Chapter 51 Omake: My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated into Another World! With my unconventional skills, I will aim for the most OP Cheat Harem in the World!a

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

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「What is this!?」


『What? What?』 ← Classmates


「Welcome, heroes!


 I am『The King of X Accuracy』」


「Hmm… I see.」


I am the protagonist. I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, it seems my entire class was summoned to another world by the King of X Accuracy. 


「In other words, we’ve been summoned to another world and bestowed with cheat skills!」


And so, to test out my cheat skills, I killed all my fellow male classmates. 


『GYAH~ WE’VE BEEN HAD~』 ← The male classmates’ death throes


「Asakura-san, in the script… The protagonist massacred half of his classmates the instant they reincarnated into another world?」

「It’s important to leave an impact at the very beginning! Considering that he was bullied by his classmates, he’ll get his revenge after obtaining a cheat skill by starting on the bullies!」



「Hmm, so this is how the skill works.」


『KYA~ MURDERER~』 ← The female classmates


「Oh, I don’t kill girls so you can relax.」


『Eh, really?』 ← The female classmates


「Yup. However, as I dislike being betrayed, I’ll bind you all with a slave contract.」b



「Asakura-san, in the script… All the females in the protagonist’s class becomes his slaves after that?」

「Harems and slave heroines are a must have in otherworldly works! Hence, I tried to increase the number of heroines as much as I could!」


『No! I don’t want to die! Save me~』  ← Heroine


「Hmm? did you really think that I would so easily forgive you? You knew I was being bullied, yet, you’ve never stepped in to help me! Which is why you can’t complain if you’re about to die now, and I don’t save you!」


「Asakura-san, in the script… It ends with the protagonist murdering all of the remaining classmates?」

「Lately, antiheroes are all the rage! That’s why, my hero was deliberately designed to be villainous.」b


「FUHAHAHA! It’s my victory! I defeated all the people who bullied me with my cheat ability… the『Turn Protein into Tofu』skill!


 I am this world’s new Demon Lord~」


「Asakura-san… Can I ask you one last thing?」

「Andou-kun, what is it?」

「The protagonist’s ability… What is this cheat? I mean, how is it possible that his classmates were so easily defeated?」

「Eh? Well, it’s because it’s the power to『Turn Protein into Tofu』! Obviously, it’s an ability that turns the proteins in a human into tofu—」

「Asakura-san, stop! I get it… Don’t say another word.」




What the hell is with this ability… How frightening!? (Andou)


Translation Notes: 


  1. X Accuracy: Dexiai sensei is a Pokemon gamer. I choose to believe he was referencing this instead of referring to the standard direct translation. LEL

Loner & Juliet Chapter 50 Omake – Class Rep’s Observation Diary: Behind the ScenesAsakura-san sure loves meshing various genres, huh? Also, sorry that it took this long. Sorted the chapter extras and then was off trying to marathon translate. Still a bunch to go but it does mean you get a dump of chapters for today.

Editor’s notes:

a: oh no. I can already see where this is going, and it hurts me.

b: I just facepalmed. I just… Why must you do this to me Asakura?

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