Chapter 61 Omake: Strong Wind

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



「Morning, Andou-kun」

「Morning, Asakura-san」


「Fuu~ The wind’s really strong today. On the way to school, I thought I was going to be blown away by the strong wind.」

「Haha, but that didn’t happen after all.」

「No, no. It may not have been as windy when you arrived, Andou-kun but it was really strong just now. 」

「Well, it’s true that after the typhoon passed yesterday, there was some sort of weather front prattling about, so it’s not surprising that it’s really windy!」


「Some sort of weather front… prattling?」


「Sorry, I’m not well-versed about the weather. Everything I said earlier were the exact words I heard from the weather forecaster this morning…」


「Then, the fault lies with that weather forecaster for saying it was prattling on TV… In fact, who was that fellow that said it?」


「Hnn, Yoshizu—」


「Say no more! I completely understand now… You don’t need to say more.」


「Uh, okay, got it. Then, change of topic.」


「Alright, what’s it about?」


「Whenever there’s a strong wind, don’t you feel like smiling?」


「…………」 *silence*

「…………」 *silence*


S, Shoot? Did I mess up…? (Andou)


「… I feel it too!」


「Right? What a relief~ I knew you’d understand, Asakura-san…」


「I really wonder why that happens. It’s really annoying as it’s cold and difficult to move about but when I’m exposed to the strong winds, my mind gets excited for no reason.」


「Totally! If there wasn’t anyone around, I’d open my arms wide, just to catch the wind…That sort of feeling.」


「That’s it! Like… With one hand stretched out, I can act like a cheat protagonist from a Narou world that’s fending off against Wind magic attacks!」


「T-That’s… not possible though?」


「…………」 *silence*

「…………」 *silence*


Er, huh? Don’t tell me… I messed up? (Asakura)


*whoosh*…… ← Sound of the wind


Translation Notes

Ishihara Yoshizumi – A pretty prolific weather forecaster in the 2000’s. It’s really hard for me to translate the wacha wacha bit for this as the SFXs don’t do justice to how he masterfully… er… talks about the weather. Here’s a clip of what he would do as he attempts to illustrate the conditions of the weather

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