Chapter 70: Ignorance

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The day feels so long.  (Momoi)




Somehow I’m alone with Andou-kun at the cafeteria… Isn’t this as if we had ditched Sakura and slipped away from her… (Momoi)


Yea, she doesn’t seem as energetic as before. (Andou)


「Momoi-san, you seem a little depressed. Is anything wrong?」

「Eh? Oh no… Just, I didn’t expect  the movie we watched earlier to be that interesting… So it’s a bit of a shock for me.」

「Huh? The movie shocked you because it was interesting? What do you mean?」

「Ahaha… Well, I expected you to react that way. Well, how do I put it… you see, the thing is, I have always looked down on anime and manga… So I somewhat felt it’ll be trash.」

「Oh~… That’s why the fact that ‘SAO was interesting’ was a shock for you… Wouldn’t that meant you felt devastated?」

「That’s it. I couldn’t figure out how to describe the emotion I was feeling, but that’s probably what it is. It’s just like you to figure it out, Andou-kun~」


Speaking of which, Momoi-san is just your typical high school girl who doesn’t even know about light novels. Generally speaking, people who don’t watch anime or read manga have a strong impression that animated films are only aimed at children. The existence of an anime like SAO which can be enjoyed by even the general public would certainly be devastating. (Andou)


「You know, I… For the longest  time, I never really found dramas or mangas interesting. So, I always had the impression that anime was for kids, and made fun of it. But the movie I just watched was surprisingly different from the『anime』genre that I thought I knew! It made me think,『There are anime works that are interesting out there!』… So that made me feel ashamed of myself for looking down on『anime』all this while…」


Even more so, the biggest shock of all was when I had looked on Sakura and Andou-kun when they said they wanted to watch it. I said I『like』them and I didn’t know anything about the anime movie, but I was condescending to both of them and it… I feel utterly disgusted with myself for my『ignorance』. I have always been like this… Priding myself for being good at reading people. I take a step back from those around me, putting on a mask whilst looking down on others.

Hence why I’m unable to be comfortable and be myself around anyone… Although, in saying that, Andou-kun has discovered my true nature… (Momoi)


「That’s why you were feeling down?」

「Well, you can put it that way~」

「Hmm~ I don’t really think I follow.」

「Ahaha~ That’s fair.」


Yeah… Even if it’s Andou-kun, my feelings are— (Momoi)


「Why do you find it『shameful』that you looked down on anime?

 Rather I think you should be『rejoicing』about it.」

「Huh?『Rejoicing』… ? You mean, I ought to be like『Wowzers! Man, ain’t it great that I totally think anime was shitty~』?」

「Oh no… That wasn’t what I meant. In the first place, there isn’t a reason for you to feel『ashamed.』You have never known productions like what we saw today, have you?」


「Then, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s nothing shameful about being『ignorant.』」

「There isn’t?」

「Nope, because『ignorance』is inevitable. Instead, I think that you should rejoice because you『discovered』that anime was『interesting.』

 What’s important isn’t to be ashamed of your『ignorance』,but how to make the best of the『knowledge』that you gained from it.」

「Make the most of… my knowledge?」

「Yup! Look, didn’t you say up until today there weren’t any interesting shows? For instance, you might have belittle anime and so you didn’t make any attempts to watch any but now you know that there are『interesting anime』out there. If that’s the case, there may be other anime that you might find『interesting』. Another example, is that the movie earlier was so interesting that you might end up picking up the original novel it was adapted from.」


That’s right. There’s also that train of thought…『Ignorance』is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s how I make the most of the『knowledge』I’ve gained… (Momoi)


「Momoi-san, I’m absolutely sure you’re a perfectionist.」

「EH!? A-Andou-kun? Me? A perfectionist? What makes you say that…?」

「Hnngh… It’s probably because you feel unnerved when you don’t seem to know everything? Such as when we’re in class, you always seem to have an antenna sticking out of you to take in and continuously receive information from around you, like who’s in a good mood or bad mood today. Hence, if there was even a slightest bit of knowledge that you’re unaware of, you start to question yourself,『Why didn’t I know that?』and you end up reproaching yourself for not being perfect. The shock you got from today’s movie wasn’t because『the anime that you made fun of was interesting』but it was actually because『you unknowingly belittled a movie that Sakura liked』?」


Hmm, if that isn’t the case, then I, a「loner」wouldn’t have declared that Momoi-san is an excellent riajuu… (Andou)


「Well, that’s just the image I have of you.」

「Mmhmm… I figured as much.」


I see~ Honestly, I’ve always done my utmost best to hide that side of myself but Andou-kun’s seen through it. Haa… Then, there’s really no point in putting on a facade in front of him… (Momoi)


「Okay, Andou-kun. Let’s say that you’re spot on with how I’m feeling… then how do you suggest I make the best of it?」

「Mmm, well… How about you start by『learning』? If you know for a fact that you’re『ignorant』, then what comes next is to learn. Rather than spiraling with regret over not knowing it, you should embrace it and learn about it for the sake of your precious best friend… is what I think is much more『your style.』」



I see… What’s more like『me』, huh~? (Momoi)


「Ahaha~ That’s so true~ Ahh! Speaking of which, I knew you mentioned it earlier but the movie we watched today was based on a novel?」

「Yeah, light novels. They’re an easy to read type of novels with simple illustrations included in it.」

「Heh~ Oh! Are『light novels』the novels that Sakura really digs into?」



Shoot! I’ve exposed what Asakura-san’s miraculously hid from Momoi-san all this time! (Andou)


Oh~ That reaction, did I hit the jackpot~? I see, I see. That’s how the two of them became this close~ But judging from Andou-kun’s reaction, it looks like Sakura was hiding her interest from me. Well, that’s understandable. I mean, until I watched the movie today, I have always looked down on it… But now, I’m different., I’ve learned that it’s『interesting!』after all. (Momoi)


「Ahaha~ You don’t have to look so frightened, Andou-kun! I’ll just pretend that I don’t know anything about it in front of her♪」



And, it’ll be entertaining to watch Sakura’s reaction as she tries to hide her interest. (Momoi)


Uuu… Momoi-san! To help me cover up my mistakes… What a (boobielicious) generous person she is! (Andou)


「On that note, you know there’s something I’ve been really piqued about for a while~」

「Hnn? What would that be, Momoi-san?」


Phew~ I’m tired from talking for so long. Even my coffee has gone cold… (Andou) *swallows*


「Andou-kun, you’re in love with Sakura, aren’t you?」


What did you say, woman (boobies)!? (Andou)


 PSSSHHHHHHHHHHH! ← The sound of coffee jetting out of his mouth


「Ew! Gross!」

「Kehek! Kehek! Uhuk! Mo-Mo-Mo-Momoi-san, what are you saying!?」

「Andou-kun, calm down. You’re speaking like Juliet, ya know.」

「Nn, mmm… Momoi-san, I have never had such thoughts in the first place—」

「Ahaha~ I can tell from looking at how you reacted though~♪」

「Are you serious~?」

「Ah hah! So— It’s true, isn’t it?」



Crap… I thoroughly fell into Momoi-san’s trap. (Andou)


「… Don’t tell anyone?」

「Ahaha~♪ Don’t worry~ I got your back! I, Momoi-san am going to help make your love come to fruition!」

「Please don’t do that! No, for reals, please stop!」


Hahaha… I see~ As I thought, Andou-kun is in love with Sakura. 

If, just if… I had spoken to Andou-kun before Sakura did… maybe things might have been different~… (Momoi)


「Ahaha~♪ It’ll be fine~ Relax~ If Sakura does reject you, I’ll apologize by being your girlfriend instead.」


「Ooo! Shall we make it happen~?」

「Huh!? Mo-Momoi-san!」

「Gya~ Just~ Kidding♪」


But it’s not like me to『regret』knowing the truth. Henceforth, I’ll leverage on the knowledge that『Andou-kun loves Sakura』and keep moving forward. 

After all, as he eloquently put it, that’s more like『me.』(Momoi)


「Andou-kun. If I may, could I request a favor from you?」

「Yes? If there’s anything that I can do for you, just ask away.」


Geez, Andou-kun. If I had said, “Go out with me”, then would you actually date me? Honestly, you silly goose… (Momoi)


「Ehehe~ I really want to read the novel for the movie we watched earlier. So, could you lend the book to me?」

「Sure, of course!」


Sakura is my precious best friend so I’ll support them as much as I can. But… Even if it’s just for a little while, I’ll like Andou-kun to spoil me. (Momoi)




Asakura-san at that moment.


「A-Andou-kun… W-Where are you~?」 *quiver*


Author’s Note: 


This time around, I would like to end the Character Stats Parameter with the much requested,  Andou-kun’s sister. Without further ado~~





Prettiest Girl ・・・・・・・             7
Literacy Skills ・・・・・・                 6
Breasts ・・・・                        4
Communication Skills ・・・・・・・             7
Observation Skills ・・・・・・・・・        9
Sisterly Influence ・・・・・・・・・・・・ Immeasurable
Appearance in the Novel ・          1


As expected of the protagonist’s sister! Unlike Class Rep or Baldie, her stats are comparable to that of the heroine’s! 

As for the reason why I had forgotten to introduce her character stats… Well, that’s telling from her stats itself. 

Until next time, bye~

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