Chapter 71: Flattened

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



「Juliet, I’m really sorry! I was going to get Momoi-san to text you my whereabouts after I checked on her, but we were so caught up in our conversation…」

「Hmmm~ Is that so? Rather than spending time with me, you’d rather enjoy spending time with Momo, Wouldn’t you, Romeo? Hmmph!」*fumes madly*


Uh oh~~ Asakura-san is seriously upset… That’s to be expected… I mean, by the time I realized it, the conversation with Momoi-san was over and— (Andou)




「Oh Andou-kun, speaking of which, isn’t it taking a while for Sakura to get here?」

「Uwah! Oh shoot!」

「Eh!? Andou-kun! Why are you dashing off so suddenly!?」


Asakura-san definitely wasn’t paying any attention to me back then, so I’m sure she didn’t come down here, and has been searching for us on the third floor! I have to find her quickly! (Andou)


Andou-kun’s so fast! He’s already dashed up to the third floor! (Momoi)




「Hic, everyone… Where arth tho—! That voice! It’s Romeo!」





Asakura-san! (Andou)

Andou-kun! (Asakura)


「I’m sorry that I’m late to come get you!」

「You! Where did you go, idiottttttttttttttttttt! UWAAAAAAAAAA! I… I was so lonelyyyyyyyyyy!!! UWAAAAAAAAA!」

「I only took my eyes off you for a moment… Sorry, Juliet.」

「M-Me too… I’m sorry. It’s my fault for leaving you alone too…」 


From here on, I will not take my eyes off Asakura-san whilst she’s engrossed shopping… (Andou)

Moving forward, I’ve decided not to move alone even if I’m shopping in a trance. (Asakura)


「Everything’s fine now. Juliet… I will never leave you!」

「Ro-Romeo… Me too! I’ll definitely never leave your side!」


 The surrounding customers:『Wooohooo!』 *clapping~~*




Is that because they were calling each other Romeo and Juliet? The customers have probably mistaken it as a reunion scene from a play and are therefore applauding it… but this is just a case of a lost child being in the safe hands of her guardian…

Until the situation calms down, I’m just going to pretend to be someone else for now~♪ (Momoi)




— that was how it went. Now that we’re back to the cafeteria area on the first floor, she has calmed down and… (Andou)


「I-It’s not because you weren’t there that I was so upset… I-I only hugged you because I was feeling lonely, Romeo. There’s no other feelings attached to it!」

「Yes, yes. It’s alright. Juliet… I know even without you going to such lengths to remind me.」


Uhu… I was so lonely that as soon as I spotted Andou-kun, I hugged him… but my feelings haven’t been exposed, right? (Asakura)


That does remind me, Asakura-san’s a scaredy cat. Surely being left alone all of a sudden must have been traumatic for her. (Andou)


「Erm…I did wonder if the both of you were going to be fine in that state…」


Haa, well that didn’t meant there wasn’t any progress in the relationship~ (Momoi)


「Anyway, Sakura, stop being so upset! In the first place, it’s your fault for not paying attention! That aside, how in the world do both of you not have each other’s numbers?」


You too, Andou-kun. If you had just asked for Sakura’s number in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. (Momoi)


「Y-You’re right! Romeo, Let’s exchange contacts! Just as Momo said, our biggest mistake was not exchanging numbers in the first place! Therefore, let’s do that right now so next time even if we lose sight of each other, it’ll be alright!」

「No, Juliet… We shouldn’t be losing sight of each other. But, number, huh? Hmm.」


That’s just like Momo! I’ve always wanted to ask for Andou-kun’s number but have time and again, given up on asking for it! (Asakura)




Andou-kun… seems reluctant to give his number to Sakura though. Is there an issue with giving it to her? (Momoi)


If I exchange contacts… wouldn’t the number of contacts registered in my address book be exposed…? (Andou)




【Number of contacts in Andou-kun’s address book】(As of yesterday)






 That’s all!




I would hate for it to be exposed but… Asakura-san and Momoi-san’s words are reasonable, and even if I do keep a watchful eye over Asakura-san, there is still a big possibility for us to lose sight of each other in the future… (Andou)


「… Yeah, alright. Let’s do it.」



Am I… actually going to get his number!? NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!



「W-What’s wrong… Juliet? Why did you jump up all of a sudden…?」

「Eh? Ah… No! This isn’t what it looks like! D-Don’t mind me… Right! There was a mosquito on the ceiling! So I was just driving it away with my shor●uken!」

「I-I see…」

「Heh…Heh heh…」*shaking with laughter*


Uwaa…It’s been a while since Asakura-san acted weirdly… (Andou)


Sa-Sakura…You’re so transparent! O-On that note… Why hasn’t Andou-kun spotted it!? (Momoi)


【Exchanging contacts】


「Alright, finished?」

「Yup! Now I can contact Romeo anytime… Although, j-just saying, don’t mistake me for the type of woman who likes to email readily. Don’t misunderstand, okay?」

「Asakura-san, it’s fine. I’m horrible at it.」


「Oh, yeah~ You do come across like that~」

「Yup. I’ve been a『loner』all this time so I haven’t really been emailing much.」


I-I’m doomed… How could I have known that Andou-kun’s bad at emailing…Then, there’s no point in exchanging contacts! (Asakura)


「Mmm… then how about taking the opportunity to practice? Emails aren’t just used in school, but also when you go out to work, you have to use them too. Wouldn’t it be better to try your hand at it now, rather than when it’s time to go out into the working world, Andou-kun?」


Momo, nice one! (Asakura)


「Nnn, practice huh…」

「Y-Yeah, let’s! If you say you’re up for the challenge… t-then I will send you lots of e-emails without any hesitation, seeming like I was forced into it, or howling about it… That’s how I feel on the subject!」

「O-Okay… Maybe I’ll try emailing then…」



「Alright, then it’s decided~♪」


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Now I can exchange emails with Andou-kun! Kukukuuuuu! ASAKURA-CHAN, ONCE AGAIN YOU SCOR—- (Asakura)


「Then, Andou-kun. You have to reply to my emails too when I send them later~」

「Affirmative, Momoi-san.」


—–HEH? (Asakura)


「Wait! Pause, pause! M-Momo… How come you have Romeo’s contact already?」

「Eh~? How? Why when we were searching for you earlier, we exchanged contacts with each other♪」

「――――!????」 ← Silent scream (Unable to voice out her shock)


W-W-W-WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!? T-That, that means… Momo got the upperhand in scoring Andou-kun’s contact before me… (Asakura)




【Number of contacts in Andou-kun’s address book】(Before exchanging contacts with Asakura-san)



②「Imouto (family)」

③「House (family)」

④「Momoi-san (friend)」 ← New




「Ehehe~ Sakura, forgive me~?」



I took Andou-kun’s first… slot on his friend’s list. Gotcha~♪ (Momoi)


Why you crafty little…!? Momo… You dare slight me!? Grrrrr… (Asakura)



「Ãha, Ahaha…」



Eh, what’s with the air around them… it’s bloody scary! (Andou)


「Hey, Andou-kun! Aren’t you feeling peckish right about now? How about we go somewhere to eat~?」 *breast bounces and smooshes against his arm*



Momoi-san’s clinging onto my arm! My arm! My arm, it’s — I can feel it sinking into Momoi-san’s cleavage… somewhat…!? (Andou)


AHHHHHHHHHHH! Momo! How shameless! That’s unfair! If you’re going to act like that, then I…! (Asakura)


「I-I-I-I’m starving too~ Like Momo said, how about we go somewhere to get a bite?」*whoosh!*

「Eh, hang on a sec! Why are you doing this too! Juliet—- Wait……」


Asakura-san’s also hug…ging……me–Oh? (Andou)


「……………Hnn」 *ding*

「Eh, Romeo…?」 *empty*



Oh, Sakura… Cheer up, alright? (Momoi)




Momo! What are you laughing at!? And you too, Andou-kun, You’re THAT into breasts, huh!? (Asakura) *fuming*


「Oh my, oh my… Oh, Romeo. Are large breasts such sweet delights to you…?」

「EH!? W-W-Whatever are you saying? Juliet…………san.」

「Oh my, oh my… You don’t have to hide it so fervently. After all, I can see that loose expression radiating as clear as day when you’re near em~」

「D-Don’t tease me, Juliet… You know it ain’t true, capisce!?」

「Oh myyyyy…………So you REALLY do like ‘em, HMMMMM???……You know, I’m just a litttttlleeeee tinnnnnyyyyyyy bittttttttt jealous♪」


Eh… She? Jealous? Wha―――― (Andou)


「TAKE THAT!!!!!」 *Tightly grips his elbow joint*

「AHHHHH——- IT HURTS IT HURTS! My elbow?! My elbow! You’re locking it too tightly! Juliet, STOPPPPPPPPP–AAHHHHH!!!!」


Ahaha~… Looks like I provoked her a bit too much~ Oopsies ♪ (Momoi)

Translator’s Note: 


  1. The title of this chapter literally means “Not Boobies”. Whilst trying to figure an alternative for this title, 5d100 came up with the best suggestion. I’ll let him say it down here. 
    ED: I figured that making the title “Flattened” both fit the title for the original chapter, as well as her diminutive size, plus fit what Sakura did to Andou at the end of this chapter.

  2. 昇●拳 : Shoryuken. A Street Fighter special attack, commonly associated with Ryu.  Executed by moving the stick forward, down, and then down-forward (commonly referred to as a “Shoryuken motion” or a “DP Motion), the move is a jumping uppercut in which the user spins upwards with some horizontal movement as well, knocking the opponent to the ground and inflicting damage.
  3. Just a reminder, emails are the Japanese versions of SMS. They don’t use SMS as much as we do. Which also means, they’re not as character limited as we are with SMS back then. Although, with that said, we are living in an era where it’s super easy to just send emails on the phone now instead of SMS 😛 Better with iMessage and Whatsapp.

  4. 鼻の下を伸ばす: When you womanize or have a loose face due to an attractive woman, it can be described as an idiom, ‘hana no shita wo nobasu‘ (鼻の下を伸ばす). In fact, when a man is attracted by a woman, his face would be loosened, and the area under his nose would seem to be stretched.
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