Chapter 72: Even So, a Loner Never Wavers

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

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「Hey Juliet, If you had to choose, which restaurant would you like to eat at?」

「Ufufu… I’m fine with whichever you choose, Romeo~」*clinging on, her small chest rubbing furiously against his arm…* 


Right~ Asakura-san just won’t seem to let go of my arm… It’s cramping up really, really, badly though… (Andou)


「Hey, Momoi-san. If you had to choose, which restaurant would you like to eat at?」

「Ahaha~ I’m fine with whichever you choose, Andou-kun~」*squish, squish♪*


Right~ Even Momoi-san’s not letting go of my arm… I can seriously feel her breasts against it though… (Andou)





Momo! How long are you going to clutch onto Andou-kun’s arm?! She isn’t releasing her grip at all! (Asakura)


Oh Sakura, why are you so riled up~? It’s not as if Andou-kun’s dating any of us, is he~? (Momoi)


「Waa… I can’t decide which to pick though–…」


OH GOOD LORD! What is this!? Clutching my right arm tightly with such ferocity is Asakura-san and clinging on to my left is Momoi-san, with her Oh-So-Pillowy soft breasts! And due to this impressive ‘harem’, the numerous death glares that the guys around us are giving me, are scaring the heck out of me!




On your right, an angel smiles, as she tightens her grip around your arm. On your left, meanwhile, an impish devil maliciously grins as she presses her breasts against your arm. Behind, should you dare to turn around, a mob is about to hunt you down. 

What would you define this as~~~?


The answer is my current situ-a-tion~♪ — Ptooey! There’s nothing to rejoice over aarghhhh! 

Damn it! I completely understand that this ought to be a situation that would never, ever befall a『loner』like me! And yet, all of this is entirely due to the mechanisms of this she-devil to my left!


『Ahaha~♪ Relax~ Relax~ This great Momoi-san shall assist you in making your love come to fruition~』


Seriously, Momoi-san! You purposely provoke Asakura-san by doing this just because you’re aware of my feelings, and that…that I get to experience such magnificent breasts pressing against me. God, I’m thankful for this! Seriously, thank you!

I’m sure she’s just being more touchy than needed just to provoke Asakura-san, however… (Andou)


「GRRRRRR! Stop it, Momo! Quit being so shameless, and hands off my Romeo! I-I don’t want Romeo to be stolen away by you… I, I just don’t want Romeo to be ensnared by『boobies』other than my own!」

「Heh~~ Is that so~♪」*smirks mischievously*


… Momoi-san seems to think that Asakura’s reaction stems from being『jealous』but, she couldn’t be further from the truth! Asakura’s reaction isn’t because she’s『jealous』―― she hates it that the『value of her breasts』plummets!


『Of course! I’m not the type of woman who simply lets anyone touch her body, much less feel my breasts! If despite this, you, who has touched my boobs, still recklessly touch other girls’ breasts at school, wouldn’t the 『value of my breasts』 plummet?!』


『That’s why,  it’s your responsibility to protect the ‘value’ of my boobs. Since you’ve touched it, you aren’t allowed to carelessly touch other girls’ breasts!』


Yes, I’ll never forget that. The incident in which I had touched Asakura-san’s breasts… Back then, I had promised her that『I won’t touch anyone’s breasts but yours』; a promise for the sake of protecting the『value of her boobs.』

Despite that promise, here I am enjoying the pleasures of Momoi-san’s『(large, monolithic) breasts』… Of course that pissed Asakura-san off…

It’s fine! I’ve got a lid on this! Remember the Loner Three Principals! (Andou)


「Ahahaha~ Andou-ku~n♪」*gropes♪*


Uwaaa~~~~hh♪ So softtttt~~~! (Andou)


「GRRRRRRRRR!」*clings on, rubbing furiously against him again*


GAHHH! IT HURTSSS! Dammit–!!! I’m fairly sure she’s pressing her breasts against my arm as well but… I can’t feel anything from my right arm due to the damage I’m sustaining on my elbow! I can’t feel any soft sensation from Asakura-san at allllllll! (Andou)






You know what, let’s just go into any restaurant for now, so I can get them to release my arms. (Andou)


Translator’s Note:

  1. Flashback of chapter 38 boobies :9


Sorry. I don’t know how many excuses or what to say anymore. My health really isn’t as terrible as others (I mean, it’s COVID, y’all!) but it’s bad enough that I’m constantly wiped out. Latest in the bouts of ailments is a decayed wisdom tooth that’s touching a nerve, and tensed up muscles/nerves that’s triggering nonstop headaches daily… the type that feels like you have a piercing pain in your head. Imagine 24 hours headache… ugh.

As always, I’ll work on this as and when I can, and drop it off when possible.

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