Chapter 68 Omake: Sneeze

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



「Andou-kun, morning!」


「Morning, Asakura-san.」


「Uuu…Ha-tchoo!」 ← It’s a sneeze.


「What’s wrong? Asakura-san, did you catch a cold?」


「Uuu… Sorry about that, Andou-kun. It’s not that I caught a cold, but… isn’t it really chilly today? That’s why. I’m feeling a bit cold…」


「Ah, I know the feeling. It was warm yesterday, but, the temperature plummeted all of a sudden today.」


「Yup. Furthermore, it’s expected to rain today.」


「Urgh! Seriously? Shit— I, didn’t bring an umbrella with me.」


「I mean it. I caught Ametatsu mentioning it before I left the house during the weather report segment 」


「Geez, hasn’t this been happening rather frequently of late? Just when you think it’s cold, it gets suddenly warm the next day, when it’s warm then it suddenly gets chilly and it rains. Honestly, this freaking weather… what’s with the assault pattern!?」


「Screaming at the weather, huh… Well anyway, the weather is prone to changing during this time of the year so there’s really not much we can do about it though with how rapid the temperature changes, it certainly will be a lot easier to catch a cold.」


「Definitely…he–He—… HE-CHOOO!」 ← It’s a sneeze.


「Oh my, don’t tell me you caught the bug too, Andou-kun?」


「Uuugh… Somehow after talking about it, I feel like I’m catching one myself.」


「Maybe you caught it from me? Ufufu~」




As class rep, I was curious and eavesdropped on the conversation that they were having but… those two sure have a weird way of sneezing… (Class Rep)


「He–He—… Myuuu!」 ← It’s a sneeze


Ugh… That I, the class rep, sneezed… Don’t tell me, that even I got infected by their sneezes? (Class Rep)


Translation Notes:


  1. Ametatsu – In reference to Amatatsu Takeshi (天達 武史), nickname Amatatsu. Was a popular weather forecaster in Japan, so popular he beat out a bunch of female forecasters. As his name has the characters for sky in it, when Andou comments back about the weather’s assault attack, I read it as him commenting about Amatatsu but haha, well, I also think he’s just being a frustrated kid so wrote it differently.
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