Chapter 52 Omake: The Adventures of Yamada!

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi




「I’m Yamada-sama! The hero! Oh no! The most beautiful girl in this land, the princess has been abducted by the bald Demon King! I must go to her rescue!」


I will do my best! For starters, as the area that the Demon King is located is very dangerous, I’ll just take a cab there!


「Hey, sorry for the wait! Where are you headed?」

「Yo, homes! To the Demon King!」

「I’m on it!」


I dashed off. That’s right, we quickly sped off faster than anyone ever could just so we could save the princess!


「Word! You can’t pass through here, word!」


The monster Sawatari has appeared!


「Pops! Run him over!」







I did it! I defeated Sawatari!


「Sir, we’re almost there.」


It must have been about two hours of driving. The taxi I was on got off the highway and finally reached the Demon Lord’s castle,『Balderans』.


「YAMADAAAAAAA! You did well making it this f—」

「Pops! Run him over!」







I did it! I defeated the Demon Lord!


「Sir, we’ve arrived.」

「Thanks, pops!」


And at last, I finally made it to the captive princess!


「That figure… Hero!」

「Princess! Hey! I’ve come to your rescue!」

「I’m so happy! Marry me!」


And thus, I safely rescued the princess!


「Pops, give me another ride! This time, the princess will be coming along!」

「Where shall we be going next, Sir?」


「Well, isn’t it obvious?


 Onwards to our happy ending!」


                                                                      The End!





I’m never saying it… Compared to Asakura-san’s script, Yamada’s is seriously better… Definitely never saying it… (Andou)


Translation Notes:

As there’s some obvious references here, I’m going to leave the translation notes aside for this omake. Come leave your guesses in the comment section. I’ll leave it up for a week before I confirm the list of references.

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