Chapter 82: Epilogue

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「Morning, Class Rep! How are you? I’m feeling fantastic! It’s Yamada! It’s Yamada-sama!」

「Yamada, shut it!」

「E-EEEP! Sorry, Class Rep! Sorry for the noise!」

「Hmph! Can’t you be a little more quiet… A-Also, good morning.」

「!? Mmhmm! Morning, class rep!」

「Yeah, yeah…」


Last night, the entire school was in an uproar because of the big news that Andou-kun and Asakura-san are dating… Things are calm for now because Momoi-san and I had to spin a story so that the other students wouldn’t interfere with Andou-kun and Asakura-san… However, if the both of them show up to school in the morning looking lovey-dovey, it’ll be hard to calm everyone down again. (Class Rep)




「Ah, it’s Sakura!」


They’re here! (Class Rep)


「Momo, good morning♪」

「Mmhmm~ Good morning, Sakura♪ Oh? Sakura… Did you come to school alone?」


Eh? Asakura-san’s alone!? Oh she really is… Why isn’t she with Andou-kun? (Class Rep)


「Yup, all by myself… Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?」

「Well, it was just~~ I thought you’d have come in together with Andou-kun.」

「Wha-! D-Don’t be silly! Why would I come to school with him!? 」

「No, no, no. I mean, isn’t it because you’re going out with him now, Sakura? Didn’t, you guys make plans to meet up and go to school together?」

「Well, ye-yes. Me and Andou-kun are, um… d-dating. But, Andou-kun has never made that request to me… And, besides—」



…? (Class Rep)


「W-Whilst we are dating… We have a wholesome relationship, there’s no way we’ll flirt in front of others!」




Eh? (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(…Eh?)』


「Is that all? Seriously, Momo! Isn’t that embarrassing? Coming to school together… 」 *mumbles*




Huh? (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(… Huh?)』




「A-Andou-kun! That, um… Good morning.」

「A-Asakura-san… Y-Yea. G-Good morning.」



「Ehehe~ Andou-kun♪」

「Yes, Asakura-san…」


Oh gosh… I’ve only greeted him, yet it was enough to make his smile burst at the seams! (Asakura)


For me to have such a cute person as my girlfriend… It’s as if I’m in a light novel world. (Andou)




…………… (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(……………)』 *stares in silence*


「Yo, Andou! Hey! Good morn’ YO! Yamada YO! How’cha doin’ YO!」

「Good morning, Yamada. You’re annoying today as well!」


Andou-kun just casually spits abusive words when it’s the boys. (Class Rep)


「Hey hey, Andou! Come over here so we can have a boys only chat YO!」

「Eh, what? Hey, don’t just drag me over, Yamada…」


Damn that Yamada for dragging Andou-kun to the corner of the classroom. Just what could they possibly be talking about? (Class Rep)


「Hey, Andou! You’re going out with Asakura-san, eh!?」*whispers!*

「Y-Yeah… But she’s like, the best girlfriend ever!」 *whispers*

「For reals? The best girlfriend ever YO!」*whispers!*




That damned Yamada. He may think he’s whispering, but his voice is so loud that everyone can hear what he’s saying… (Class Rep)


「Uuu… Oh, Andou-kun.」


Look, Asakura-san is embarrassed by it too. (Class Rep)


「Be that as it may… If you guys are dating, why did you both come to school separately?」

「… Haa? What’s wrong with that?」

「Nah, if you’re dating, then isn’t it fine to just come to school together?」


「Mm hmm」


Mm hmm. (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(Mm hmm)』


Was that just me, or did everyone in class, myself and Momoi-san included, just nod our heads..? (Class Rep)


「”Since we’re dating, let’s go to school together YO!”. Why not just invite her with a phrase like that?」

「Wha-! Are you an idiot!? Listen here, Yamada! There is no way I would have the balls to say something like that!」


Heh? (Class Rep)


「Besides, even a『loner』like myself miraculously managed to get a girlfriend, I’ll never be able to flirt with her in public.」




Eh? (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(…Eh?)』


「That’s enough already! Geez… There’s no way a『loner』like myself, can walk his girlfriend to school, or do something so embarrassing!」


Entire class:『(Wait… If you consider that embarrassing, then what was all that flirting that you guys have been doing up till now!?)』


「Ah! Asakura-san… um, please look after me for the entirety of today, okay?」

「Ueh? Y-Yeah… Same here.」


SHIIIIIITTTT! What in the world made me say that? When I became conscious that I am dating Asakura-san… Its because I felt I had to say something that I ended up blurting out something weird! What even is『please look after me』!? Seriously! It’s mortifying! Someone just kill me nowwwwwwwww!!! (Andou)


UuuuuuUUuu! Oh, stop it! Now that I’m aware that I am dating Andou-kun, I’ve become so shy that I can’t look Andou-kun in the face! KYAAAAAAA! I’m so ashamed by thisssss!!! (Asakura)




…………… (Class Rep)


Entire class:『(……………)』 *stares in silence*


「Hey, Class Rep!」

「What… Yamada.」

「Looking at that, it looks like we’re going to be needed for a while, eh?」

「…… Seems like it.」


Those two are definitely going to need my assistance for a while alright… (Class Rep)


「Wait, not so, Yamada. You’re in the way.」

「Why only me!?」





Asakura-san. (Andou)


Andou-kun. (Asakura)


It’s true that we’ve only just started dating so things might get awkward but… (Andou)


Even so, we both know that we『like』each other. (Asakura)


That’s why, there isn’t a need to rush on dates… (Andou)


Yup, we can just take our time to deepen our relationship with each other (Asakura)


After all, when I go to school, this person will be right beside me… (Asakura & Andou)




「Oh- I’m a little late. Let’s begin the morning homeroom, class representative.」

「Yes. Stand, bow. Good morning!」


Entire class:『Good morning!』


「The report for today is— Well, there really isn’t one… Ah, but, there is that. I’m sure that since the play is over, you’re all sluggish and unable to give it your all. Just do your best for today, as from tomorrow onwards, it’ll be the start of your favorite『summer vacation』.」





Hmm? What did he just say? (Asakura & Andou)








O-oh… Summer vacation starts tomorrow?  Then, we aren’t going to be able to see each other at school!? (Asakura & Andou)


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