Chapter 59 Omake: Forgetting

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

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「Asakura-san, why do people forget things?」

「Hmm, wouldn’t it be because our brain gets tired from remembering everything all the time? That’s why I’m sure there are times where it takes a break, and we forget things?」

「Ah~ I see… But then, why do we forget things that we mustn’t forget? Like, when you’re out on your holiday and say,『Oh, I’ll buy something while I’m at it』and you still forget it.」

「Ah! I have~」

「Then, there’s the time that you look up beforehand the titles to buy, and yet return home after a shopping run, having forgotten to buy a copy of any of those books…」

「Yup, yup, totally! Like so many times~ And it’s always the titles that I’ve looked forward to the most.」

「That’s right. That’s the one that’s most troubling for me to forget, but I still forget about it…」

「But, if it’s a given that we’re going to forget things, I think you’ve got to be more careful next time.」

「A-Asakura-san… That said, I’m really sorry! I borrowed one from you yesterday, but I had forgotten to buy a replacement,, so, even for today, please lend me a mechanical pencil!」

「Sure, it’s fine. Here you go, Andou-kun♪」

「Thanks! Asakura-san…」


「Oi… I’m just going to say this once, we’re in the middle of Maths class right now. Shut up.」




I forgot that we’re in the middle of class… (Asakura & Andou)

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