Chapter 79: Eternal

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「Welcome~♪  Table for one? Are you with the person beside you?」

「Yes… It’s a table for two.」

「Sure~ Not a problem♪ Follow me to your table please~」


Che! You’re a couple? Just go explode! On a closer inspection, isn’t that the dull looking guy and that pretty chick couple again? (Waitress)




Honestly… What was up with that waitress? (Andou)


「Anyway, Andou-kun! Y-You said there was something you wanted to tell me… W-W-What is it!?」

「Eh? Oh yeah. Come to think of it, I did suddenly say to you,『There’s something I really must get out to you, Asakura-san… Can we meet up after school?』. I’m sorry for asking you out of the blue. This must have certainly been troubling for you.」

「I-It’s not bothering me at all. B-But certainly… it was so sudden, I wasn’t mentally prepared for it, and…T-That is, um~ I was hoping you would act like that with me.」




Well, as usual, Asakura-san’s acting weird again. (Andou)



He invited me out of nowhere~~! F-F-Furthermore—


『Asakura-san… There is something I must say to you no matter what. After school, come meet with me at a fashionable cafe. O. Kay?☆』 ← Beautified by Asakura’s mind


 — T-Those are most certainly lines said before a『love confession』! Yup, I’m sure Andou-kun has fallen for my『womanly wiles』, and has come to confess his love to me! F-Fine with me…  Whatever words you use to confess to me, I’ll take it all! (Asakura)



Well, whatever. This isn’t the first time she’s acted strangely. (Andou)



「Asakura-san, the truth is—」

「Yes? Yes! Yes!」


「I want you to help me think of a happy ending for the play!」

「I lubb you too!」




「EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH!? Our play had a happy ending!?」

「Yeah. but as you know, there’s no way we could perform that to the elementary school kids. Therefore, I have to come up with another happy ending, but, I’ve been stuck trying to figure one out…」


Sir said it was fine to just leave it as is, but… I want to at least try to think of a happy ending that would fit better with elementary school kids. However, it hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d have liked it to… (Andou)


「That’s it? …So that’s what you wanted to talk about. I was so sure you—」

「With that said, Asakura-san, did you misunderstood something? What was that『lubb』thing about?」

「Eep!? Ah! That, well… Oh, how silly of me! Andou-kun, don’t misunderstand me! That was me simply expressing my『ardent love』for『Narou』novels as I thought for sure, you were going to recommend another interesting『Narou series』to me… I absolutely didn’t think anything else besides that so don’t misunderstand me!」

「Oh, okay…」


Ah! Was that what that was… Did she misunderstand and think that we were going to talk about『Narou』? True, Asakura-san’s expression changes the instant we start talking about『Narou』… It’s a shame that people change.

Hah, that was dangerous. It was as if Asakura-san was towards me… No, idiot! Idiot! Idiot! No way in hell is that going to happen! Even though I’m a『loner』, why do I always hold such wishful thinking… (Andou)


「But Andou-kun, why are you having difficulties with the happy ending? If you only require a happy ending, then wouldn’t having Romeo and Juliet not die in the end, but elope instead work out better?」

「T-That makes sense… But you see, Asakura-san. Whilst that may be a happy ending for the『story』but to me, that wouldn’t be a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet.」

「Eh, why…?」

「We’re talking about the story, so this is just an example. Romeo and Juliet eloped, didn’t they? The story ends at that point, but… continuing after that, Romeo and Juliet dropped out of high school, thus forced to enter society as『middle school graduates』. Do you think the both of them can just sustain themselves on their feelings of being『romantically in love』, and live happily? Surely they’ll be plagued by money troubles. Notwithstanding, without a standing in society, they’ll have no place to live. When that happens, people will look down upon them relentlessly. In such circumstances that neither wanted, can Juliet claim it’s 『happiness』…」

「T-Then, what if, in the middle of eloping, they find a dungeon by accident and come into possession of an overwhelmingly large pile of money—」

「Even if they had money, I’m sure nothing would change at all. Sure, Juliet had cried to the dead Romeo,『Nothing matters but you』, But that was how she felt in the heat of the moment . We can’t say that the same sentiment holds after that.

 What if, after Juliet elopes with Romeo, she meets a better guy? What if Romeo gets into an unfortunate accident? 

 I’m『worried』. It certainly is great if they’re bound together… However, the『love』they have isn’t『eternal』, doesn’t it seem more of a『momentary infatuation』? That’s why I had them die at the end, to be together in Heaven so that the『love』that Romeo and Juliet will be『eternal』.」




—I usually pull away from talking about these sorts of topics with Asakura-san. Just why on earth am I saying all these to her? (Andou)


Oh, Andou-kun, you’re so cool! I don’t really quite understand what you were saying but as he was caught up talking about Romeo and Juliet, Andou-kun looked so hawt! ← Beautified by Asakura-san’s eyes.


「Andou-kun! I don’t quite understand everything you said, but, what I do get is that for now, you’re in a pickle. So, I’ll help you out as best as I can!」

「Eh? R-Really— Hnngh… Hmm? Wait, what did you say at the start?」

「For now, just leave it to me! If you’re having trouble figuring out a happy ending, then I will do my best to chime in and come up with brilliant ideas! As long as we put our two heads together, I’m sure we’ll think up a great one!」

「Y-Yeah… You’re right.」


W-Will this turn out alright…? Don’t tell me, did I ask the wrong person for help? (Andou)


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