, Sakura… is what I wanted to say but I guess, that, is a no go.」


「Since my best friend hates it so much, I’ll overlook it just this once.」

「Yay~ Momo, you’re the best! I love you soooooooooo much!」

「Why, thank you~♪ I love you too~ And that’s why, I’ll swap in for you. I will say the sweet nothings to Andou-kun.」




「Wha-What!? Hold on a sec, Momo! W-W-W-Why do you have to say them, Momo!?」

「Huh? Well, that’s because Class Rep ordered that the penalty must be undertaken. But you, my best friend, hates the idea of going through with it, so I will sub in and go through with it on your behalf. Andou-kun, is that okay with you?」*glances*

「Ah, well…If you and Asa— No, I mean, Juliet are okay with the arrangement, then it’s fine with me…」


Haaaa! How did it come to this? It’s not as if I totally dislike the idea of doing it— Uhuk! C-Could it be… the dream that I saw this morning is coming true?! That means, she actually— (Asakura)


「Okay, Andou-kun♪ Is your heart prepared for what I’m about to say to you~?」

「Eh? Ah… Mmm.」


Momoi-san is right in front of me, leaning in close… The cleavage of her bosoms are a death trap! (Andou)


「Hey, Andou-kun~ If you like, how about me and you—」


「—!!!」*hard blushes!*


The same words I heard in my dream this morning— (Asakura)





「Kyaa! Hey? What’s the matter, Sakura?」


No! You can’t because you just cw’an’ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! Momo! I’m not going to let you say those words! (Asakura)


「Momo, I can’t let you do this for me afterall. You know what, I’ll go through with the penalty–」

「Sure, by all means! Step on right in~♪」

「—afterall! Eh, EHHHHHH!? That was a quick decision?!」


Ehehe~ As I suspected, Sakura will immediately jump the gun when she’s riled up~ That being said, the issue lies with Andou-kun. His mental fortitude is surprising. At first, I thought he’ll mess up and say Sakura’s name, but he hasn’t slipped once. (Momoi)


「Now then, I’ll be passing back the baton to Sakura who will whisper those sweet nothings ♪~ Take it away!」

「Uuu… Ro-Romeo!」

「Yes, Juliet?」

「I-I—… Agh…」


Keep calm… This is just acting. That’s right, acting. It’s just acting and nothing else… Acting? Aren’t I just putting an act saying sweet nothings to him now? Wait, hold on… Now that I think about it, isn’t this an opportune time for me? (Asakura)


「…………」 *mumble mumble*




No matter what I say now, it’ll just be treated as me acting. But I wonder if Andou-kun would dismiss my『sweet nothings』as acting even if I were to say it consciously? Nah, that’s impossible! Because I am the prettiest girl in school. That’s right! I mean, yeah sure… Recently, there’s been a lot of things that I’ve been horrible at, that I’ve forgotten the fact that I am essentially the prettiest, super miracle beauty that has ever existed! After all, there’s nothing flawed about this body right here, is there? Moreover, I have an effortless fashion sense, and I’m not fat. I’m also intellectual, so aren’t I perfect? To sum it up, what I’m trying to say is this is a perfect chance for me to get Andou-kun to fall head over heels in love with me! Even if I’m delivering these damning words to him perchance as acting, there’s absolutely no way that Andou-kun wouldn’t be swooned by them if I meant it!


Now, Andou-kun… Prepare yourself! I’m going to deliver my『sweet nothings』to you for real! (Asakura)


「Romeo…」 *shuffles*

「Eh? Ju-Juliet…?」



What’s this? Asakura-san suddenly seems different now… She’s acting like a girl who’s fallen in love– (Andou)


Hnn, that’s weird. There’s something different about Sakura all of a sudden…? (Momoi)


「I loike you!」


Ah, she bit her tongue… (Andou & Momoi)


「…………I-I lurbe you!」


She did it again. (Andou & Momoi)





Phew… It’s the same old blundering Asakura-san. (Andou)


Hmm… Must have been just me but that aura she was exuding earlier— (Momoi)


「Uuuu…Seriously!『I love you!』『I love you!』『I love you!』『I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!』How’s that? Is that enough? I-It’s not as if I said it because it’s the penalty, That doesn’t mean I really love you, A-A-Ando— That’s not right…I mean, that doesn’t mean I love you, Romeo. Don’t misunderstand, okay?!」


Oh, it’s a tsundere version of Juliet… (Andou & Momoi)


Ow, that hurts! I bit my tongue! Seriously, why does this have to happen to me———-! (Asakura)


Author’s Note:

It’s time for everyone’s favorite corner: the Character Stats Parameter corner! Today’s character is popular in many ways in this series. Yup, that’s right. It’s Yamada! What is this exceedingly super idiotic character’s stats? Take it away! 




Physical Fitness ・・・・・・・・         8
Ability to Read the Mood ・                                  1
Intelligence ・・                              2
Luck ・・・・・・・・・・    10
Noisiness ∞          Immeasurable



> Noisiness = ∞ (Immeasurable) <

  ̄Y^Y^Y^^Y^^Y^^Y^^Y^^Y^^Y^Y^Y ̄




Physical Fitness ・・・・・・・・         8
Ability to Read the Mood ・・・                           3
Intelligence ・・・                           3
Luck ・・・・・・                   6
Cuteness ・・・・・                       5


E, Er… I’ve added a chimpanzee’s stats as comparison. Yup, even if Yamada doesn’t make an appearance, his noisy presence is still felt. As expected of Yamada. Well, until next time.


Translator’s Note:

  1. All c’want’s are due to Asakura stumbling on the can’t word. So it’s not a typo, ladies and gents.

Also super sorry for the late upload. This should have gone out yesterday but I was busy applying for jobs. T_T;;;

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