Chapter 81: Happy Ending

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The day of the elementary school performance of 『Loner』and Juliet


Narrator:『We will now begin the performance of「『Loner』and Juliet」.』




PWEEEETTT—– ← Sound of the buzzer at the start of the show


『In the year 2595… Residing in a city called Elona, there lived a beautiful girl.』


「Mine name doth be Juliet! This school’s prettiest maiden!」*slides in!*


The performance has begun at last… There’s only one thing I have to do! Play Juliet perfectly, and make Andou-kun choose a new happy ending in the middle of the play! (Asakura)


『One day when Juliet slipped away from a dance, she encountered a「loner」.』


「O’ Romeo, Romeo! Why art thou a 『loner』…?」

「I haven’t any friends–!」


『And so the two fell in love.』


Audience:『They got together!?』


『But… their relationship was discovered by Juliet’s father, the headmaster of the school who didn’t take kindly to Romeo being a「loner」.』


「WHHATTT!? Juliet is somehow in a relationship with a『loner』 !? I won’t approve of it! A man who doesn’t have a 100 friends is not worthy of my Juliet!」


『And thus, Romeo was expelled by the headmaster, and left Juliet.』


「Goodbye, Juliet… My first and last friend (love)」


「Romeo! Why should I lose you…? I won’t accept it… even if you’re on the other side of the world, I shall chase after you!

Il Rappresentante di Classe, please! Help me!」

「Juliet, leave it to me!

 Drink this potion, and in this, thou wilst be in a likeness of death, which shall continue for 42 hours. When all has thought you lost, I shall help you escape from the dormitories!」

「Il Rappresentante di Classe, thank you!」

「Thank me not… Afterall, I have a magnanimous personality!」


『Thus, Juliet planned her escape from the dormitory to chase after Romeo.』


「Ya Marda! Ya Marda, are you there?」

「Ninja Ya Marda, here I am! 」

「Ya Marda! So the thing is, blah, blah, blah, and so, tell Romeo to come get Juliet!」




Audience:『(… Hmm? What’s going on?)』


「Huh? What was my line again…? Well, whatever! Got it, mam’!」





『Ahahahaha–… H-However, Ya Marda forgot Il Rappresentante di Classe’s words and wasn’t able to properly convey to Romeo about the escape plan.』


「What!?『I have Juliet. Come forth to the parking lot behind the school building tonight. 』

 W-What, this threatening letter… Juliet is in danger!」


Yamada, you idiot! How could you forget your lines on the actual performance day!? That aside, Momoi-san was great, covering up for Yamada’s mistake… (Class Rep)


『And when Romeo arrived at the meeting spot, he was met with the sight of Juliet in her suspended death state. 』


「Juliet! S-She’s dead!? No… Why did you have to do such a thing!?」


『Romeo, deeply despaired by Juliet’s death, slit his throat with the dagger that Juliet gave him in the past…』


「Eh, Romeo! No way… N, No! Why…!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!」


『And then, Juliet too, after waking up and seeing Romeo’s remains, took the dagger and stabbed herself in the chest, chasing him into the afterlife…』


「Romeo… No matter where you go, I will never let you suffer『loneliness』anymore! Urk…」 *stabs!*


『Romeo’s dagger smoothly pierced Juliet’s miniscule breasts marvelously without resistance…』



「――… PFFT!」


Hold it, Momo!? There wasn’t a need for that narration!? (Asakura)


C-Crap… I’m supposed to be a corpse yet I spurted so easily. (Andou)


Hmmph!  This is retribution for foisting a bothersome task on me, Sakura~ (Momoi)


『And so, both their souls went to Heaven――』




Aaa, and with this, the play is finally over. In the end, I couldn’t come up with another happy ending… But this is the best happy ending that I can think of. To let Romeo and Juliet have their 『eternity』in Heaven– (Andou)




『At that moment, a strange thing happened.

Juliet’s soul came back from Heaven.』






Haa!? What’s going on here!? (Andou)


「Romeo… I’ve been revived! God hath said『It is still too early for thou to slumber in eternity』and resurrected me. On top of restoring me to my earthly body, he hath even bestowed upon me with a cheat ability: the『Resurrection』skill」a


『Yup, t-that’s right… Juliet was brought back to life… And uhm, obtained the cheat ability, the【Resurrection】skill from God.』


Geez~~~! Sakura~~~~~! You said『I will ad-lib and have Andou-kun choose a happy ending so Momo, read the mood and somehow carry the narration forward!』but… What exactly is this scenario!? What’s a『cheat ability』!? What’s『skill』!? How are those two different!? (Momoi)


「Romeo, I’m going to bring you back to life right away with my cheat skill『Resurrection』!」




What is this…? Don’t tell me, improv!? Moreover, the narration went along with it which means Momoi-san’s an accomplice to this? Anyway, isn’t this the typical『Narou plot twist』!? (Andou)


『And then, Juliet used her cheat ability, the【Resurrection】skill on Romeo.』


「Romeo, listen to me carefully… My cheat ability, the『Resurrection』skill can only be activated once. And the only people that can be brought back to life by this power are『those who love me』… In other words, if you don’t『love』me…

 Romeo, you won’t be resurrected.」




Asakura-san!? T-That means— (Andou)


Andou-kun… It is『you』who will chose how this play ends. (Asakura)


「Thus, if you don’t come back to life— I will remain alone for the rest of my life. After all, I’m the reason you became all『alone』…  I’m aware of it all. I knew that you were being ostracized by those around you for associating with me… I also knew that my presence made you anxious… Everything! But despite that I understood it…  I was『happy』being with you, so I pretended not to see that you were『alone』so that I could be『together』with you!

 That’s why… if you don’t come back to life, I will carry that『sin』with me, and continue to live『alone』in your stead.」



If he doesn’t come back to life, then Romeo and Juliet will forever be『alone』… However, even if he does come back to life, Romeo and Juliet will have to continue living a long and hard life『together』… Will this truly be a happy ending for them both?

 What should I do… I— (Andou)


『Juliet desperately tries to talk to Romeo’s corpse. However, there are no signs of Romeo resurrecting …』


Audience:『…………』 *gulps!*


「— Hey, do you remember? What you told me previously… It was because you were『worried』that the『love』we shared is not something that would last forever, that perhaps it was just momentary infatuation? You said it, remember?」



That’s— Isn’t that what I told Asakura-san when I was asking for her help then? Maybe… This isn’t about Romeo but about me? (Andou)


「You were『worried』… but the true cause of your『worry』is because you don’t have any faith in『yourself』, do you? You don’t believe you can bring happiness to『Juliet』… Hence why, you chose to have them『die』.」



So does that mean, Asakura-san will say『believe in yourself』to me next? After which, Romeo will come back to life and bring『happiness』to『Juliet』… Of course, if that was possible, then this story would have a『happy ending』. But I don’t have that sort of『confidence』to pull it off…

 To say nothing least of,『believe in yourself』— (Andou)


「So believe in『me』!」




「Believe in me, who stands beside you! Believe in me when I look at you! Believe in me as you’ve seen me! It’s okay if you don’t believe in yourself… If you don’t have any『confidence』, that’s fine as well! 


 I will make you『happy』!」


『O-Oh my goodness… Juliet confessed to Romeo……』


Audience:『…………』 *shocked*




A-Asakura-san… (Andou)


「If it’s money, we can get by by working part-time jobs! We’ll find a cheap place to live in! If the apartment we find has a draft, then the two of us can snuggle up to each other so that we won’t feel cold! On the other hand, if it’s hot and humid, we can just fan each other!

 My feelings will never change… I-In fact, I’m more worried that you’ll cheat on me than you are with me! These feelings that I hold are not some『momentary infatuation』… They are『eternal』!

 That’s why I— I『love』you…」


Asakura-san likes— me? T-That can’t be… It’s not possible. (Andou)


「Believe in me」


(Asakura-san. What a serious look in her eyes… Is it, really true?)


「Andou-kun, I『love』you… So don’t leave me all alone.」


「Julie— … No, Asakura-san.」


『A-And finally! Romeo awakens!』




「I am… a very weak person… A『loner』with no friends, twisted, and I have a tiresome personality… But even so, if you’re alright with someone like me— Asakura-san… please make me『happy』.」





「Come, Andou-kun! Now all you have left, is to end it with a happy ending.」

「A happy ending…」


We performed it without rehearsing but we somehow pulled it off without a hitch! All that’s left is to follow the script I wrote, the curtains will close on us hugging each other! Speaking of which, I wanted to keep the improvisation a secret so I didn’t give the ad-libbed script to him. (Asakura)


A happy ending? How do I end it on that note? I can see class rep offstage, holding a cue card with the words『Quickly end it.』written over it. That’s right, we’ve gone overtime with the performance… But how do I end a happy ending…That reminds me, when I was chatting with Yamada—


『Sudden question, but what do you think a happy ending is?』

『Happy ending? Wouldn’t it be when a prince kisses a princess?』

『A prince showing up isn’t gonna happen…』


That’s right. All I have to do is『kiss』her… (Andou)


W-What now… If this prolongs, then I’ll just have to pull Andou-kun and leave the stage—

 … Eh? (Asakura)


Narrator:『…… Eh?』





I, Andou-kun… He――『kissed』me…? (Asakura) b


『…… HUEK! A-And with that, Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after! The end~♪ That’s the end of「『Loner』and Juliet」~~~!』


Audience:『WAAAAAAAA———-!!!!』 *a loud round of applause~~*


「Yamada! Pull the curtains down immediately and retrieve our oblivious Romeo and stupefied Juliet!」

「On it, Class Rep!」


『KYAAAAAAAAAAA! A kiss! They kissed in the middle of the play!!!』

『GYAHHHHHHHHH! O-Our goddess… Asakura-san has been!!!』


「Come on! Asakura-san, quickly get off the stage!」

「…………」 *blank face*


「Oi, Andou! The play’s over already!」


「…………」 *blank face*


For some reasons, I can hear the girls shrieking in a high-pitched voice, whereas the guys are screaming vulgarities at me. But that aside, more importantly… Have I perhaps, done something terribly wrong in the momentum? (Andou)


 Much later…


「Ah! Andou-kun, you’ve finally returned to the classroom! So… Everything went okay? Were the teachers mad at you?」

「Asakura-san… Mmm. For some reason, they didn’t get mad at me at all; actually, it seems to have been a big hit with the teachers and students at the elementary school, so our teachers were also happy with it…」

「T-That must have been embarrassing…」


However, that was such a mess… After apologizing to the school next door for the prolonged play, and rushing to clean up, I was summoned to the staff room as soon as I returned to school… Why only me? (Andou)



「…… S-So, where is everyone?」

「Well, everyone’s already left… Rather, why did you came back this late to the classroom if they weren’t angry with you?」

「That’s because… After we were done explaining everything, our homeroom teacher began giving a rather long lecture…」



In the first place, the reason why the teachers from the other school weren’t that mad at us was because sir had apologized to them. So I took it in stride, and listened to his long-winded complaints and came back to class this late. (Andou)


「Andou-kun… This happened all because I added an improv at the last minute… I’m sorry!」

「No! You don’t have to apologize, Asakura-san! Thanks to you, our play had a『happy ending』…」


『Asakura-san… please make me『happy』.』






Right… Asakura-san went to such lengths to say that for my sake. In that case, this time, it’s my turn to— (Andou)





「I love you」





Say it. Go on, say it! I have no『confidence』… Much less, have any faith in『myself』. But—


『So believe in me!』


Believe in the『girl』in front of you! (Andou)


「Please go out with me!」



These feelings of mine may be『momentary infatuation』… They may not be『eternal』… But, even so… Right now, in this very moment— it’s『real』. (Andou)


In an empty classroom, with just the two of us…





And so, we kissed each other happily— (Andou & Asakura)


The End

Translation Note: 


  1. Resurrection cheat skill: This is in reference to Awakened by My Cheat Skill [Resurrection] , I Ended up Reviving the Ancient Demon Lord Army. ~The Strongest Healer Who Won’t Let Anyone Die~ There hasn’t been an update to the fan translation since last year though and I’m not entirely sure if this was licensed as I don’t exactly follow this novel but if you’ve read the first few chapters, do leave a comment down below with your thoughts. Let’s help new readers discover this novel and hype it to perfection 😀
  2. Shakespearean language: So why didn’t I continue it in this chapter? After checking with a few folks, I realized that we’ve all learnt Shakespeare in high school. Now would elementary school kids understand the language though? I highly doubt it. So I have switched it to modern English albeit I did keep in a single line in old English. Sigh.  Added it back but remember, elementary school kids don’t know this, kay?

ED notes:

  1. This is the point where I began to cringe at Asakura’s 8th grade syndrome. It physically hurt me to edit this because I can’t even watch movies where people embarrass themselves. Send help.
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