Chapter 69: The Oblivious Romeo

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

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「Ah! Romeo, look! The new volumes from Thunderbolt Bunko are already on sale!」

「It is! They were probably released ahead of schedule because the next release date falls on a Sunday.」

「Oh no… How am I going to do this? I really want to buy the new volume of『Maouka Koukou no Rettousyu』right now since it’s released but… Momo’s around.」


Oh, I get it. She’s even hidden the fact that she’s a light novel otaku from Momoi-san. Honestly, it’s a miracle how Clumsykura managed to hide that from Momoi-san for this long… After the movie ended, Momoi-san said,『Hey, I’m going to take a break at the cafeteria on the first floor to sort out my impressions of the movie we just saw.』and left. Upon which, seizing the opportunity, Asakura-san made a dash straight to the light novel section in the bookstore located on the third floor… (Andou)


「Juliet, I don’t see a problem with you buying it though? Leaving aside that this is a light novel, don’t the bookstores give it to you in a bag which means the contents of your purchase is hidden? And if she does ask what did you buy, you could always gloss over it and claim it’s just a book.」

「Y-You’re right! Then maybe I should get some other books too!」


Hehe~♪ Today is such a wonderful day! I got to watch the SAO movie with Andou-kun and browse light novels with him at the bookstore! Even so, Thunderbolt Bunko always has a lot of new light novels… Which should I pick up next? (Asakura)


「Mmmm, which is better? For my love for unrivalled cheat series, I…」


Asakura-san has started seriously scrutinizing the new light novels. Urgh- This is going to take forever… This is going to sound weird but including this visit, I’ve only been to the bookstore three times with Asakura-san. However, even if it’s just doing the regular shopping, I’ve come to understand one thing about her… When she’s in this phase, it takes forever for her to shop! (Andou)


「Sorry, Juliet. I’m going to check on Momoi-san on the first floor. I’ll head down first, alright?」

「… Mmm.」


AHHH! I can’t decide. The title says『Another World』and『Elf』on it but it reeks of a copy and paste template… Books that use a template like these chock full with keywords typically bomb and there are a lot of them. (Asakura)


Yeah, she’s not paying any attention to me… Well, it’s going to take at least 30 minutes before she notices anything. I’ll just get Momoi-san to send her a text later. (Andou)


「Maybe I should check out those alternate universe zombie panic books…?」



First Floor – Cafeteria 


「Nnnn, who would have thought I’ll be led by the nose by an anime of all things~…」


「Eh, Andou-kun? W-What are you doing here… Where’s Sakura?」

「Nah, I’m just checking in on you because you seemed off earlier…」

「Eh, wha… Ugh. Seriously, you shouldn’t be doing this, Andou-kun. Don’t you think that it’s of ill taste when the lead character, Romeo, puts Juliet the heroine aside and has a dalliance with another girl? Afterall, my role as the narrator is but a pitiful supporting actor.」

「EEEHH? T-That was never my intention! I just—」



That reminds me. If I carelessly utter『Asakura-san’s name』then I’ll have to do the penalty, right? Then, although embarrassing, I’ll keep up with using the name『Juliet』… (Andou)


「Compared to spending time with Juliet (Asakura-san who’s engrossed selecting her light novels), I’m more interested in (checking up on) you, Momoi-san. That’s why I’m here.」


「… FUUEHE!?」


UAAABABABA! Andou-kun, what are you saying all of a sudden? T-T-T-T-That’s like saying compared to Sakura, you have feelings fo–… N-N-No way! It’s impossible that he could have meant that! W-W-W-Why that’s cause Andou-kun likes Sakura, and moreover… I’m taller than Sakura, a chatterbox… and I’m hiding my true self— (Momoi)


「S-Seriously! What are you saying, Andou-kun~ When you put it that way, it’s as if you’re actually having a lover’s tiff with me ♪」

「Ueee!? That was not my intention… It’s just, Juliet’s engrossed with shopping right now …」

「Ohhhh~~ Oh! Sakura does take a while to shop.」

「Oh, you’ve experienced it too.」

「Well duh, I’m her best friend~」


Geez… See, that was definitely me overthinking it. (Momoi)


「But, Andou-kun. You know what I think? I think you used me as an excuse to get out of shopping with Sakura.」


「No, that’s not true at all. I genuinely came by because I was worried about you.」


「Hick-!? Fuu, heh… I see~」


W-Woah. That shocked me… Andou-kun looked so serious… It would have made me fall for him. Well, luckily, I’m not Sakura. So those words have absolutely no effect on me. (Momoi)




Momoi-san’s face is a little red though… As I thought, she’s not feeling well. (Andou)



Meanwhile, Asakura-san at the moment.


「Ah! There’s a new volume of Treasure too! Kyaaa! The new volume『Otherworldly Monster Hunter』is out too!」 *excited♪*


Author’s Note:


Introducing the final and last character stats parameters, it’s~~ 




Physical Strength ・・・・・・・・          8
Literacy Skills ・・・・・                     5
Communication Skills ・・・・・・                 6
Tsukkomi  ・・・・・・・・          8
Scalp Bald


Oi oi! Who would have expected a character with even more questionable stats than Class Rep would show up… Don’t tell me we’re ending this corner on that note?


「Don’t treat me like I’m a fly! Also, this ain’t bald! It’s a crew cut!」



Translator’s Notes: 


  1. 魔王科高校の劣等種 – Maouka Koukou no Rettousyu. The Inferior Species at the Demon High School. This is a direct reference and play on words to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. A super popular light novel with a stoic cool male lead that also had an anime adaptation in 2014. It’s one of the most popular underground light novels, from what I’ve seen. 😀
  2. I’ve seen a few people commenting elsewhere why the raws say send an email, when people use the word sms/text. In Japan, all service providers provide an email linked to your phone number. They use these emails instead of SMS to send messages to one another and have been doing that for years. So they’re typically not constrained by the word count of an SMS unlike us. 
  3. First time using brackets in a speech but it’s also hidden monologues or unspoken words from Andou so I’ve used blue for the words in the brackets to signify that.  
  4. Treasure is a reference to a very classic light novel, Treasure Hunter Yagashira Dai. There’s no entry of this on Novelupdate but there is an entry for it on ISFDB oddly enough. Here’s the summary for the novel that I pinched from it: Dai Yagashira is a world-renowned treasure hunter who also happens to be filthy rich, very powerful, possessed of super-human abilities and a silver tongue, and an unrivaled high school student. He travels the world with his sexy classmate companion, Yuki Dazai, going on wild adventures to collect alien artifacts and experience romance, action, and adventure. Pity this hasn’t been translated though. It’s a pretty hilarious novel. 😀 Pleading to the translators that do check up Loner and Juliet, please please pick this up! 
  5. It’s just Monster Hunter. Do I— Yea, okay



Andou is a ladykiller, alright. For a loner and an otaku, he sure knows how to get the job done swiftly. Ass-ass-in!

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