Chapter 57 Omake: One Year Ago

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

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「Good morning, Momoi-san.」

「Ah, good morning~♪ You’re… Asakura-san, am I right?」

「Yup! I’m glad that the person sitting next to me, is someone as easy to talk to as you, Momoi-san. To tell you the truth, I’ve been worried that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends when I get into high school. Ufufu~」

「Eh~ What makes you think that~? For a beauty like yourself, you shouldn’t need to worry about that~ However when you say it that way, now I’m more worried about whether I’ll be able to make any~」

「Ufufu, thanks. But I think you’re fairly attractive as well, Momoi-san.」

「Eh~ Do you? Ehehe~ Thank you, Asakura-san.」

「Same here. Let’s get along from now on, Momoi-san.」



What a relief. I was a little worried about going to high school but I think Momoi-san and I are going to become good friends♪ (Asakura)


… What’s with this girl? She’s a beauty, has a great personality and is quickly appearing to be popular in the class yet she’s『insecure』… Moreover, it seems like she’s genuinely saying it instead of simply being two-faced~… I, hate her~ (Momoi)





「…………」 ← Andou-kun


Damn! That pony-tail chick has huge breasts!!! (Andou)

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