Chapter 77: Another Showing

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「…… Alright, homeroom is starting. Class rep.」

「Stand, bow, good morning!」


Entire class:『Good morning!』


「Let’s see, anything to report about… There’s one for today.  Well… For starters, congratulations on winning the grand prize. You’ve all worked hard.It was really impressive… So, Uhhh, with that being said, it’s an annual event that the play that wins the grand prize will be performed at the neighbouring elementary school…」


Entire class:『…………』 *frozen in silence*


「Therefore, you are all to perform it once more… That’s all.」




「Oh, that’s right… Hmm, for this… It’ll be fine if the class representative handles it. Class representative! Come here.」





S-seriously… I have to play Romeo again!? (Andou)




Lunch Break


「Revise the script!?」

「Class rep! Waitaminute, what’s this all about!?」

「Kyah! C-calm down you two… This is the cafeteria. If you aren’t quiet, you’ll end up disturbing the others.」

「「Ugh… S-Sorry」」

「As long as you get it… Besides, I was about to explain about it. That was the reason why I called both of you, the starring leads, to come to the cafeteria with me.」

「Oh! Was that why you said『Want to have lunch together?』and invited us?」

「So that’s why.」


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I had thought that the both of them were going to drag me into some sort of penalty game again. (Andou)


I thought for certain that Class Rep was being considerate and creating a matchmaking session between me and Andou-kun. (Asakura)


「In other words, the reason that our homeroom teacher called you over, was to talk about making the changes to the script?」

「Yup. They said that they wanted us to alter the play, so that it when we perform it for the elementary school next door, has a happy ending.」

「Happy ending…」


I see, for that reason, huh… (Andou)


「But, I wonder what caused teacher to say that?」

「Asakura-san, the details of our play… Do you remember it?」

「Of course, I remember it! 『Loner』and Juliet, right, Andou-kun?」

「Asakura-san… Then, do you remember how it ends?」

「That’s a given, Class Rep! It ends with Juliet dying shortly after Romeo, and the two are finally together in heaven!」

「Well now, Asakura-san …」

「If we showed something like that in our play—」

「To a group of small children…」

「In an elementary school—」


「「What do you think will happen?」」


「……It’ll be pandemonium……」


They’re right, the elementary kids would find our「『Loner』and Juliet」too sad… Hence, having considered that, the school asked our teacher to request a change in the script so it’ll be suitable for the elementary kids to see with an altered 『Happy Ending』. (Asakura)


「Well, that’s the gist of it… So Andou-kun, can I trouble you on this?」

「Nnn, I understand. I’ll think it over, Class Rep.」



But, a happy ending… (Andou)


「Nevertheless… why didn’t teacher approach Andou-kun who wrote the play about it, instead of asking you, Class Rep?」

「Th- … Tha-That’s cause—」


「If they had spoken to me directly, then I imagine that the whole class would’ve gathered around us.」


「Oh…… S-Sorry……」

「Andou-kun… I was trying not to say that…」



Can someone like me even write a decent happy ending? (Andou)


Translation Notes:

  1. Matchmaking but really, the phrase is omiai which is a formal marriage interview. HAHAHAH. Is class rep the mama of the entire crew?

Translator’s Notes:

And we’re done with Vday release. We’ll be back next week with usual chapters. Also, I’ll go back and re-do all the omake extras in Arc 2 that’s only Kakuyomu available + double check some of the misc. raw chapters that I have the old Syosetsu Arc 2’s raws. If there’s nothing that’s been added as a Kakuyomu omake or published elsewhere, then I’ll see about getting it up.

For now, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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