Chapter 62 Omake: Bonus Points

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

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「Asakusa-san, morning…」*yawn*


「Morning, Andou-kun. Oh my, you look really sleepy. Did something happen?」


「Ah, you could tell? The truth is last night I bought way too many light novel ebooks… Given my stash of light novels has been piling up, I spent the whole night reading them.」


「Seriously? You shouldn’t be reading light novels until you start suffering from a lack of sleep! By the way, you said you bought quite a number of ebooks but… just how many did you get?」


「Mmm, about 10,000 yen worth?」(ED Notes: about $90 USD)


「T-Ten thousand!? Why did you buy so many at once? Was it a long-running series?」


「Not at all, actually. The site that I use to purchase them rewards points from a percentage of the purchases I make.」


「Oh, there’s quite a number of sites that do that. The points that you earn, you can also use them to purchase ebooks, yea?」


「Yup, so 1 point is equivalent to 1 yen… However they ran a campaign yesterday that for a limited time, you could earn 90 times the points.」


「90 times!? T-That’s a pretty sweet deal…」


「Definitely. But by the time I realized that this campaign was running, it was at 11 at night…」


「Eh, you mean it was only a 1-day campaign? That means you only had less than an hour!」


「That’s right! So I hurriedly added a list of light novels that were a part of the campaign to the cart, and by the time I was done, it was already 11:55pm! Ugh… So I just clicked the purchase button without thinking twice.」


「So you bought 10,000 yen worth of light novels.」




「But then, you must have accumulated a lot of points?」


「Yes, I did! Thanks to that, I got 9000 points out of it!」


「But was it really a good deal? Sure, you accumulated 9000 points, but Andou-kun, you also ended up spending 10,000 yen that you hadn’t intended on spending…」


「No, no, Asakura-san. That’s far from the truth.」


「What do you mean?」


「I always convert 10,000 yen worth of points at the beginning of the month in advance, and use that instead of direct debit to purchase ebooks. Therefore, because yesterday was at the start of the month, I had already fully intended to buy 10,000 yen worth of points. That’s why I was on that site.」


「So, that means… You had already planned on buying 10,000 yen worth of points yesterday.」


「That’s right. If you buy 10,000 points in advance, you get a bonus of 1000 yen in points, so if you’re spending as much as I do monthly, it’s a better bargain to get points instead. Therefore, that was already planned…」


「Except you ended up buying 10,000 yen worth of light novels and only received 9000 points instead…」


「That’s what it is! But don’t you think it’s a steal? After all, I was intending to use that money, and for what it’s’ worth, even if I lost 1000 points.」


「Basically, you’re saying it justifies the 10,000 yen purchase of novels you’ve already bought…」


「Bingo! In other words, you could say that I ended up with 19,000 yen worth of points in yesterday’s campaign!」


Basically, I was impulse buying but there was nothing wrong with it―― (Andou)


「Andou-kun… Those are probably the thoughts of someone with a spending problem.」


「… Yes.」


「Also, while there’s no blame in buying them… It’s not good to stay up late to read light novels and lose sleep over them… A student’s duty is to study, so please have more control over your private life.」


「Yes, I’m sorry… I’ll take more care.」


Yup, as expected, that line of reasoning just wouldn’t cut it… Haa, it was because of that campaign that I ended up with a lot of light novels that I wouldn’t usually buyyyyyyyy! (Andou)




As class rep, I’ve been observing Asakura-san and Andou-kun’s interactions as they’re conversing since this morning from afar… It seems like Andou-kun is the type to get henpecked by Asakura-san. (Class Rep)


Translator’s Notes:


Sorry, extended lockdown is taking its toll on me. My life now consists of work, sleep, and trying to mentally upkeep myself.


For many who may not be aware, Malaysia announced a new lockdown around end April/early May. This comes as no surprise as with testing, our number of cases have gone up. Additionally, we have the new variant running about now. However, this lockdown is unique as we’ve gone back to the first version of lockdown we had: Nationwide Imposed Lockdown with stricter rules. I.E: No travelling beyond 10KM, work from home, curfew on food and grocery stores, shutdown of all economic sector except the essentials, no district and state travel. At this point yesterday, the latest announcement has been another extension, but this time with no deadlines.


This has been consuming me mentally and financially, partly because the Government really hasn’t thought it through how it’ll affect millions (and coming up too late with financial aids that benefit the super low B40. My apologies for being upper B40) but also because, it doesn’t seem like we’d ever come to an end of a lockdown with the way they’re going about.


On a more positive side, finally came out as asexual to a few friends and it has been liberating. Also nice to know that I have friends who’re asexual that prefers personality and character to looks. Need more people like that in my life, hnngh.

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