Chapter 60 Omake: Cohabitation

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

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「Hey, Asakura-san.」

「Andou-kun, what’s up?」

「Lately… Hasn’t there been an abundance of『cohabitation』love comedy works?」

「…… I know exactly what you mean!」



Ah~ I knew if it was Asakura-san, she would understand where I’m going with this topic! (Andou)


「Perhaps it’s just a fad…? Cohabitation love comedy works have only sprung out recently, haven’t they?」

「That’s true~ I wonder what’s driving it? Up till now, whenever someone brought up ‘love comedy light novels’, the impression was of works with a school backdrop, but with『cohabitation』works on the rise recently, there’s an increased perception with the main character and the heroine leading their daily lives living together sort of light novel rather than a school backdrop.」

「But, that’s just simply unreasonable, isn’t it? I mean, students cohabitating?」

「Yup, students cohabitating… it’s practically impossible for them to do so. Rather, perhaps  because it’s fiction,  it drives people to read it.」

「Oh~ That’s probably true.」


「Actually, Andou-kun, have you picked up any of those cohabitation light novels and read them recently?」

「Mmm, yes. I did think to myself that it’s an increasingly popular craze, so I did pick up a few books. So indeed, it was certainly entertaining. But there were times I was left feeling that the reasoning behind cohabitating together was unreasonable.」

「Well it is fiction so it can’t be helped, I suppose. I mean, what kind of setting would allow two high schoolers to cohabitate with one another?」

「Mmm, that’s true… Firstly, it would be unnatural if they weren’t in a relationship at the very least?」

「Well, there is that too. It’s more believable if they’re dating since they’re living together.」

「Next… having consent from both parents?」

「Granted, having both parents’ approval would most certainly increased my understanding of their situation.」

「Then… there’s also pledging their future to each other!」

「Oh~! Cohabitating on the premise of marriage! But isn’t it unrealistic for students to go that far?」

「Even if they’re technically students, what if they’re uni students?」

「Hmm, uni students… It’s probable.」

「But could there be such a thing as a『loving couple of uni students who cohabitate and have committed themselves to each other with their parents’ approval.』?」


「…………」 *stares in silence*

「…………」 *stares in silence*


「「No, nope, not at all!」」


「Ahaha! Afterall, it certainly is tough for students to cohabitate in real life.」

「Ufufu, certainly. It’s only because it’s a light novel that we can enjoy it.」


Students cohabitating… that’s impossible in real life… And I’ll never do it. (Asakura & Andou)


Translator’s Note:

Haha. Asakura & Andou need to dream a little.

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