Chapter 56 Omake: Stockpile

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



「What’s up… Andou-kun?」

「How many… light novels have you piled up?」

「…… Five.」

「Me too……」




「Dammit! Why do all of the ‘must-buy light novels’ have to release this month?」

「It’s true! Why are the『light novel releases』between the 20th and 25th of the month piled up! I don’t pile up as much during the peak release period between the 10th and 15th!」

「Actually, no… in my case, It’s piling up because it took me so long to devour all the novels that were released between the 10th and 15th.」

「Now that you put it that way, I’ve just been reading CA Bunko’s newest titles for the last 20 days… By the way, what light novels have you piled up, Asakura-san?」

「Well for those novels, I’ve come up with a reading order… First, I’ll read『Chivalry of a Failed Painter』, then I plan to read『Pretty Boy Appraisal Team』after that.」

「Hey! Those are piled up in mine too. But I’ll be reading it in the reverse order of yours, so starting with『Pretty Boy Appraisal Team』then following it up with『Chivalry of a Failed Painter』」

「I knew it! We have the same light novels piled up.」

「Well, there’s been a rush of new volumes from famous titles being released so it’s not all that surprising that there’s an overlap. Don’t tell me… did you also bought『that』novel which saw a new volume release yesterday and have it lying around too?」

「Which means… you did too?」


「「One, two, three…『Welcome to the World of Supreme Grip Strength!』」」


「Isn’ it great~『WoSGS』! Even the anime is top-notched!」

「Mmhmm! The story’s about an『ordinary』high schooler who won the first place in the World Grip Championship and has a 1000 ton grip is reincarnated into a world where physical grip strength is everything.」

「Yup! In the summer survival camp, the main character declared to the heroine,『In this world, muscles are everything! Proteins are irrelevant.』and she was deeply moved by it!」

「That was a good one~! By the way, what else do you have left piled up?」

「For new works, there’s that new title by the author of『A Tasteless World where the Concept of Sushi Ingredients Do Not Exist』that I bought.」

「I knew it! Asakura-san, I bought that too! Perhaps, if this goes on, all five novels that we stacked might turned out to be the same titles…」

「Eh, really…? Then at the count of『three』, let’s shout out the name of the last novel?」

「Let’s do it.」


「「… One, two, three!」」


「『Akiya-kun’s Income Theory』」


「『Under an Umbrella with Saeki-han』」


「「…… Eh?」」


「Oh, Andou-kun. What’s that novel about?」

「Huh? Oh…『Under an Umbrella with Saeki-han』is about a girl who lived by herself since spring, but through an unusual circumstances, ends up being cursed to share an umbrella and be inseparable with a sumo grand champion, Saeki-han. The story details how they resolve the curse. What about yours, Asakura-san?」

「Eh? Yea…『Akiya-kun’s Income Theory』is about a boy who turns a vacant house on his land into an apartment, making a killing with his unique apartment income theory, when a neet freeloading girl barges into his life.」

「Heeee~ The light novel that you bought sounds interesting, Asakura-san…」


「I feel the same way too about yours, Andou-kun…


 Hey, how after we’re done reading them, let’s exchange books?」

「Sounds good to me! Then, after I’ve done reading my stockpile, I’ll bring it along.」

「Sure, I’ll do the same too♪」




「Well then, sir’s going to be here soon, Andou-kun.」

「Looks that way, Asakura-san.」




Hold on… doesn’t it seem like the pile of light novels I’ve stocked up have increased!? (Asakura & Andou)


Translation Notes

  1. Chivalry of a Failed Painter: Parody of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. There’s an anime out for this but it falls under the sort of genre that I usually avoid with a passion aka anything that borderline will have harem, which is funny when you think I’m super into Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Sigh.
  2. Pretty Boy Appraisal Team: Bishounen Kantei-dan. This is an actual BL light novel series from JUNE. It has never popped on my radar either (even though I’m a BL fan) because it’s a relatively old, obscure BL novel from the 2000’s. If anyone is interested to translate the summary for others to read, be my guest.  
  3. Welcome to the World of Supreme Grip Strength!: Parody of Classroom of the Elite. This was a fairly enjoyable read. There were moments where I did feel that it was a stretch too far. But eh, it’s still fun.
  4. A Tasteless World where the Concept of Sushi Ingredients Do Not Exist: Parody of Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist
  5. Akiya-kun’s Income Theory: Parody of Wakiya-kun’s Leading Role Theory. I don’t recall if this was ever translated but it’s a comical love comedy light novel about two characters with their mixed beliefs who are forced to live together. The main character supports the leading role theory and tries to establish his life around it, whereas the heroine believes that he befits the supporting role theory. What ensues is as comical as Loner and Juliet. 😛
  6. Under an Umbrella with Saeki-han: Not too different from the actual novel with the replacement of -san into -han in this case. The actual title reads: Under an Umbrella with Saeki-san, I’ll Have Sherbet! Also not translated, if I recall. 

Translator’s Note:

I feel both Andou and Asakura. I’m the same with games and some books. The stockpile just never ends aaaaa! Being an adult is difficult. Gone are the days that you’re able to read and game as much as you want. Like even now, there’s 2-3 games I really want to get but can’t afford it nor have the luxury to afford the time to game. GAH T_T I want to Naruto ninjutsu clone myself please.

Editor’s note:

Currently I’m working on several books.I finished the new series I just started to read, “Mapping: The Trash-Tier Skill That Got Me Into a Top-Tier Party” that just released book 4, now  I’m buried in “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” again. Send help.

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