Volume 1 Commemorative Segment: Class Rep’s Room

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

First Published on Ainushi


「Hi everyone, thank you for supporting『Loner and Juliet』as always. 

 Today, to commemorate the release of『Loner and Juliet』volume 1, we will be hosting this limited Kakuyomu short story talk show,「Class Rep’s Room」♪

 Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together and join me in welcoming our first guest of honor to this talk show – the man himself, the leading star—-



 La~La La ♪ La La La, Light ~ No~vels ♪ La~La~La~La~ Light~Novels~ ♪


「… What in blazes is this, Class Rep?!」

「Andou-kun, it’s as you can see, “Welcome to the『Bonus Talk Show!』”. In commemoration of the release of volume 1, we are going to talk unabashedly about『Loner and Juliet』 disregarding the narrative’s time axis and the story … just cause we can! Although frankly, it’s『just a short story for class rep’s sake because it’s class rep』segment!」

「… What a waste of characters.」

「It’s not a waste!? As for why, that’s ‘cause I’m『Class Rep』! Even before『Loner and Juliet』was serialized in prints, I have al~~~~ways been the person hosting the『Afterword』and『Previews』on the web novel! All the readers are waiting for me to make an appearance!」

「Got it, got it… Let’s just settle down first, shall we? … So, what are you planning to do?」

「It’s good that you understand. Why, of course we’re going to go ahead with the talk show! As the guest on my show, I’ll be asking you a stream of questions about『Loner and Juliet』and you’ll be answering them.」

「Okay~ I don’t know if I can answer all of them to your satisfaction but let’s give it a spin…」

「Then, let’s start with our first question.」


【Brief us on the process of adapting and serializing『Loner and Juliet』】


「… Well, I just felt this would work out nicely as a novel.」

「That’s not a very heroic way to start this off!?」

「… Well, even though I was a novelist, I was beyond broke. Perhaps if I edit the novel myself, it’ll『somehow take shape as a book…』. Those were some of the worries I had when I was working on it.」

「I, I see… True, that’s undeniable but… Hey! There must have been other things that occurred like~ when you transferred the novel over to Kakuyomu.」

「Other things, huh… Ah!」

「Is something wrong?」

「Na●ou’s『Prettiest Girl in School』multiplied!」

「That’s enough of that!」


… Ugh! I forgot this guy can be surprisingly dry. If he continues on like that, my new segment is going to be terminated… Let’s move on! (Class Rep)


「Moving on, next question♪」

「Oh, you’re glossing over it.」



【Say a few words on your resolutions for the『Loner and Juliet』serialization】


「Resolution? I don’t particularly have any…」

「You must have one. If you don’t, what about making something up now like er,『make a thousand friends』?」

「Are you trying to start a fight with your guest, Ms. Host…? By the way, just as a form of reference… Do you have any resolutions, Class Rep?」

「Me? Well, let’s think about it~ I certainly would like to have a『name』!」


For some reasons, in this novel, all the leading heroines have a『name』except me! I’m fore———–ver stuck as『Class Rep』. When the novel serialization is published, I earnestly look forward to receiving a『name』as a leading character— (Class Rep)


「I see… Then my resolutions are the『No-Name Three Principals』.」

「No, No-Name…? What’s that?」

「It’s something I thought up for you:『A name not to have, to make, to carry』. You can call it a champion cause of sorts?」

「What a devilish resolution!?」

「No, not at all… It’s because you don’t have a name that you are『Class Rep』and that’s also what the readers wish for. Right? 」

「But that’s not what I wish for?!」

「Now then, our time’s almost up. Join us next time. Thank you and see you later…」

「Andou-kun! Even though this is my segment, why are you closing it out!?」


 La~La La ♪ La La La, Light~No~vels ♪ La~La~La~La~ Light~Novels~ ♪


Translation Note: 


  1. ラ~ララ♪ ラララ、ラ~ノベ♪  ラ~ラ~ラ~ラ~、ラ~ノベ~♪
    This wasn’t originally written as such in Japanese. In Japanese, ranobe (ラノベ) is short form for light novels. The original melody makes use of the first character ra (ラ) which can also be used interchangeably with the la sound in English. Therefore, if you were reading the melody in Japanese, it would be ra~rara♪ rarara,ra~nobe♪ ra~ra~ra~ra~,ra~nobe~♪.
  2. 『何故かの』と言えば、わたし『委員長』でしょう!
    This is another change for the sake of change. In English, we had adopted Loner and Juliet as the shortened title instead of Naze Kano. To be honest, we didn’t think of it then and well, Loner and Juliet sounded catchier. Anyway naze kano also translates to Why Girl, given kano is short for kanojo. Hence the literal translation in the story although enthusiasts fans end up missing the pun because it doesn’t translate well in English. 


Kriz: Taking a break from the main story, I was going through Kakuyomu and realized this was uploaded a while back during Volume 1’s release. I thought I might as well translate it as it’s amusing. We’ll be back with more stats and hijinks with the main characters.

Also, I would just to like to wish all Muslims around the world, Happy Eid Mubarak. May your day be joyous, and despite how times are now, may you all stay connected and be in good health!

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