Chapter 80: Confidence

Translator: Krrizis

Editor: 5d100

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『Just leave it to me! If you’re having trouble figuring out a happy ending, then I’ll help you come up with some brilliant ideas! 』


…was what I said a few days ago… W-What should I do? I don’t have a single good idea yet!

The performance is tomorrow, and I’m at a loss~~ … Aha! There’s that! (Asakura)





「Hmm~ So that’s what’s been worrying you lately, Sakura?」

「Ummm… Momo, don’t you have anything up your sleeve?」

「「The performance is tomorrow, so, isn’t it a bit late to come up with something else?」 

「Yes, but, Andou-kun said『Asakura-san, we’re running out of time, so let’s just perform the play as is』…」

「I see~」


That’s a very typical Andou-kun way of thinking. (Momoi)


「 I wonder why he’s having such a hard time writing a happy ending with Romeo and Juliet alive? Of course, he did say that their『death』makes their『love』to each other『eternal』but…」

「Sakura, don’t you feel that because Andou-kun surely sees himself in Romeo, that he feels『insecure』?」


「Yup. Has Andou-kun ever mentioned anything like that to you?」

「Now that I think about it…」


『I’m『worried』. It certainly is great if they’re bound together, however, the『love』they have isn’t『eternal』… So, doesn’t it seem more like a『momentary infatuation』? That’s why I had them die at the end; to be together in Heaven so that the『love』betweeen Romeo and Juliet will be『eternal』.』


「— Something along those lines anyway.」

「I knew it… Andou-kun doesn’t believe in himself. Andou-kun’s Romeo is sort of like Andou himself, don’t you think?」


Similar? Andou-kun and Romeo… Oh! Come to think of it, they are quite alike! (Asakura)


「Y-You’re right! It’s as if Andou-kun modelled Romeo after himself that’s why they’re similar」

「Ahaha… Did you only just realize that, Sakura? But yup, you’re spot on! I believe Andou-kun had written Romeo using himself as a model—」


And Juliet is… (Momoi)


「Hence why Andou-kun is『insecure』. For some reasons, Andou-kun has very low self esteem so it’s seeped into the character, Romeo in which somewhere in his heart, he wonders constantly,『Will Juliet truly continue to love me like this as I am?』」

「I see… That’s why the story ends in『death』?」

「Mmmhmm. Romeo does love Juliet, but, he can’t write a future in which Juliet is happy with him due to his  lack of『self-confidence』… Isn’t that what this all boils down to?」


As evidence, even though Juliet is thinking of leaving Romeo, not once has Andou-kun considered having Romeo put in effort to increase Juliet’s affection for him. (Momoi)


「In other words, Andou-kun is not confident that he can make Juliet happy.」


Hmm, thinking about it, Andou-kun is an absolute loser~… Well, the recipient is Sakura though, and if he can’t help but feel insecure, then welp, that’s that. Sakura is the same as well. She’s super dense~ (Momoi)


「But then, how should we tackle this?」

「Wouldn’t making him gain his self-confidence be the sure-fire way to tackle it~? You could just, I don’t know――corner him into it♪ What do you think?」



Gain self-confidence… Corner him…… Hmm? AHAH! That’s it! (Asakura)


「I’ve got an idea! Momo, I need your help with this!」



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