Chapter 64 Omake: Wavelength

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



「Andou-kun, Andou-kun」


「What’s up, Asakura-san?」


「I was reading a light novel earlier, and there was a scene in it where the lead made eye contact with the heroine.」


「Oh. Such scenes are common in manga and light novels.」


「But… Don’t you think it’s unlikely to happen in real life?」


「Well, true. Frankly, it’s like an esper that can tell what a person is thinking by looking at someone’s eyes.」


「Pretty much. It’s impossible to convey what you want just from eye contact. Despite that, in the scene I mentioned, the heroine responded,『Do you know the price of the land in Shimokitazawa?』when she made eye contact.」


「You’re right… Furthermore, the lead responds via eye contact! That’s impossible…」


「Right? That’s such an unrealistic scene!」


「I guess… Hmmmm?」



What’s this … I feel like someone’s staring at me―― Ah! (Andou)









Oh. I was wondering who was staring at me, but it was Momoi-san… (Andou)



Ya-ho♪ Andou-kun~ how’cha doingー? ← Eye contact (Momoi)


Nothing much, same old as always, but… Momoi-san, what do you want from me? ← Eye Contact (Andou)


Booooo! What? Are you saying I can’t say hi to you unless I’m after something~? ← Eye Contact (Momoi)


No, no, no, no, no! That’s not what I meant… It’s just… it’s rare that you greet me, Momoi-san ← Eye Contact (Andou)


That’s not true~ There are days where I want to say hello to you too, ya know? It’s just if I’m going up to say hi, then Sakura will do the same too! ← Eye Contact (Momoi)


Ah, Asakura-san’s… Well, she’s seated beside me. That aside, aren’t you just purposely making eye contact with me to say hi? ← Eye Contact (Andou)


Eh? So you’re okay with me being in that situation? If I come over to Sakura’s place and start chatting with you, then wouldn’t we be attracting the attention of the entire class? ← Eye Contact (Momoi)


……Let’s just keep it this way. Rather, I thank you for making eye contact with me. ← Eye Contact (Andou)


Sure! No worries. ← Eye Contact (Momoi)





「Andou-kun… Andou-kun!」


「Eh, Asakura-san. What is it?」


「It’s not what. You went silent all of a sudden, are you alright?」


「Oh! No, I’m fine. I just had some things on my mind.」


「You sure…?」




Translator’s Notes:

There used to be a brand of phones called Tu-Ka which became the cornerstone of KDDI, a major phone carrier in Japan and there used to be a business group called Digital Tu-Ka which is a predecessor of Softbank. With those, they were named after Tu-Ka Friendship which meant that you would be connected wherever you are.

So in the case of this chapter, clearly Momoi and Andou are on the same wavelengths and connected wherever they are… easily being able to send/pass messages via eye contact, eh? *Watching comments to explode with Momoi should be the heroine, best girl Momoi*

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