Chapter 58 Omake: Unjash

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Editor: 5d100

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Lately, I feel like I’m not attractive enough to Andou-kun…


 Which is why, in an aggressive effort to up my charm, I have shortened my skirt by two centimetres more than usual! With this, Andou-kun will be seduced by my sexiness, which is unlike my usual side, and fall madly in love with me! (Asakura) *feeling satisfied and smug!*


「Andou-kun, morning♪」

「M-Morning, Asakura-san.」


Now, Andou-kun! How do you think I look today? Don’t I look sexier than usual! (Asakura)


Asakura-san, is something wrong with her? She hasn’t moved since she greeted me. Does she not want to sit down? (Andou)


「…………」 *fluttering*



—Grr! Seriously, not even a reaction! H-how can this be… Even though I had taken the liberty to raise my skirt up by two centimetres, there’s no reaction! Don’t tell me, Andou-kun… you haven’t noticed that I’ve shortened my skirt? (Asakura)


Oh, she’s finally sat down. What was going on back there?… Constipation? a (Andou)


Calm down… Calm yourself, dear me! For now, let’s just take a seat and pull out the light novel that you’re interested in to read— (Asakura)


Oh, on the light novel that Asakura’s holding— (Andou)



「Y-Yes, Andou-kun?!」

「No, it’s… not really a huge deal but…」



Andou-kun, did you maybe notice that my skirt is a little short today!? (Asakura)


「Today— Isn’t that a little different from your usual?」 ← Whilst pointing at the book sleeve on the light novel



Andou-kun pointed at my skirt and nonchalantly mentioned it! I knew Andou-kun would notice that my skirt was shortened!) (Asakura)


「R-Really? … W-What do you make of it?」 ← Referring to her skirt

「Yeah, it really suits you.」 ← Referring to the book sleeve on the light novel


Yup, that’s a really good book sleeve. I’m the kind that usually goes for the clear plastic covers but a book sleeve like Asakura-san’s cute kitty prints is also very satisfying. (Andou)



「Yup! I think it’s really cute.」 

「C-Cute!? N-N-N-No way… Andou-kun, you must be exaggerating.」

「Eh, you think so? Ah! But, it’s a little see-through, so the insides are visible. Are you okay with it?」

「Fuuuee! S-S-See-through!? You’re kidding, right!?」 


See-See-See-See-through… T-That isn’t so, yeah? I mean, if my skirt was see-through then he can see my panties! (Asakura)


「I’m not joking. I mean, look. I can faintly make out the insides from this distance…」 


Yup, I can certainly make out a bit of the cover and the title. (Asakura)


「EEEEHHHHH! That has to be a lie! I-I-It doesn’t look like that to me at all…」

「No, no. But I most certainly can see right through it—」

「UKYAAAAAAA! A-A-A-Andou-kun, don’t look at it!」 

「EEEHHHHH~!? Sure it’d probably be embarrassing if others were to see it, but … if I were to look at it, it shouldn’t be? 」 

「O-O-Of course, it’d be embarrassing! If anything, Andou-kun, do you really want to see what’s inside that much!?」 ← Referring to the skirt

「Isn’t it obvious?」 ← Referring obviously to the light novel



Does she think I want to peek inside her skirt!? (Andou)




「Rather, why are you this shocked, Asakura-san!?」

「You too, Andou-kun. Why are you so calm!?」




What in the world are those two up to…? (Class Rep)


Afterwards, it took a long time to settle their misunderstandings. 


Translation Notes: 

  1. Unjash: A comedian duo consisting of Ken Watabe and Kazuya Kojima. They’re your atypical tsukkomi duo in which one of them plays the straight man against the comedic guy in the group. Therefore, it’s just a commentary of the duo being super slapstick as usual. HEH~
  2. Book sleeves: In Japan, you could get book sleeves to cover/hide your books. Generally, most bookstores will hand out a paper book sleeve with their bookshop logo on it. However, you can also pick up some pretty ones on the Internet so I’m fairly sure they aren’t limited to just Japan alone. I’m a Hobonichi diary user and have one of their book sleeve covers for their diary which has been lovely to use but dreadful to clean as there’s nothing that I can really use to get the grime out :/

Editor Notes:

  1. Why does Andou Always go to thinking about toilets?
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